This AR App Turns New York Subway Ads Into Art

Advertising is everywhere. On the street, in magazines, and even on our computers. One place they're very prominent is on public transport - especially New York's subway system. People have been trying to take back the Subway for years, but now developers have come up with a novel approach: an AR app that turns the ads into artwork. Read More >>

Google’s Plan to Build Ad-Blocking Into Chrome Could Be a Very Good Thing

It’s not just you, online ads are getting worse. Auto-play video has become a standard, pop-ups are back in a big way and those inline ads seem accidentally clickier all the time. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is well aware of this and it’s planning to add a built-in ad blocker to the Chrome browser. If the plan is handled correctly, it could force sites to give everyone a better experience. But that’s a big “if.” Read More >>

Someone’s Used Adblock On Piccadilly Circus

The famous headache-inducing ads bedecking London tourist hotspot Piccadilly Circus have been switched off today. Not because someone decided it'd be nice to put some art up instead, or because it seemed like an enormous waste of electricity, but rather because the current crop of 6 screens is being replaced by one massive one that someone got in the January sales at PC World (last part may not be true). Read More >>

Adblock Plus is Now Going to Sell Ads

Adblock Plus, one of the web’s most popular ad-blocking services, will soon begin selling its own ads — and taking a little bit of the cut as well. Seems counterintuitive, huh? Read More >>

Adblock Locks Out Mobile Ads With Custom Android Browser

The maker of the Adblock Plus extension, is moving into mobile ad obliteration. With Google unsurprisingly not happy to let ads be blocked on Android in a simple manner, ABP is going to the rather extreme length of launching its own Adblock Browser. Read More >>

How Adblock Plus is Becoming the Arbiter of Internet Advertising

Before Adblock Plus bloomed into existence in 2006, going anywhere online could be a flashing, ad-filled nightmare. Horrible banner ads vying for just a split second of your time and actively trying to trick you into giving away just one precious click. Adblock Plus offered a way out of the commercial chaos, at the cost also blocking ad revenue from websites and companies. Read More >>

After Getting Booted From Google Play, Adblock Plus Goes It Alone

The maker of Android advert-removal tool Adblock Plus is currently trying to circumvent Google's ad-blocker ban by releasing a new standalone version designed to be downloaded straight to phone, avoiding Google's app shop censorship entirely. Read More >>

Android Adblock banned from Google Play
Google Just Took the Ban Hammer to All Adblockers in Google Play

Following on from Google's little tweak for Android that rendered Adblockers pretty-much useless, Google's now blocked the adblockers, removing them all from Google Play. Nasty. Read More >>

Nuke Ads on Your Android Without Rooting With Adblock Plus

Do those apps that are only ad-supported, and don't let you pay to remove the ads get on your wick? Do you wish you could browse the web ad-free on your Android device? Adblock Plus to the rescue -- nuke all ads without rooting with this free app. Read More >>

CatBlock Will Live On and Won’t Just Be the Best April Fool’s Ever

Many people enjoy the web ad-free with AdBlock, but how about swapping out those ads for a bunch of pictures of cute cats to fur-up you browsing experience? That was the premise behind AdBlock for Chrome’s awesome April fools, but after an overwhelming call to make it a permanent option, we’ll see CatBlock live on for internet-savvy cat-lovers everywhere. Read More >>