apps is Dead, Existing Features to be Rolled into TikTok, the lip-syncing video creation app harnessing the heinous amounts of free time teens possess (with mixed results), has grown considerably since its 2014 launch. But just like the transition from middle to high school, sometimes it’s time for a reboot. Yesterday, was shut down, and its users are being migrated to TikTok, a similar video creation platform owned by’s parent company, Bytedance. Don’t worry, teens, your content is safe, and pretty soon the platform will be even safer. Read More >>

Twitter Buys Anti-Abuse Company to Help It Suck Less

Historically, Twitter has done a poor job of protecting its users from incessant abuse and threats. In a bid to curb the rampant harassment on its service, however, Twitter announced today that it’s buying Smyte, a San Francisco-based startup that aimed to help companies curb spam, fraud, and abuse online. Read More >>

Microsoft Buys GitHub, and Some People Are Pissed

Microsoft is officially buying Github, the internet’s largest source code repository, for a cool $7.5 billion in stock, with Microsoft VP Nat Friedman assuming the role of GitHub’s CEO. The acquisition isn’t without its detractors, who say they are already ditching GitHub and looking elsewhere. Concern over GitHub’s management in the future, along with Microsoft’s checquered past with open source, might be the biggest hurdle the company has to overcome. Read More >>

Nokia Screws Up Again, Sells Withings Back to Its Co-founder

Another day, another company snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This time it’s Nokia, as the company has decided to sell its health division— formerly known as Withings—which it purchased for $191 million in 2016. The sale itself seemed inevitable, and its price undisclosed, but its buyer is a huge surprise: the original co-founder of Withings, Éric Carreel. Nokia expects the deal to close in “late Q2 2018.” While I respect the hustle, the sale of Withings and its host of incredible health products leaves me feeling more nervous than ever. Read More >>

Wonderful, Digg Is Now Owned by an Advertising Company

Digg has been sold by its former owner, Betaworks, to ad-tech company BuySellAds for an undisclosed amount. The story, first reported by FastCompany, comes nearly a month after the news aggregation site shut down its RSS client Digg Reader. You could call this sale the death of an internet icon, but that happened when the original Digg was sold in 2012. What we’ve got now is a Digg in name only, and who knows how valuable that is (or isn’t). Read More >>

Durex’s Parent Company Is Buying A Baby Food Brand

British behemoth Reckitt Benckiser Group plc has agreed a deal to buy baby formula company Mead Johnson Nutrition, meaning the people who make Durex condoms will now also profit if said condoms fail. Read More >>

Pinterest Bought Instapaper and That Makes Me Nervous

Pinterest, the site beloved by wedding planners and doomsday preppers alike, has acquired the original read later service, Instapaper. Read More >>

The Sad Sale of Yahoo Confirms That Marissa Mayer Failed

At long last, Marissa Mayer’s rocky reign at Yahoo appears to be coming to an end. The news comes not with a bang—or an exclamation mark—but with something closer to a resigned sigh. Read More >>

Marissa Mayer Says She’s ‘Planning to Stay’ at Yahoo

After a weekend full of rampant speculation, Verizon finally confirmed this morning that it had reached an agreement to purchase Yahoo’s core business for $4.8 billion (£3.7 billion). Read More >>

Under Armour Just Bought 100 Million Users’ Worth of Fitness Data

If you track your fitness on your smartphone—and are serious about results—chances are pretty decent you've tried MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness or Endomondo. Guess what? All three of them belong to sportwear company Under Armour as of right now. Read More >>

Twitter Has Backed Out of That SoundCloud Takeover

Good news: Twitter has backed out of talks to purchase SoundCloud, thus avoiding ruining one of the best services on the internet. Sounds like Twitter listened to our plea. [WSJ] Read More >>

Hey Twitter, Please Don’t Ruin SoundCloud

Remember Twitter Music? Probably not. The ill-fated recommendation service started as We Are Hunted, which was a great independent service until Twitter bought it, tanked its music ambitions, and killed it. Now there's a rumour Twitter has its roving eye on SoundCloud. We really hope history isn't about to repeat itself. Read More >>

Facebook Acquires Best Activity-Tracking App Moves

Stylish brisk-walk monitor app Moves is today's beneficiary of the Facebook cash pile, with the maker revealing the app and parent company have been bought by Zuckerberg's team. Moves says there's no plan to "commingle data" from its users with Facebook, it's just the team and tech that'll be absorbed into the Facebook gene pool. [Moves via Techcrunch] Read More >>

Google Bought a Smartwatch Company

According to GigaOM, Google bought WIMM Labs last year to help develop its upcoming Android smartwatch. WIMM Labs was the maker of the WIMM One, a smart watch released a few years ago that ran a modified version of Android. Read More >>

What Apple’s Latest Acquisition Says About the Future of Apple TV

Apple just bought a small startup company you probably never heard of called Why is this important? Because it might, maybe, could possibly reveal what Apple sees as the future of Apple TV: a channel-less oasis where it doesn't matter what streaming service you watch your favourite TV show on as long as it's through Apple TV. Read More >>