Vodafone’s Unlimited Data Advert Banned for Not Being Clear About Speed Limits

If you've been looking at unlimited data plans since all the big networks started offering them again, you may have noticed that Vodafone is offering one for just £23 a month. Which sounds great! It's not as good as Three's £20 a month, but Vodafone does have better coverage that might make the extra £3 a month worthwhile. Then you notice that actually, this plan has a really stingy speed limit in the small print - a sub-3G 2MBps speed limit. That doesn't seem right does it? Not when some kind of advertising is involved, as the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled. Read More >>

Alphabet Finally Discloses Size of YouTube’s Ad Business: Over £11.5 Billion in 2019

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. has disclosed how much YouTube’s advertising business rakes in for the first time, writing in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the streaming giant made just shy of $15.15 billion (£11.5 billion) in ad revenue in fiscal year 2019. It made some $4.79 billion (£3.7 billion) of it in Q4 2019 alone. Read More >>

mark zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg to Somehow Become Even More Unlikable in the 2020s, Mark Zuckerberg Says

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has an ominous message for the rest of us: You may not like me, but you will understand me. Read More >>

Tinder’s New Panic Button Is Sharing User Data With Ad-Tech Companies

Tinder has a proven track record of providing a dating platform to some less-than-stellar men who have been accused of raping – and in one grisly case, dismembering – women they’ve met through the platform. But even when the company does something right, there are still privacy trade-offs to consider. Read More >>

Twitter Borked Its Own Platform Trying to Fix Its Nazi Ad-Targeting Problem

Like most companies in the tech realm, Twitter is no stranger to weirdly hollow apologies. Some of the company’s greatest hits happened when it was grilled on offensive trending topics (whoops!), leaking account info to hackers (oopsie!), and failing to deal with the harassment-filled cesspool a lot of us know the platform to be (LOL, sorry). Read More >>

Piccadilly Circus Becomes Picardilly to Advertise That New Star Trek Series

Star Trek: Picard arrives on 23rd January, and then reaches the UK a day later via Amazon Prime Video. Obviously that means the advertising campaign is kicking off in force, and part of it includes turning London's Piccadilly Circus into Picardilly. Read More >>

Ad Claiming 5G is Dangerous Has Been Banned

There are a lot of luddites out in the world, for whom the prospect of technological change is a very scary thing indeed. The ones we've been seeing pop up in the news over the past year or so are the ones that think 5G is bad for you, somehow, and that we should cancel all rollout plans and leave everything as=is. Well, some of those nutters put out an ad with their claims, and it just got banned by the ASA. Read More >>

privacy Settles With US Federal Trade Commission for Rifling Through Its Users’ Email Inboxes to Find Receipts

Email cleanup service has settled with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and must delete information it gathered from some consumers after it was revealed the firm was mining and selling data from users’ inboxes, the agency announced on Tuesday. Read More >>

Instagram is Censoring Vape Speech

Instagram announced on Wednesday that it will begin enforcing bans on influencers promoting “goods such as vaping, tobacco products and weapons” in branded posts. Read More >>

Report: Advertising Scammer Bribed a Facebook Employee to Keep Its Posts Up

Here’s one more leak in the drip drip drip of evidence that Facebook is totally out of control, even if and when it tries to get it together. Buzzfeed reports that an extremely predatory scammer that exploited Baby Boomers (also previously exposed by Buzzfeed in October) had a helper on the inside at Facebook. Read More >>

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Social Media Companies Aren’t Even Close to Fixing Their Bot Problem, Report Finds

Researchers with the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence released a report last week showing that – shocker! – it remains as easy as ever to buy followers and engagement on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Read More >>

Coca-Cola’s Glowing Lightsaber Bottles Are the First Flexible OLED Tech I’m Willing to Pay For

I’m one hundred per cent in support of a future where screens are flexible and foldable instead of fragile and easily shatterable. I’m just not willing to spend £2,000 on a folding phone or £10,000+ on a rollable TV. I will, however, happily drop £1 or £2 on a plastic bottle with a glowing lightsaber on the label. Read More >>

BP Just Got Sued For False Advertising

Lawyers with the environmental legal nonprofit ClientEarth filed a groundbreaking complaint against BP for greenwashing in their ads. They’re also calling for a ban on all fossil fuel ads, unless they come with “a tobacco-style health warning” about the dangers the industry poses to the planet. Read More >>

Facebook Loses Only Fact-Checking Partner in the Netherlands Over Lies in Political Ads

Facebook has lost its only fact-checking partner in the Netherlands, Dutch digital newspaper, over its policy of allowing politicians to openly lie in ads on the platform, according to an article on NPO 3. Read More >>

Google Will Restrict Political Ads Worldwide Starting in 2020

Everything about digital political ads, from their truthfulness to even their design, has been a hot-button issue for the past few months. Facebook and Twitter have already weighed in with their stances, and now Google has also announced that it will restrict how political groups can target audiences starting early next year. Read More >>