Broadband Companies Will Have to Stop Advertising ‘Unrealistic Speeds’ From Next May

There are some new rules about how broadband companies can advertise the speed on their services, and as of next May they're going to have to stop using "unrealistic" speed quotes that almost nobody is going to be able to enjoy. Read More >>

All 4 Accounts Will be Mandatory From Next Year

You know how the BBC decided everyone needed an account before they could watch iPlayer, for reasons of personalisation? Channel 4 clearly feels the same way, and has announced that All 4 accounts will be mandatory from next year. The reason being personalising your adverts, and some other stuff. Read More >>

Instagram is Trying to Get More ‘Influencers’ to Disclose Their Obvious Product Plugs Are Sponsored

Facebook subsidiary Instagram, the Twitter for people who only want to tweet about how hot and rich they are, has long been overrun with paid product endorsements from both genuine celebrities and nebulously influential “influencers”—and so many of them have openly flaunted US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules requiring disclosures of paid endorsement deals that the FTC has begun to warn them to take their authority seriously. Read More >>

Grab Your Tissues, John Lewis Just Released its Christmas Advert

Despite accidentally spoiling it for everyone and ruining Christmas, John Lewis has just gone and released its Christmas advert. Cue people going online to gush about how lovely it is, and how this monster under the bed made then cry so much harder than Mrs Jones next door that they got severe dehydration. Read More >>

John Lewis is Being Accused of Spoiling This Year’s Christmas Ad by Putting Toys Out Early

We now live in a society where everything is considered a spoiler. Whether it's Luke Skywalker climbing onto the Millennium Falcon, the fact Stranger Things features a guy called Bob who does something, or that Super Mario Odyssey has a tree in it. Whatever you say, someone, somewhere will declare that you just spoiled everything for them. Read More >>

Carphone Warehouse Has Been Told Off for a Radio Advert That Forgets Three Exists

You need to be careful when you're advertising, because some people aren't too bright and need things spelled out to them. You also need to be careful not to withhold information that makes you look better than you are, which is what Carphone Warehouse did with one of its radio adverts. Read More >>

One of Sky Mobile’s Tom Hardy Adverts Has Been Banned for Being Misleading

If you've watched live TV or been to the cinema recently you might have seen the Sky Mobile advert featuring Tom Hardy talking about swapping your phone after 12 months. Not the one with the sugar cubes, the one with Tom Hardy walking along the coast. Well that advert just got banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. Read More >>

US Lawmakers Introduce ‘Honest Ads Act’ to Govern Online Political Advertising

US Senate lawmakers on Thursday unveiled their first major legislative effort to increase transparency in online political advertising, called the Honest Ads Act. Sponsored by Senators Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, and John McCain, the bill attempts to align rules for online advertising with those broadcast on television and radio airwaves. Read More >>

Picadilly Circus’s New Screen Will Display Ads Based on the People and Cars Around It

George Orwell was very worried about governments abusing their power with mass surveillance, and right as he was to be concerned he never really considered the fact that private companies would be at it to. Not only do we get targeted ads following us around online, a brand new screen in London's Picadilly Circus is going to display adverts based on the people around it. Read More >>

A Touch Panel Bug Turned a Google Home Mini Into a Creepy Surveillance Device

The Google Home Mini fits most of the features of the tech giant’s popular Home smart speakers into a £50, four-inch-wide package, except for the larger, £120 version’s better acoustics. But it is still very, very good at listening. Read More >>

Top Pirate Sites Earn $111 Million of Ad Revenue Every Year, Says Report

It's no secret that copyright holders have tried to tackle piracy sites and services by going after their revenue stream. After all the majority of them aren't doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts, they'll at least want to break even. For the biggest sites that might not even be an issue, because a new report claims they earn $111 million in ad revenue every year. Read More >>

A Copyright Claim Was Reportedly Used to Stop Ad Blocking, But It’s Complicated

A certain portion of the internet is freaking out over a change to an important list used by ad blockers that facilitates their function. Popular coding repository GitHub received a DMCA request (the same tool copyright holders use to remove links to pirated music and movies online) to remove a domain name from the ad blocking list and consented. That set off a firestorm of speculation about copyright laws being used to prevent ad blocking. But that’s not exactly what’s going on here. Read More >>

Dads Not Understanding the Washing Machine Adverts BANNED

The Advertising Standard Authority is happy that it's done enough to kick sexism aimed at women out of advertising, so now it's got another target in its sights -- the incompetent father figure struggling to multitask because mum's been out of the house for 40 minutes and dinner's burning. Read More >>

This Drone Can Rain Hot Dogs Down on Humanity

As is currently en vogue for any company making a product that ends up in consumers’ hands, US hot dog company Oscar Mayer is expanding its Weinermobile fleet with a phallic flying drone that can (supposedly) drop a single hot dog on someone not too worried about what they’re eating. If Silicon Valley had its way, we’d only eat things that fell from the sky. Read More >>

Liverpool Was Recently Home To The Politest Hack Ever

Hackers don't have to be nice, but many of them aren't out to do any harm and are just curious about the world around them. It seems that one such person has hacked an advertising screen at the Liverpool One shopping centre. Read More >>