This Video Showcases the Man Behind All Your Favourite Movie Monsters

Meet Tom Woodruff. You’ve seen him in movies, but probably didn’t even realise he was even in them. That's because he specialises in playing creatures. Read More >>

star wars
Adam Driver Method Acted His Stint as Star Wars’ Kylo Ren, and Presumably Wasn’t Very Approachable

An interview with Jon Boyega has thrown a bizarre spotlight on the behind-the-scenes piecing together of The Force Awakens, with Boyega claiming that his acting chum Adam Driver stayed "in character" as Kylo Ren throughout the filming process. Read More >>

Benedict Cumberbatch Would Like to Shove That Phone Down Your Throat

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has had it with you common folk filming his stage performances as if you somehow understand what he's going on about, claiming that it's distracting for actors of his stature to have people shining phone cameras at them all night while they're trying to do some serious acting and get across all those metaphors and shit. Read More >>

“Unexpected Item in Bagging Area” Woman Uncovered

A former EastEnders star turned voice actor has been outed as the "Unexpected item in bagging area" lady, who's constantly reprimanding the nation by having her voice installed on over 10,000 supermarket tills. Read More >>

steve jobs
Anyone Can Play Steve Jobs—Even Ashton Kutcher

Our first reaction to Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs was abject horror. But once the because it's Ashton Kutcher! nausea dissipates, you're left with something more salient: Steve Jobs is not a hard acting role. And Ashton might be perfect. Read More >>