Google: No, Of Course, We’re Not Slowly Killing Ad Blockers

A few months ago, Google announced changes were coming to improve privacy, security, and performance with regard to Chrome extensions. In particular, one change didn’t sit well with ad blocker developers, who claimed Google was looking to diminish their efficacy. At the time, at least one company threatened to pursue filing an antitrust complaint. Read More >>

Facebook Goes to War With Ad Blockers

Facebook announced today that people will see ads on the desktop version of the social network regardless of whether or not they are using ad blockers. Read More >>

Opera Now Has Built-In Ad Blockers, Claimed To Be 45% Faster Than Chrome With AdBlock

Opera has just released the latest developer version of its browser, and it has an interesting new feature: it features built-in ad blockers that are claimed to make it faster than other browsers with third-party alternatives. Read More >>

Three Reportedly Set to Block Digital Ads in the UK

Mobile operator Three is apparently set to block online ads on its network. The move is expected to be announced at MWC next Tuesday, and is guaranteed to cause major controversy. According to reports, the firm’s partnered up with Israeli outfit Shine, which specialises in cutting ads from digital content. Read More >>

Google Supposedly Paid Off AdBlock Plus to Not Block Google Ads

Any advanced Internetter knows that the best way to enjoy the pure Internet is to get an ad blocker. It zaps away all the excess and gives you the meaty good stuff. However, it looks like companies are figuring ways to circumvent ad blockers... by paying them off. Google is reportedly paying one of the most popular ad blockers, AdBlock Plus, to not block Google's ads. Read More >>