Ikea Has a Nice Frame for Your New da Vinci

The poor art collector who spent masses of money on a weird and blurry painting of Jesus is the target of a sneaky ad campaign by Ikea, which is using the $450m sale of Salvator Mundi to hopefully shift a few cheap picture frames. Read More >>

Samsung Hopes to Mesmerise Viewers With Three-Minute Washing Machine Close up

The poor old Samsung staff who only ever get to work on boring old washing machines are about to get their turn in the limelight, as in a staggering televisual first one entire advert break is about to be taken over by nothing more than a single shot of a washing machine spinning a load. Read More >>

Greggs Apologises for Sausage Roll Christ Child

That seemingly innocent image of holy people gathering around to bless a sausage roll really kicked off big time for Greggs, but not in a good way. People who believe in the Jesus things were right pissed off about replacing the famous stable-born baby with a sausage roll in order to sell a calendar and some coffees, so much so that Greggs has been forced to do a serious-face, puffed-out-bottom-lip apology. Read More >>

No One Told Paddington Bear to F*ck Off

Some people, perhaps even seriously, thought that M&S sneaked some swearing into its celebrity-packed 2017 Christmas advert, with the ad perhaps appearing to suggest the line "F*ck you, little bear" was said to Paddington at the end. Read More >>

Fake John Lewis Ad Has the Depressing Ending Christmas Deserves

A few thousand people are crying a bit more than usual over some schmaltzy rubbish today, as a fake John Lewis Christmas advert tricked the sort of sick losers who watch adverts on purpose into thinking it was the real deal. Read More >>

ASDA Says it’s Christmas So Here’s a Roald Dahl Rip-off Advert

The twee avalanche of corporate communications designed to get you to buy your turkey from a particular supermarket is underway, with ASDA the first of the major food sellers to declare it Christmas. Read More >>

Ikea Allen Keys Have Another Use at Last

An artist has had one of those ideas they have again, with this one also conveniently forming the basis of an advert for a national furniture chain. Seriously, if you want to do art, make sure it can also be an advert, as that's where the money is. You won't get rich selling tin can art at local craft markets. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Ad Mines Live Traffic Data to Shame Car Drivers

A new interactive billboard advert for Virgin Trains is doing something rather clever with data and APIs, using live road traffic reports to gauge problems on the road and tell suffering drivers, live, how much quicker it all would've been had they got the train. Plus it might've been one with a phone charger and there could've been a buffet trolley with crisps. Read More >>

This AR App Turns New York Subway Ads Into Art

Advertising is everywhere. On the street, in magazines, and even on our computers. One place they're very prominent is on public transport - especially New York's subway system. People have been trying to take back the Subway for years, but now developers have come up with a novel approach: an AR app that turns the ads into artwork. Read More >>

Magazines Come With Screens Now

Stuff-to-do magazine Time Out London has yielded to the modern age, with a limited number of this week's edition coming with a physical display screen embedded into its front page. Read More >>

Your Google Search May Have Autoplaying Video Soon

Google is trialling video with autoplay on its search results. These videos will not only appear automatically, but will also play their audio automatically. It's this that generally causes the greatest consternation among users who don't want to jump out of their skin because some video starts chatting away. Read More >>

Junk Food Ads Banned From Sites Aimed at Children

New advertising rules come into place this weekend, designed to stem the flow of aspirational burgers and carbohydrate juices into the mouths of a generation. Read More >>

Phone Boxes are Stealth Advertising Boards Now, Complain Powerless Councils

Councils across the country are battling a new wave of unstoppable advertising banner spaces that masquerade as telephone boxes. Read More >>

McDonald’s Gets the Twee Advert Thing Massively Wrong

McDonald's has tried to do the thing that John Lewis does every Christmas, in assembling a sort of sad tale about life designed to make women cry a bit and therefore become loyal to the brand. But unfortunately for the burger chain, its pairing of childhood bereavement and meal deals is only getting people howling with rage. Read More >>

Suggestive Primetime Spotify Advert Gets People Pretending to be Offended

An advert for Spotify has outraged the small group of people who spend their entire lives waiting to be outraged by things, with the ad in the break during Britain's Got Talent upsetting a few metaphorical apple carts due to hinting that some masturbation might be going on behind a closed bedroom door. When is there ever not masturbation going on behind closed bedroom doors? Read More >>