Lidl Has a Boring Tools Advent Calendar for Dad or if the Kids Have Been Bad

Boring old men like us need not miss out on the extremely small thrill that is opening a cardboard window every morning to signal the slow coming of the festive reaper to scythe another year off our time remaining, with Lidl revealing it's to stock an advent calendar full of the components of a socket set to gradually build and complete. Read More >>

12 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Better Than Chocolate

Chocolate in an advent calendar? Pah! How uncool are you? Nah mate, daily chocolate on the run up to Christmas is so 2016. It's all about the gin now. Or the beer. Or the candles. Or the pens. Or the Lego. Read More >>

There’s no Meat in the Greggs Advent Calendar

Greggs, the sausage roll shop, has produced an advent calendar. Sadly it doesn't contain any foodstuffs, as you'd have to keep it refrigerated and you wouldn't really want to eat a four week old sausage product on Christmas Eve anyway. Read More >>