Google Hires Humans to Fix Horror Ads Mess

It's day 23 or thereabouts of Google UK's extremist ad horror, and the search behemoth has now decided it's time to be sorry about it and say things will change. Read More >>

M&S and McDonald’s Join Google Ad Blockade

The investigation that found big brand adverts appearing alongside ISIS propaganda is slowly morphing into a nightmare for Google, as more mammoth companies join the government in putting their digital spends with the search company on hold. Read More >>

Google Called in for Quiet Word With Government Over Extremist Ads

The Cabinet Office is the latest governmental department to bring in an internet company for a formal chat, with this encounter seeing the search giant questioned over accusations that its vast advertising network is being used to fund hate groups around the world. Read More >>

Ads Will Be Even Harder to Escape Now That Posters Can Hijack FM Radio

Visual ads like signs, posters, and billboards are easy to ignore—you just need to look away. But what if a poster for a concert started broadcasting music or notifications to your smartphone? Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way to turn print ads into low-power radio stations, making a future inundated with advertisements seemingly impossible to escape. Read More >>

O2 Hints at Ad-Blocking, or at Least Ad-Calming Measures

Another UK mobile network has raised the prospect of introducing an element of advertising blocking to its product, with O2's boss saying that his company has the technology to do such a thing so... maybe one day it will. Depending on how many decades back Google threatens to send it as a result. Read More >>

BBC Wales Mildly Offends the English

A BBC Wales advert for its coverage of the Wales v England rugby match has been pulled, after the Global Taking Offense Police took offense and decided it was not politically correct enough to exist in today's hypersensitive world. Read More >>

Big Brand Ads Accidentally Fund Terrorists Online

The way the planet's biggest brands farm their adverts out in an effort to hit as many eyeballs as possible is having some unfortunate unintended results, with ads for some of the largest companies appearing online alongside terrorist rants -- presumably earning hate speakers a nice chunk of change for plays and clicks. Read More >>

Someone’s Used Adblock On Piccadilly Circus

The famous headache-inducing ads bedecking London tourist hotspot Piccadilly Circus have been switched off today. Not because someone decided it'd be nice to put some art up instead, or because it seemed like an enormous waste of electricity, but rather because the current crop of 6 screens is being replaced by one massive one that someone got in the January sales at PC World (last part may not be true). Read More >>

EU Stands Down in Cookie Notification War

The modern day misery of having to sometimes click on an X to make a popup about cookies disappear could soon come to an end thanks to our former friends in the EU, as new guidelines on web cookie use could end the need for every site in the world to individually beg to be allowed permission to stalk us a bit. Read More >>

11 Great Songs Totally Ruined by Adverts

If you live long enough, all the songs you like will eventually be in adverts. If you're lucky, the defining track of your teenage years will be used untouched to sell something nice, like a Twix or a car; if you're unlucky, a twee version of the first record you bought and touched a girl while listening to will be hammered for three months to sell kitsch umbrellas for Boots. Read More >>

Heinz Ad Banned for Promoting Dangerous Behaviour

The Advertising Standards Authority has leapt into action on the say-so of nine righteous people, people who complained that an advert showing beans enthusiasts playing the drums on empty cans of Heinz products was deadly dangerous. Read More >>

Facebook Admits to More False Metrics

Facebook has inaccurately reported some of its engagement metrics to publishers, the company admitted Thursday. Read More >>

It’s the Annual John Lewis Christmas Advert Cryalong

The man who thinks he's my boss says I should watch the John Lewis advert and say what it's like and about, as if we don't already know it's some twee rubbish designed to make weak people start eating six packs of mince pies a full seven weeks out from the big day. Read More >>

Student Fools World With John Lewis-Inspired Sentimental Christmas Claptrap

A student who's really quite clever with the computers scored a sensational social media hit over the weekend, after his fake "John Lewis Christmas advert" was taken to be the real deal by hundreds of thousands of people eagerly waiting for the department store to officially launch Christmas 2016. Read More >>

bad ideas
Shop is Very Sorry for Exploiting 9/11 With its ‘Twin Tower Sale’ Advert

In a deeply regrettable attempt to cash in on human tragedy using viral video magic, a company called Miracle Mattress decided to film and post a bizarre commercial promoting its “Twin Tower sale”. Read More >>