What Will Happen Now That Disney Basically Owns Hulu?

Walt Disney Co. has agreed to buy the bulk of 21st Century Fox’s holdings in a $52.4 billion deal. While the changing future of the Marvel Universe and the movie landscape, in general, is big news, this deal also changes the entire calculus of streaming services. Disney is now the proud majority owner of Hulu, and the soon to be overlord of premium streaming. Read More >>

Intel Jumps Up and Down Shouting ‘We’re Here Too’ With $15.3 Billion Mobileye Acquisition

Intel just plunked down $15.3 billion for Mobileye, a leading manufacturer of sensors and cameras for autonomous cars, as it tries to catch up with microchip rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm in the driverless car industry. Read More >>

Microsoft Considered Buying a Nokia (Then Like Most People Didn’t Bother)

Rumours suggest Microsoft recently had a pop at buying its Windows Phone buddy Nokia outright, before hang ups over price and other technicalities derailed the planned acquisition. Read More >>

Not Shocking: Google Could Already Be Eyeing a Motorola Hardware Sale

Google could be on the brink of confirming suspicions that it only bought Motorola for its 17,000 patents. The £7.8 billion acquisition is barely official—Justice Department approval came in February—but Google is reportedly looking to pawn off the hardware division. Read More >>

Google Wins EU and US Approval to Buy Motorola, But is Warned Over “Strategic” Patent Use

Google's seriously impressive attempt to blag an upgrade by buying all of Motorola's mobile phone division has finally been given the all clear, with anti-trust bodies in both the EU and US saying it's fine. Read More >>