Universities Complain About Spread of Paid Essay Writer Ads

An essay writing company that claims it offers nothing more than assistance and guidance has been given a telling off by the Advertising Standards Authority, which ruled it was guilty of advertising itself as more of a direct homework-doing service than the vague study assistance adviser it is supposed to be. Read More >>

KFC Ad Admits it FCK-ed Up

While men with forklift trucks dump rotting chicken into the sea* as people in the suburbs starve** in dystopian 2018 UK, the office-based part of the KFC corporation is using the chicken crisis to its advantage by putting out a jolly old ironic advertisement in the newspapers. Read More >>

Amazon Allowed to Continue Putting Cat Food in Your Basket

One person complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about Amazon's Alexa recently, after an advert for the Echo Dot voice-activated speaker system apparently added some cat food to the owner's shopping basket. The owner cancelled the order so didn't actually receive any unsolicited cat food, but still. Read More >>

Tea Bag Kingpin Threatens Facebook and Google With Billion-Pound Boycott

Unilever, manufacturer of three-quarters of the things in your cupboards, fridge and large intestine, is joining the battle for online trust, and has warned the tech giants that it could pull its internet advertising unless drastic steps are taken to protect kids from fakers and weirdos. Read More >>

Even Tunnocks Tea Cakes Can’t Resist a Bit of 1970s Sexism

The maker of the classic Tunnocks Tea Cake thought it might be nice or clever or funny to reimagine the bizarre 1970s world of the sexist tennis advert to sell its products, and used a massive billboard to show a woman stuffing a tea cake into her pants. It's going to melt up there, those foil wrappers do nothing. Read More >>

Poundland’s Sexist Christmas Elf Ads Get Retrospective Ban

The Advertising Standards Authority has been exposed as a toothless advisory body with zero power to save us from the evils of marketing, as it's finally taken action on Poundland's bizarre rampant sexist Christmas elf social media campaign -- in February. Read More >>

Fast Food Rap Chicken Tops Most Complained Ads List

The Advertising Standards Authority has taken all of January to do the maths, but it's finally here -- the list of the most complained about adverts of 2017. Ironic meat ads and same-sex kisses are what got the complainers of the country angry enough to fire off their best furious emails. Read More >>

Posh Bottled Water Ads Banned for Life-Extending Claims

A bottled water brand that's too posh to be sold near where any of us lot live is in trouble, with the makers of No 1 Rosemary Water told to stop advertising it in a manner that suggests it's some sort of magical elixir with the power to extend life. All water is like that, in some way. Read More >>

Costa and Co-op Open New Branches in the Actual Coronation Street

ITV and high street behemoths Co-op and Costa Coffee have signed a deal to bring a new level of mundane reality to Coronation Street, with a product placement arrangement seeing Co-op and Costa shop fronts added to the background imagery of the soap opera. Read More >>

YouTube Increases its Minimum Thresholds for Earning Revenue

If you've got a small YouTube channel, you may have received an email from YouTube this morning. Unless you've got over 1,000 subscribers and have surpassed 4,000 viewing hours in the last 12 months, you're no longer eligible to earn revenue. Read More >>

Ikea Creates an Advert for Women to Wee on

An advert for an Ikea cot in a Swedish magazine has broken weird new ground in terms of interactivity, with the ad asking for women to wee on it in order to receive a surprise. Read More >>

Captain Birdseye’s a Hunky Silver Fox Now

The old, grey, marginally repulsive, Santa-like Captain Birdseye is long gone, with this latest reinvention of the baffling figurehead of fish fingers seeing the captain transformed in a hot 50-something suspiciously fit, supposed grandad. Read More >>

Poundland Not Yet Sorry About Sexual Harassment Elf Ads

Poundland appears to be trying to pull a Greggs with its latest festive marketing campaign, in which a sexually suggestive elf causes trouble of a kind that hasn't been endorsed by a major retailer since the 1980s. Read More >>

Google Gives 10,000 People the Worst Job in the World

Google is Doing Something about the latest scandal it finds itself in (YouTube/comments/paedophiles), revealing a plan to boost its video content moderation team to as many as 10,000 people. That's 10,000 people who will be watching awful YouTube content, day in, day out, like the millions of children around the world their paymaster profits from. Read More >>

Hour-Long Cut of Samsung’s Washing Machine Ad Heads to the Cinema

The Samsung Cinematic Universe is about to explode into life. The technology company's debut feature film is nearing release, backed by a soundtrack from legendary composer Michael Nyman. Read More >>