Most Facebook Users Still Unclear About How the Hell Targeted Ads Work

There are plenty of very good reasons Facebook users should be extremely sceptical of the information the social media platform collects about them following years of data and privacy scandals. But even as the company continues to push its “transparencynarrative, many of its users still do not understand how their information is being used by the company, and specifically with regard to targeted advertising, a Pew Research Center survey has found. Read More >>

No, You Can’t Leave Work Early Just Because You Had A Red Bull, Says ASA

A set of tube ads for Red Bull have been pulled by the Advertising Standards Authority because they implied Red Bull could help you get your work done faster and go home. Read More >>

This Isn’t Just Any Contraflow on the M8

The government is said to be thinking about bringing a weird US roadside sponsorship system to the UK, in which stretches of motorway are sponsored by big businesses in return for some of their advertising money. Read More >>

Lidl Fake-Vandalises Posh Supermarket Billboards

Oh now this is clever. Rethink your opinions about the Germans and their senses of humour, as it's an amazing advertising campaign by discounter Lidl in which it pretend-overwrites the pretentious adverts of the supposedly upmarket supermarkets to point out it has cheaper versions of near-identical products. A burn hotter than the one your dad is soon to inflict on the pigs in blankets. Read More >>

Poundland’s Sex Elf in Danger of Becoming Beloved Christmas Tradition

Last year's so-called Christmas was RUINED by Poundland and its strange series of sex-related elf adverts, a social media push that was eventually and pointlessly banned by authorities, and guess what? It's happening again. Poundland would very much like everyone to start talking about it for the next four weeks, even if it's only saying it's run by a bunch of sickos and should be boycotted. Read More >>

A Junk Food Advertising Ban is on the Way for London’s Transport Network

February of 2019 is going to see a subtle change in the fabric of London society, as from the 25th of the month all advertising for what's loosely bracketed as "junk food" will be banned from being sold and displayed inside the city's buses and on the Underground/Overground lines. Read More >>

Iceland’s Christmas Advert Banned From TV for Having Too Much of the Politics

Iceland thought it was going to have the most talked about Christmas ad of the season this year, as it planned to rebrand a Greenpeace campaign about palm oil as its own, then make everyone sad about little orangutans being displaced by deforestation triggered by the rapidly growing production of the oil. In your face, twee John Lewis stop-motion bollocks. Read More >>

Spotify’s Spooky Haunted Doll Ad Too Creepy for Kids, ASA Rules

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) chastised Spotify today for releasing an “unduly distressing” ad that, it argues, improperly targeted children. The ad shows young people listening to Camila Cabello’s song “Havana,” which in turn wakes up some scary looking dolls that go on to terrorise them. Read More >>

Three’s Bizarre New Advert Tries to Fight Back Against Claims That “Phones Are Bad”

"Phones are bad" is what the world seems to have decided recently. They stop you being able to switch off, and people spend too much time staring at them, so they're very bad for you. Never mind that they can do just about anything. It's why companies have started launching all these screentime features, because you're spending too much time playing with a device that's bad - rather than doing something productive like watching television. But Three has had enough, and has released a new advert to try and highlight how great phones are. Read More >>

Nissan Told to be Clearer About Leaf Charging Times

Nissan has got into some retrospective trouble about the way it promoted its second generation Leaf EV, with complaints lodged with the advertising police about various charging claims upheld. Read More >>

Contraceptive App Told to Stop Blagging it

It's one thing when an advert misleadingly suggests that processed rice makes the cornerstone of a healthy breakfast for a child, but when an ad for an app tells users it can stop them from having babies by looking at their phone before sex, well, that's a bit more important. Read More >>

The Universe’s Coolest Dentist Channels Guardians of the Galaxy in the Fight Against Bacteria

As someone who used to work in local news, I’m a sucker for local ads. They’re practically in a world of their own. After spotting a billboard on Twitter for a US dental office going by...wait for it...the Guardians of the Gums, I only had one thought: “Oh please let there be a commercial.” Luckily for us, the galaxy has delivered. Read More >>

Facebook Is Scrapping Thousands of ‘Targeting Options’ That Could Be Used for Ad Discrimination

Facebook has a controversial history when it comes to abetting discriminatory ad practices on its platform. But following a litany of investigations, a lot of bad press, and most recently, an official complaint from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Facebook is trying to clean up its mess. Read More >>

What Am I Worth to Advertisers? My Obsessive Quest to Put a Price on My Attention

319. That’s the number of discrete advertisements, both online and off, served to me over the course of one Tuesday in July. I know because I counted each and every one. Read More >>

Artist Adds Honesty to Facebook’s Poster Ads

Someone with access to a big printer has been specially adapting Facebook posters around London, turning the company's attempts at mindwashing the capital with positive corporate thoughts into rather more honest takes on how the social network makes a living. Read More >>