AdBlock is Legal, Says German Federal Court of Justice

There are a lot of people who don't like adblock software. Advertisers, publishers, Google, you name it. While some of those companies have tried to subtly encourage people to accept ads (or  at least some ads in Google's case), there are those who want more proactive measures. Facebook announced it would circumvent adblockers, much to the fury of people around the world, but German publisher Axel Springer took it a step further and was trying to sue AdBlock Plus. Emphasis on "was" because that case has now been thrown out by the German Federal Court of Justice. Read More >>

Adblock Plus is Now Going to Sell Ads

Adblock Plus, one of the web’s most popular ad-blocking services, will soon begin selling its own ads — and taking a little bit of the cut as well. Seems counterintuitive, huh? Read More >>

Facebook and Adblock Plus Are Stuck in a Hacking War

It’s a game of cat and mouse. On Tuesday, Facebook announced it would begin circumventing ad blocking software in an effort to show more ads in the News Feed. The ad-blocking community was pissed and vowed to fix the problem. Two days later, Adblock Plus contributors made good on their promise and released a workaround off, correcting what it described as Facebook’s “dark path against user choice.” Now, it looks like Adblock Plus’s workaround is dead. Read More >>

iOS 9 iPhone Safari Will Block Ads – And Adblock Plus Doesn’t Like It

Gizmodo UK is sad today to report the news of the death of irony. The literary device was found dead after reading the news that the creator of Adblock Plus is apparently unhappy about Apple building its own advert blocker for Safari on iOS, which could prevent Adblock Plus from being used or making any money. Read More >>

Adblock Plus Ruled Legal After German Court Battle

A war between German media publishers and browser (now phone) advert exterminator Adblock Plus has ruled in favour of the ad blocker, saying it's not illegal or anti-competitive -- so the publishers have no right to block users running the extension. Read More >>

How Adblock Plus is Becoming the Arbiter of Internet Advertising

Before Adblock Plus bloomed into existence in 2006, going anywhere online could be a flashing, ad-filled nightmare. Horrible banner ads vying for just a split second of your time and actively trying to trick you into giving away just one precious click. Adblock Plus offered a way out of the commercial chaos, at the cost also blocking ad revenue from websites and companies. Read More >>

Google and Amazon Cough Up Digital Protection Money to Dodge AdBlock Plus

Customary anti-ad blocker note before we proceed -- using an ad blocker when viewing Gizmodo UK is like stealing food from the mouths of the children I will never have.  Read More >>

Google Supposedly Paid Off AdBlock Plus to Not Block Google Ads

Any advanced Internetter knows that the best way to enjoy the pure Internet is to get an ad blocker. It zaps away all the excess and gives you the meaty good stuff. However, it looks like companies are figuring ways to circumvent ad blockers... by paying them off. Google is reportedly paying one of the most popular ad blockers, AdBlock Plus, to not block Google's ads. Read More >>

Google Blocks the Blockers as Android Advertising War Turns Nasty

One of the minor little tweaks sneaked out as part of Google's recent Android 4.2.2 release and the 4.1.2 update has nuked a popular mobile ad-blocking solution, with Android Adblock Plus now pretty much useless by default on phones and tablets. Read More >>

Nuke Ads on Your Android Without Rooting With Adblock Plus

Do those apps that are only ad-supported, and don't let you pay to remove the ads get on your wick? Do you wish you could browse the web ad-free on your Android device? Adblock Plus to the rescue -- nuke all ads without rooting with this free app. Read More >>