Watch Adam Savage Give a Nerf Blaster an Impressive Scifi Movie Prop Makeover

Despite being made of plastic, Nerf’s dart blasters look incredibly realistic and detailed—as long as you can ignore their garishly bright colours. Adam Savage apparently could not, however, so he spent an entire day giving the Nerf Longstrike CS-6 a fantastic facelift to make it look like a prop from of a scifi blockbuster. Read More >>

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Nvidia Put Adam Savage From Mythbusters Into Its VR Funhouse

Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a notorious geek — he’s one of the brains behind technology website, and as well as having a background in special effects and fabrication, he’s also worked as an animator and graphic designer. On the launch of its new GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, Nvidia put Savage inside its physics-accelerated Funhouse virtual reality tech demo. Read More >>

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Relive All the Best Moments Of Mythbusters With This Incredible Supercut

After almost 300 episodes and fifteen seasons on Discovery, the Mythbusters have called it quits. To commemorate the end, Thomas Crenshaw put together an amazing supercut that reminds us why the show was awesome. Read More >>

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Watch Mythbusters’ Adam Savage Build the Ultimate Star Trek Captain’s Chair

Admit it: you’ve looked longingly at Captain Kirk’s bulky but oddly attractive leather chair and thought “yes, I need that in my life.” It’s okay. We all have. Even Adam Savage. Especially Adam Savage. Read More >>

Walk Around Adam Savage’s Mini-Museum on Google Street View

Adam Savage isn't just one half of the Mythbusters power duo, he's the patron saint of awesome nerdiness. With decades in the movie prop and special effects business, he's got a jaw-dropping collection of cool stuff—and now you can tour Savage's Cave on Google Street View. Let's take a gander! Read More >>

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Tesla Coils Make Everything Cooler, Including Back in Black

What happens when you combine AC/DC's Back in Black; two Tesla coils; a robot drummer, a wall of Tetris, and Adam Savage from Mythbusters? A totaly awesome electro geek-out, that's what. Read More >>