ASA Tells an Idiot How Vacuum Cleaners Work

Here's a great example of how miserable it must be working for the Advertising Standards Authority. A member of the public complained that a Dyson ad that claimed its cylinder cleaners featured "no loss of suction" was misleading, because if you never emptied a vacuum cleaner it would lose suction eventually. Read More >>

TripAdvisor Told Not to Believe Everything it Reads on the Internet

Complaints over the trustworthiness of the user-generated reviews hosted at TripAdvisor have got the site in trouble with the UK's advertising watchdog, which has told it to stop claiming all reviews are real and can be trusted. Because they might be the work of a random, bored nutcase. Read More >>

Groupon Banned From Running Nose Job Discount Deal

Mass retail ransacking site Groupon has got itself in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority, after the discount portal offered cheap nose jobs for those willing to take such drastic measures on a whim. Read More >>

Ad Authority Deems Motorola’s Defy Toughness Claims “Misleadingly Exaggerated”

Fresh from its public mauling in front of the baying Watchdog audience, Motorola has made a new enemy, with the Advertising Standards Authority ruling the toughness claims of its Defy smartphone were misleading. Read More >>