AdBlock is Legal, Says German Federal Court of Justice

There are a lot of people who don't like adblock software. Advertisers, publishers, Google, you name it. While some of those companies have tried to subtly encourage people to accept ads (or  at least some ads in Google's case), there are those who want more proactive measures. Facebook announced it would circumvent adblockers, much to the fury of people around the world, but German publisher Axel Springer took it a step further and was trying to sue AdBlock Plus. Emphasis on "was" because that case has now been thrown out by the German Federal Court of Justice. Read More >>

Facebook Reportedly Wants to Use AI to Predict Your ‘Future Behaviour’—So Advertisers Can Change It

Among the unanswered questions at Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings last week, the CEO was a bit stumped when asked if he would be willing to change Facebook’s business model in order to protect users’ privacy. Facebook’s data collection has received a lot of attention from a security perspective, but a new report illustrates why we should be just as concerned about how it uses that data to influence our behaviour. Read More >>

Researchers Conclude Google’s Play Store Is Likely Chock Full of Apps That Improperly Track Children

Thousands of apps may be tracking the online activity of children in ways that violate US privacy laws, according to a recent survey of Android apps available on the Google Play store. Read More >>

Netflix Puts Out £215 Million Offer to Buy Regular Old Billboard Company: Report

Netflix raised eyebrows with the £100 million budget it handed over to Martin Scorsese recently, but according to a Reuters report, it’s looking to pay out a lot more for some billboard real estate. The move could be seen as an escalation of its cold war with Hollywood. Read More >>

ASA Bans HTC’s Advert Featuring Tom Daley Snap Picture in a Swimming Pool

Another day, another advert gets banned by the Advertising Standards Authority - with good reason too. The regulator has declared an advert featuring Olympic diver Tom Daley using an HTC U11 to snap pictures is to be banned, because the phone isn't supposed to go anywhere near swimming pools. Read More >>

How Many Times Did Apple Make This Kid Lick the iPad?

Keeping with tradition, Apple has released an ad promoting its new iPad and educational tools for students and teachers after announcing the updated hardware and software during its education event. The heartwarming commercial is centred around “Group Three,” a cadre of five students who use an iPad to complete a class project about gravity. The ad, while highlighting the iPad’s new Pencil support and educational tools, raises another, perhaps even more important question concerning the actions of group member Thomas. Read More >>

Thorpe Park’s Walking Dead Roller Coaster Uses Screams to Recharge Your Phone

At the end of last month Thorpe Park announced that it was rebranding one of its rollercoasters with a Walking Dead theme, creating the world's first rollercoaster based on a TV series that was based on a comic featuring zombies. Now the park has just announced that the ride will literally take on part of the plot of Monsters, Inc as well, by harvesting rider screams to recharge their phones. Read More >>

Poundland’s Twitter Account is at it Again

Back before Christmas Poundland got into a bit of trouble over some risqué tweets involving a toy elf, which ended up with complaints being filed with the Advertising Standards Authority and a retroactive ban. Clearly Poundland didn't get the message that some people don't like naughty things, because it's back with some Easter-theme tweets along the same lines. Read More >>

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Advertising, and Bitcoin Continues to Drop

More bad news rattled the cryptocurrency markets on Wednesday. Google has announced that it will no longer allow cryptocurrency-related ads on its platforms. Prices fell as the news spread and a message from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pushing for a global regulatory crackdown isn’t helping anything. Read More >>

Why Scientists Taught Monkeys to Associate Brand Logos With Genitals

Humans assign value to brands. Brands represent wealth, strength, and yes, sex. We are our brands. And for some rhesus macaques in a lab, one brand, Adidas, represents monkey genitalia. Read More >>

Irn Bru Has Had to Apologise for its Latest Advert, Because it Sounds Rude

People love to complain, and adverts are one of the things they enjoy complaining about the most - for a variety of reasons. Maybe they're untrue, maybe they feature rapping chickens, who knows. Irn Bru has just had to issue an apology for it's latest advert, which declares "Don't be a can't, be a can." Read More >>

Amazon Isn’t Fond of Filling Alexa Up With Ads

Adverts are everywhere, because its one of the only ways companies can actually make money from their products - be they apps, YouTube channels, news websites, Google, or whatever. There's one place ads haven't shown up, though, and that's Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant - and if a new report is anything to go by they're not likely to pop up anytime soon. Read More >>

Google Will Let You Mute Annoying Ads That Stalk You

It’s one of the most obnoxious and common experiences on the internet—you check out a product online, let’s say a new mattress, and then for weeks afterward, ads for the mattress stalk you around the internet, showing up on every website you visit. Maybe you decided to buy another mattress, or maybe you even bought the one featured in the ad, but the ad will still follow you around insistently. Read More >>

The ASA Isn’t Having Any of Snapchat’s Captain Morgan Lens Filter

Snapchat is a wildly popular app, especially with teenagers, that includes a number of special lenses that alter the way you look. It's also the perfect place for sponsorship, with companies all over the world developing branded lenses for people to play with. One of those companies was Diaego, with a Captain Morgan-themed lens, and the Advertising Standards Authority is having none of it. Read More >>