How Many Actors Have Played Your Favourite Superheroes?

Who do you think of as Superman? Christopher Reeve. Iron Man? Robert Downey Jr. Wolverine? Hugh Jackman. Some comic book superheroes will always only be associated with one actor. But others? Like who’s your Batman or the Human Torch, and is Ben Affleck even a superhero even though he’s played one twice? Those questions will live on forever. Read More >>

Richard Kiel, Best Known as Bond Enemy Jaws, Dies Aged 74

Richard Kiel, whose Jaws character stole the show in two of the fairly duff late 1970s Bond films, has died. Read More >>

“Unexpected Item in Bagging Area” Woman Uncovered

A former EastEnders star turned voice actor has been outed as the "Unexpected item in bagging area" lady, who's constantly reprimanding the nation by having her voice installed on over 10,000 supermarket tills. Read More >>

Captain Scarlet Voice Actor Francis Matthews Dies

The voice of Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet and star of numerous TV productions and films has died, with actor Francis Matthews passing away aged 86. As well as being the Captain, he starred alongside Morecambe & Wise in their bank holiday film specials The Intelligence Men and That Riviera Touch. [Gerry Anderson via BBC] Read More >>

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Simon Pegg Mocks Trek Actors With “Neutron Cream” Gag

Due to the possible health implications of dealing with the "lasers" used on the film set of the new Star Trek film, our boy Simon Pegg decided to invent a product called Neutron Cream and convinced the crew, including posho Benedict Cumberbatch, to cream up. Read More >>

Google Will Now Do “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” But Can Anyone Beat Three?

Ever wondered how many degrees of separation there is between Daniel Craig and the venerable Kevin Bacon? Or how about the luscious Charlize Theron and a good bit of Bacon? Google to the rescue, just enter Bacon number [insert actor name here] and hit enter. Read More >>

A List of Actors We’d Rather See Play Steve Jobs Than Ashton Kutcher

Apparently, Hollywood just made the kooky decision to cast Ashton "One Third of Two and a Half Men or Just 5/6th of One Man" Kutcher as the lead in an upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. Yes, there is some resemblance between Ashton and young Steve Jobs. Yes, Ashton is a famous guy. But people, he's... Ashton Kutcher. Read More >>