Adele Sneaks into Rich Old White Man Party

"Loads of old people are really rich" is the shock finding of the latest counting of the money people have, with the Sunday Times releasing its regular guesstimation of the cash stockpiles of the country's famous stock of Grade II listed ancient musicians. Read More >>

Adele’s 25 Will Not Be on Spotify or Other Streaming Services

Adele’s highly anticipated new record 25 will not be available on Spotify, according to the music streaming company. Hello? More like 'Goodbye'. Read More >>

Samsung’s Prepping a High-End Flip Phone That Will Shame All You Adele Haters

We all love pointless reminiscence, pretending that yesteryear’s essentials would make our current lives infinitely better. It looks like Samsung’s getting ready to cash in our silliness, with reports emerging that the firm’s got a flip phone -- the likes of which can, for some reason, be found in Adele's Hello music video -- in the works. Read More >>

Adele’s “Hello” Breaks All Records by Selling One Million Downloads in a Week

Adele’s post-hiatus hit has reached a milestone that has not been achieved by any other song in history. According to Nielsen Music, the singer sold one million downloads of the song in just seven days. Read More >>

Fifty Shades, One Direction, Call of Duty and Adele top Amazon UK’s Depressing All-Time Sales Charts

Amazon UK is happy that it's about to reach its 15th birthday tomorrow, and is celebrating by revealing its all-time best sellers. As you might expect of the corporate giant, it's mainstream entertainment fodder all the way, with Adele, One Direction, Harry Potter and Call of Duty sending most of our cash to Luxembourg. Read More >>

What Do You Think of the new Skyfall Theme From Adele?

We heard Adele lend her lugs to Bond for the Skyfall theme tune last week, and now it's been chucked onto the official trailer as of today. I was pretty psyched when I heard she was involved, envisaging a Goldeneye-esque power ballad, but...yeah, no. Somehow, I feel a little disappointed. But what do you think? Read More >>

Skyfall’s Getting a Good Blast From Adele’s Mighty Lungs For Its Theme Tune

Following the tradition of putting big, mainstream artists into the Bond-shaped limelight, Skyfall's theme will be vocalised by none other than our pop diva, Adele. Let's hope it's just a little bit better than the Jack White-Alisha Keys duo, Another Way to Die. Oh, and there's a new UK poster to ogle too. Read More >>

Watch This Girl Incredibly Paint a Portrait of Adele with Burning Candles

Hong Yi, the lovely artist who makes mind blowing art from everyday objects like books, coffee and basketballs, is back at it again. This time? She paints a picture of Adele using burning candles. Seriously. Who needs a paintbrush when you have hot wax, right? Read More >>

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Disguising Physics in a Pretty Pop Tune Is a Great Way to Make People Care About Physics

When all else fails, turning to the most popular song of the year is a great way to make people care about whatever your're trying to tell them. Read More >>

Spotify Sticks to Its Guns and Turns Down Adele

British songstress Adele’s Grammy Award-winning album 21 isn’t on Spotify, but it’s not because she hates all streaming, just free streaming. Spotify said no because it didn’t want to bend its business model to accommodate her, no matter how many albums she's been selling of late. Read More >>

Digital Music Sales up 10 Per Cent in 2011, Adele Shifts 5M Copies

The UK's shift to digital music is continuing, with stats for 2011's record sales expected to show that sales of digital albums in the UK increased by around 10 per cent over last year. Read More >>

Digital Album Sales Rocketing — 2011 Already Ahead of 2010’s Total

Sales of digital albums are on the up in the UK, with data from the BPI revealing we bought more digital recordings during the first 10 months of 2011 than we did in all of 2010. Read More >>

Why It Doesn’t Matter That Coldplay’s Not Streaming Its Mylo Xyloto Album on Spotify

According to reports, Coldplay's record label EMI is "a little embarrassed" about Coldplay's decision to ban the streaming of its latest album, Mylo Xyloto, on any streaming sites -- including Spotify. Disregarding the fact that Coldplay has gone downhill since A Rush of Blood to the Head and that Chris Martin is Devon's answer to Bono, the band's decision won't change album sales. Here's why: Read More >>