urban exploration
French Teenagers Found Alive After Three Days Lost Underground

A pair of French teenagers aged 16 and 17 have been found after a three-day ordeal lost under the streets of Paris. The pair were exploring the ancient burial area that houses the remains of as many as six million people. Read More >>

New Zealand’s Amazing Trails are Now on Google Street View

As the nights draw in, your plans for adventure are probably headed in the direction of a new show on Netflix rather than a hike through the wild. But if you want to see something rugged, Google has now added a series of amazing New Zealand trails to Street view. Read More >>

Walking to the South Pole (and Returning Alive)

Endurance athlete, polar explorer, and motivational speaker Ben Saunders is on his way to Antarctica. Recreating Robert Scott's heroic but ultimately doomed "Terra Nova" expedition from 1910-1912, Saunders has launched his own Scott Expedition to reach the South Pole on foot—and, more importantly, to walk back to the coast alive. If successful, this will make him and his co-traveler, Tarka L'Herpiniere, the first human beings ever to have done so. Read More >>