Google Is Serving Ads on Very Expensive TVs

Boy that big gorgeous Sony TV you spent a paycheck on is nice, too bad Google has implemented a “pilot” programme that now serves ads on it. Sony’s televisions, as well as the Nvidia Shield and other products running the latest version of Android TV, has been hit with an irritating update from Google that serves ads on the home page, and no, there’s no super easy way to get rid of the ads. Read More >>

KFC Rages Against Your Local [X]FC Clone

KFC is finally striking back against the plethora of PCF and CFC and JFC heated chicken establishments that we see through a beery haze in the late evening, and is attacking them in the only way it knows how -- via a silly TV advertisement. Presumably you can't sue a shop for selling chicken and calling itself Something-Something Fried Chicken in red and white. Read More >>

The Army’s “Snowflake” Ads Seemed to Work

A series of ads for joining the British Army caused quite the internet outrage for half a day or so earlier this year, as they sort of joined in with the trend for mocking today's blamed-for-everything millennials, calling the kids snowflakes, "me me me" millennials and phone zombies, as part of an effort to say "Ah! But that's exactly what we need!" and get youths to join the army. Read More >>

EU Fines Google £1.2bn for Aggressive Advertising Rules

The European Commission has hit Google with another fine for antitrust rule breaking, this time asking it to pay €1.49bn (£1.2bn) for using anti-competitive guidelines in its online advertising businesses. Read More >>

YouTube’s Commenter Controversy Is Putting Creators in a Tricky Position

As YouTube scrambles to tackle a network of child exploitation in the comments section of its platform, some creators have voiced concern about what will happen if their videos are demonetised amid advertiser pull-outs and crackdowns on content. The Verge reported Friday that a tweet from the Team YouTube account sent creators further spiralling after the company announced a measure it was taking against “inappropriate comments.” Read More >>

Lynx Tries Whispering Male Body Positivity for its 2019 Adverts

Former bad boy of advertising Lynx is a reformed character nowadays, don't you know, to such an extent that it's putting its 2019 advertising money into a series of ads that encourage men to but headphones on, listen very carefully, and experiment with shaving parts of their body only usually depilated by workers in specialist trades. Read More >>

Formula 1
McLaren Brings Fags Money Back into F1

The bottomless pockets of the tobacco industry are once again being tapped by the F1 world, with McLaren – informally known as Marlboro McLaren back in the glory days of both F1 and cigarettes – signing a deal with British American Tobacco to inject some cash into the team. Read More >>

Singles-Shaming Bank App Revenge-Shamed for Using Fictional Numbers

Things have become worse in general for banking app Revolut, you might be amused to hear. The startup/challenger/unicorn bank app thing was already facing a backlash over its apparent singles-shaming Valentine's Day advert; now it's been referred to the Financial Conduct Authority because the numbers it used to make its clumsy point were entirely made-up. Read More >>

The Lego Movie 2 is Taking Over ITV’s Ad Break This Saturday

The Lego Movie 2 isn't out until next week, but the marketing campaign is still working hard to try and get your bums in cinema seats. Now the film is set to take over an entire ITV ad break this weekend, complete with Lego versions of normal adverts. Read More >>

Google’s Plan to Limit Ad Blockers on Chrome Riles Developers

Top developers of ad-blocking and anti-tracking software are raising the alarm over potential changes coming to Chrome that were recently disclosed in a public Google document. As a result, at least one company is now threatening potential legal action. Read More >>

Most Facebook Users Still Unclear About How the Hell Targeted Ads Work

There are plenty of very good reasons Facebook users should be extremely sceptical of the information the social media platform collects about them following years of data and privacy scandals. But even as the company continues to push its “transparencynarrative, many of its users still do not understand how their information is being used by the company, and specifically with regard to targeted advertising, a Pew Research Center survey has found. Read More >>

No, You Can’t Leave Work Early Just Because You Had A Red Bull, Says ASA

A set of tube ads for Red Bull have been pulled by the Advertising Standards Authority because they implied Red Bull could help you get your work done faster and go home. Read More >>

This Isn’t Just Any Contraflow on the M8

The government is said to be thinking about bringing a weird US roadside sponsorship system to the UK, in which stretches of motorway are sponsored by big businesses in return for some of their advertising money. Read More >>

Lidl Fake-Vandalises Posh Supermarket Billboards

Oh now this is clever. Rethink your opinions about the Germans and their senses of humour, as it's an amazing advertising campaign by discounter Lidl in which it pretend-overwrites the pretentious adverts of the supposedly upmarket supermarkets to point out it has cheaper versions of near-identical products. A burn hotter than the one your dad is soon to inflict on the pigs in blankets. Read More >>

Poundland’s Sex Elf in Danger of Becoming Beloved Christmas Tradition

Last year's so-called Christmas was RUINED by Poundland and its strange series of sex-related elf adverts, a social media push that was eventually and pointlessly banned by authorities, and guess what? It's happening again. Poundland would very much like everyone to start talking about it for the next four weeks, even if it's only saying it's run by a bunch of sickos and should be boycotted. Read More >>