At Least 20 VPN and Ad-Blocking Apps With 35 Million Downloads Actually Monitored Users’ Phones

At least 20 ad-blocking and virtual private network (VPN) apps owned by analytics firm Sensor Tower may have been secretly spying on users’ phones, according to a BuzzFeed News investigation on Monday. Read More >>

Google Chrome Will Crack Down on Maddening and Disruptive Video Ads in August

Google is bringing the hammer down on websites trying to stuff their video content with infuriating advertising beginning in August, specifically taking aim at three particularly maddening types of offenders. Read More >>

Aldi Stunt Vegetable Recognised by Brand Authorities

A plush carrot made solely for advertising purposes has somehow been inducted into a museum of famous brands and now sits alongside Mickey Mouse and Paddington Bear; a bizarre move we can only conclude involved clandestine meetings and boxes of wonky vegetables changing hands late at night in car parks. Read More >>

Facebook Under Scrutiny From EU Antitrust Regulators

Facebook joins Google under the European Commission's microscope for the way it handles data. Read More >>

Government’s Universal Credit Explainers Banned for Being Misleading

The Department for Work and Pensions has been told off by the UK's advertising watchdog, which found that a series of ads encouraging people to move to the new Universal Credit system contained demonstrably false claims. Read More >>

Facebook Wades into UK Politics and Bans an Advert for Small Print Reasons

Something that people who know about politics think is important has happened, as social network Facebook – which usually says politics is beyond its comprehension or ability to police – has banned a political ad from being shown to tired and irritable UK-facing eyeballs. Read More >>

Let’s Talk About the Big Social Media News of the Month

It’s been an absolutely bonkers month for social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, with Facebook admitting that they allow politicians to lie in ads on the platform and Twitter opening the floodgates to show users more ads than ever. Just yesterday, Twitter even announced that it was banning all political ads, something that Facebook has refused to do. Read More >>

Amazon Told its Prime Sign-Up Processes Are Way Too Shady

Amazon has been found guilty of something everyone in the entire country already suspected it of, with the UK's advertising watchdog finding that the retailer's thrilling collection of confusing yellow boxes promising free trials of Amazon Prime strayed too far into misleading territory. Read More >>

Mariah Carey Overload Imminent as Walkers Makes Her the Face of Christmas Crisps

Sleigh bell sounds are to be replaced by crisp packet rustling in the lounges of the land this Christmas, as Walkers is about to unleash the full fury of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You across adverts for its box sets of crisps. Read More >>

Thin Women Told to Stop Vomiting Up Fake Health Claims

The Advertising Standards Authority has solemnly bolted a whole load of stable doors this morning, retrospectively "banning" misleading social media posts from a basket of sexy celebrities for exaggerating the benefits of using bizarre modern shakes, shots, and chewable dieting treats to keep their thin selves thin. Read More >>

MPs Ask Facebook to Explain Green Light for Lying in Political Adverts

Despite Facebook adding new verification rules to supposedly help keep better track of wild statements made on the site, the fact that there's an enormous factual loophole in its political ad processes has led MPs to demand answers from the network's EU heat shield Nick Clegg. Read More >>

Boohoo Fashion Ad Banned for Misuse of “Send Nudes” Meme

A lone wolf complainer pretending to misunderstand a joke behind an advert was enough to get fashion retailer Boohoo told off by the Advertising Standards Authority this week, after the term "send nudes" was included in an online ad for a coat. Read More >>

Your Roku is an Ad Factory

Everybody loves a Roku. Starting at £30, these little widgets turn any TV into a smart TV and offer pretty much any streaming channels you’d ever want in one place. You’ll also see a lot of ads thanks to your Roku device. If you have a TV running on the Roku operating system, you’ll also see some new interactive pop-up ads now. Read More >>

Marvel Dumps Comics on Trains and Buses to Celebrate 80th Birthday

Marvel for some reason thinks it needs to advertise what it is and what it does to the people of the UK as if it isn't toady's dominant cultural force by a factor of infinity, and to this end is distributing piles of reprinted classic comics around our cities' public transport systems today. Read More >>

Burger King Disciplined for Encouraging Milkshake-Throwing Civil Unrest

That week in May when it was officially the funniest thing ever to throw a milkshake over a hated fringe political figure is still causing trouble for Burger King, as the UK's advertising watchdog has found the fast food company guilty of antisocial behaviour in encouraging the purchasing of potentially suit-staining milkshake bombs. Read More >>