Sandra Bullock’s Lawyers Kick Off “Sex Tape” Frenzy With Domain Shopping Spree

Lawyers acting on behalf of actor Sandra Bullock have been signing up porn-related domain extensions on her behalf, it seems, with and now in the bag, should she ever fancy ditching the method acting in favour of something a little more gonzo and grimier. Read More >>

Porn Stars Ask Rabid Consumers to #PayForYourPorn

The masses of porn torrents that someone else or a virus mysteriously queued up on your computer are ruining the porn industry, and if you really cared about the sex world you'd start paying real money for access to grot. That's the thinking behind the #PayForYourPorn initiative, backed by one adult movie studio. Read More >>

Adult Sex Line Ads Served to School IT Helpline Callers

People trying to get telephone helpline support from Capita's school IT department have been accidentally routed through to wrong numbers, some of which have been ads for sex chat phone lines. It's what Jimmy Savile would've wanted. Read More >>

Microsoft Talks Dirty on Windows Phone Sexy App Guidelines

Microsoft's Windows team has put together a guide covering Windows Phone app branding and giving out developer design advice, in which it sets out the rules regarding getting your "sexy" content on WP. The above icons are allowed. Windows phone might be about to get a very unexpected adult makeover. Read More >>