An Old Deliveroo Ad Has Been Pulled for Suggesting It Delivers Anywhere – Even to the Depths of Space

Despite the massively over-the-top and surreal scenarios played out in the advert, a bunch of absolute nincompoops took it upon themselves to complain about it, labelling it as misleading. Read More >>

Three’s Bizarre New Advert Tries to Fight Back Against Claims That “Phones Are Bad”

"Phones are bad" is what the world seems to have decided recently. They stop you being able to switch off, and people spend too much time staring at them, so they're very bad for you. Never mind that they can do just about anything. It's why companies have started launching all these screentime features, because you're spending too much time playing with a device that's bad - rather than doing something productive like watching television. But Three has had enough, and has released a new advert to try and highlight how great phones are. Read More >>

Swiss Safety Advert Shows Texting Teen Smashed by a Car

If you've ever bumped into your fellow pedestrians while texting at the same time as walking to work, a new advert about road safety will chill you to the core and probably prompt you to keep your phone in your pocket on your daily commute. Read More >>

This is What Happens When You Ask OK Go to Make Your Advert

Damian Kulash, lead singer of perennial music-viral starters OK Go and the guy who creates their arguably more popular videos, just made a rather neat commercial for the Chinese home furniture brand Red Star Macalline. Read More >>

Betting Firm’s Culpable Homicide Joke Voted 2014’s Worst Advert

Controversy-skirting, 1990s-lad-humour-based betting chain Paddy Power has picked up a slightly dubious honour, thanks to its joke about Oscar Pistorious walking away from his murder charge receiving a whopping 5,525 complaints. Read More >>

More Tasty GTA V Story Art Pops Up On In-Store Adverts

This one's either someone you've gotta flat-out viciously run down in your car of thieved-choice in GTA V, or you riding a pocket-rocket equipped with a Uzi. My money's on the first, but hell, ride-bys were always a good laugh in GTA IV. Read More >>

Watch This Hilarious Russian Racoon Try and Fail to Top Himself Again and Again

This dark comedy sequence about a suicidal racoon is just an advert for superglue, but it's proper funny. The melancholy little fellow just wants to end it all, but the sodding superglue is just too damn good, forcing him to try it again and again! It reminds me of those suicidal bunny cartoons. Read More >>

Is This the Lamest Burger Idea Yet?

Someone at KFC needs to get the sack. We've seen crazy burgers before, the Darth Vader burger for example -- I can admire the imaginative insanity behind that -- but putting a slice of cheese on top is lazy and just plain inconvenient. Read More >>

HTC Caught Photoshopping Out Its Own Bulges

Almost every photo of just about anyone we see in the media has had the photoshop treatment. Slice a bit of fat off here, smooth that out, take out the imperfections there – man kind at its most unobtainable. When it comes to tech, though, you wouldn’t expect a manufacturer to photoshop out a bulge on its handset just to make it look a bit thinner in an advert, but it appears that’s exactly what HTC’s done to its One X. Read More >>

Posters That React to Being Kissed Are the Worst Idea Ever

Ah, Japan, you crazy-ass country you. As if your advertising wasn't surreal enough already, the advent of posters that react to being kissed has taken things into a whole new league. Read More >>

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The Death Star Pops Into Orbit Just to Visit Denmark

There are quite a few Star Wars adverts around at the moment – we’ve got to suffer the humiliation of Yoda every time there’s a Vodafone advert on the box -- but this one is frankly awesome. Read More >>

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Why Doesn’t My Pizza Cut Off Wangs and Come Shaped Like a Boomerang?

The Spanish-speaking world really knows how to advertise their fast food. In what can only be described as the most epic pizza advert ever created, you’ve got a herculean man-mountain, a microwave, and a deadly boomerang-shaped pizza. I’d call it surreal, but that just doesn’t seem to cut it. Read More >>