Angolan Rebel Leader’s Family Sue Over ‘Call of Duty’ Likeness

The family of Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi are launching a legal claim against Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard, claiming the likeness of a baddie within the game is a little too close to Savimbi for comfort -- and depicting him as a war-mongering meanie is a form of defamation. Read More >>

Activision Targets Casual/Historical Fans With Downton Abbey Game

Mainstream lowbrow entertainment behemoths ITV and Activision have combined forces to create a surefire crossborder intergenerational smash, somehow convincing a group of adult mobile phone programmers to make a game based on costume drama Downton Abbey. Read More >>

Guitar Hero TV is a Music Video Channel You Can Play Along With 

It’s a conversation anybody who grew up in the 90s has had at least a dozen times: “Remember when MTV actually played music videos?” Yes, yes—we all do. Those times are over. Well, those times were over: Activision is about to change everything. It’s launching Guitar Hero TV: a “channel” where you can not only watch music videos, but play along with them, too. Read More >>

Guitar Hero is Back This Autumn, and You’ll Only Need Three Fingers

“This is stupid,” I try to tell myself. “Weren’t music games just a fad?” For one long minute, I struggle to hit a single note on my plastic axe , as game developers and PR people fire eye-daggers into the back of my head. But then, all of a sudden, it clicks. I’m strumming up a storm. I’m playing the new Guitar Hero and it’s surprisingly good. Read More >>

Activision Wants its Own Studio to Turn the Likes of Call of Duty Into Films

History has shown us that film adaptations of popular games tend not to be very good; maybe that's the fault of the film studios, or just poor film-making. Whatever the reason it seems like Activision isn't willing to take those risks anymore, with reports claiming that the company wants its own TV and film studio. Read More >>

Kevin Spacey Sells Face to Activision for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

This year's Call of Duty has been shown off for the first time, with Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games taking the shooting action back to the future. And Kevin's in it, face and everything. But as a pen-pusher, not a heroic grunt. Read More >>

Forget Halo 4, This Is What Bungie’s Working on Now

Original Halo developer Bungie may have stepped away from the Xbox shooter franchise, but there's still plenty to get excited about whenever its designers put digital pen to digital paper. This is Destiny, Bungie's new title and an attempt at making a game universe as big and diverse as that of Star Wars. Read More >>

Activision/Bungie Contract Says “2013” for Xbox 720, New Four-Game Franchise Coming

The detailed contracted between publisher Activision and Halo developer Bungie has been made public, revealing plans for a mammoth new franchise from the shooter specialist and a launch date for Microsoft's next Xbox hardware. Read More >>