Liverpool Was Recently Home To The Politest Hack Ever

Hackers don't have to be nice, but many of them aren't out to do any harm and are just curious about the world around them. It seems that one such person has hacked an advertising screen at the Liverpool One shopping centre. Read More >>

Martin Freeman Sells Soul to Vodafone

Martin Freeman, who will either be Tim From The Office, Watson, or a Hollywood celebrity to you, is the star of Vodafone's new UK TV advert, and the first celeb it's used to sell minutes and texts for years, if you don't count that CG Yoda. Read More >>

McDonald’s Gets the Twee Advert Thing Massively Wrong

McDonald's has tried to do the thing that John Lewis does every Christmas, in assembling a sort of sad tale about life designed to make women cry a bit and therefore become loyal to the brand. But unfortunately for the burger chain, its pairing of childhood bereavement and meal deals is only getting people howling with rage. Read More >>

Facebook Advertises its Fake News Distribution Prowess

Facebook is taking responsibility for the spread of "fake news" around the world in quite the unusual way, turning to full-page print adverts in some newspapers to warn readers that its social network often can't be trusted. Read More >>

Suggestive Primetime Spotify Advert Gets People Pretending to be Offended

An advert for Spotify has outraged the small group of people who spend their entire lives waiting to be outraged by things, with the ad in the break during Britain's Got Talent upsetting a few metaphorical apple carts due to hinting that some masturbation might be going on behind a closed bedroom door. When is there ever not masturbation going on behind closed bedroom doors? Read More >>

Brands Waste Millions on Adverts We Can’t See

Here's some good news for takeover haters. The big brands and their millions of pounds of advertising money are often simply throwing their cash into a vast digital chasm when placing ads around things, as the rise in mobile web viewing means many ads are being displayed in spots and at resolutions where their painstakingly crafted little messages can't even be seen. Read More >>

Burger King’s Dystopian New Ad Campaign Is Already a Cyanide and Toenail Clippings Disaster

Just hours after launching, Burger King’s new smart home ad campaign is already crashing like the goddamn Hindenburg. On Wednesday, the company released a weirdly intrusive 15-second spot designed to intentionally trigger viewers’ Google Home devices. In theory, the devices would then read back a list of the Whopper’s ingredients from Wikipedia. Anonymous online vandals, however, had other ideas. Read More >>

A Bunch of Companies Just Pulled Their Google Ads Over Racist Videos

Yet more companies are pulling their ads from Google and YouTube because of fears the ads would appear alongside offensive content, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Google Hires Humans to Fix Horror Ads Mess

It's day 23 or thereabouts of Google UK's extremist ad horror, and the search behemoth has now decided it's time to be sorry about it and say things will change. Read More >>

M&S and McDonald’s Join Google Ad Blockade

The investigation that found big brand adverts appearing alongside ISIS propaganda is slowly morphing into a nightmare for Google, as more mammoth companies join the government in putting their digital spends with the search company on hold. Read More >>

Ads Will Be Even Harder to Escape Now That Posters Can Hijack FM Radio

Visual ads like signs, posters, and billboards are easy to ignore—you just need to look away. But what if a poster for a concert started broadcasting music or notifications to your smartphone? Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way to turn print ads into low-power radio stations, making a future inundated with advertisements seemingly impossible to escape. Read More >>

The Guy From The ‘Get A Mac’ Ads Has Switched To Android

Everyone remembers the "I'm a Mac" "And I'm a PC" ads - mainly because they were one of the only tech ad campaigns ever to be not only not-terrible, but also actually funny. Or maybe just because somehow, there were over 60 of them. Read More >>

Someone’s Used Adblock On Piccadilly Circus

The famous headache-inducing ads bedecking London tourist hotspot Piccadilly Circus have been switched off today. Not because someone decided it'd be nice to put some art up instead, or because it seemed like an enormous waste of electricity, but rather because the current crop of 6 screens is being replaced by one massive one that someone got in the January sales at PC World (last part may not be true). Read More >>

Sky’s Advertised Broadband Speeds Are Set to Fall Today

Sky has announced a change in approach to advertised broadband speeds, and says it will -- from today -- start highlighting average download speeds to customers. Read More >>

Which Legendary Junk Food Advertising Mascot Will You Miss Most?

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has announced new rules banning legendary junk food mascots such as Tony the Tiger, the Coco Pops monkey and Ronald McDonald from all forms of advertising, in a fresh bid to make kids less round. However, junk food packaging will remain a safe space for the characters. Read More >>