Google Called in for Quiet Word With Government Over Extremist Ads

The Cabinet Office is the latest governmental department to bring in an internet company for a formal chat, with this encounter seeing the search giant questioned over accusations that its vast advertising network is being used to fund hate groups around the world. Read More >>

O2 Hints at Ad-Blocking, or at Least Ad-Calming Measures

Another UK mobile network has raised the prospect of introducing an element of advertising blocking to its product, with O2's boss saying that his company has the technology to do such a thing so... maybe one day it will. Depending on how many decades back Google threatens to send it as a result. Read More >>

Big Brand Ads Accidentally Fund Terrorists Online

The way the planet's biggest brands farm their adverts out in an effort to hit as many eyeballs as possible is having some unfortunate unintended results, with ads for some of the largest companies appearing online alongside terrorist rants -- presumably earning hate speakers a nice chunk of change for plays and clicks. Read More >>

Adverts Are Coming to Make Facebook Messenger Even More Irritating

It may be irritating that Facebook sliced off Messenger out of the main app, but one advantage was that it didn't then force more adverts onto you. Well that's just about to change, because the social media titan has announced that Messenger is now getting adverts. Read More >>

11 Great Songs Totally Ruined by Adverts

If you live long enough, all the songs you like will eventually be in adverts. If you're lucky, the defining track of your teenage years will be used untouched to sell something nice, like a Twix or a car; if you're unlucky, a twee version of the first record you bought and touched a girl while listening to will be hammered for three months to sell kitsch umbrellas for Boots. Read More >>

The EU Doesn’t Want ISPs Blocking Porn or Adverts

If you were to ask anyone about the kind of content that gets blocked online, adverts should definitely come up. Porn probably will as well, but for totally different reasons. In a bit of good and bad news, the EU has ruled that ISPs aren't allowed to block either of those things at a network level. Read More >>

Google’s Cracking Down on Intrusive Ads on Mobile Sites

Very few people actually like adverts, but even fewer people like the ones that get all up in your face when you're trying to read something. Thankfully Google has announced that it's cracking down on mobile sites that serve up obstructive advertisements. Read More >>

Facebook’s 98-point Data Haul Knows if You’re a Boozer or in Debt

Facebook has revealed the full list of things it knows about everyone, ranging from the obvious -- age, home, friends -- to the bizarre. It keeps a record, for example, if you've recently started a new relationship, calculates how much money you might spend on your next car, tracks operating system and even keeps a record of the types of credit card owned. Read More >>

Tesco Mobile’s Offering Discounts in Exchange for Watching Ads

Tesco Mobile has revealed an odd plan to encourage users to save money on their bills by watching adverts. On purpose. As if they're a national television event. Read More >>

Angry Australians on the Internet Reduce the Price of a Snickers

A system that monitors swearing and general fury on parts of the internet could lead to lower chocolate prices in Australia, as the makers of the Snickers sugar lump have started dropping the price as people get madder. Read More >>

Ads Watchdog Demands Clearer Broadband Prices from ISPs

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority is taking action on the often shady promises made by internet companies, and will soon require them to clearly state one monthly price that includes everything. So no leaving out the line rental, or trying to make it look like the first two days' introductory price is the actual price you, and your children's children, have to pay for the entire duration of the 7,500 month contract. Oh sorry, didn't you read the small print about it being a 7,500 month contract? Read More >>

The Last of the PG Tips Advert Chimps Has Died

The last surviving throwback to the days animals used to be made to dress up for our entertainment has died, with the last surviving star of the PG Tips adverts being extinguished at the age of 48. Read More >>

BT Glosses Over Getting the Invention of the Internet Wrong

The internet -- by which we mean all the people looking at their phones and sniggering at things invariably involving fat people, steps and animals -- had fun mocking BT this weekend, after it claimed in an advert that the UK invented "the internet" as a whole. Read More >>

Internet Adverts Are Officially Bamboozling us Out of Money

The UK's Citizens Advice organisation has come out with an attack on the advertising methods of our ISPs, claiming the wording of broadband ads makes it practically impossible for the common man to accurately compare differing deals. Read More >>

Google Embeds App Previews in Newfangled “Trial Run” Adverts

Google's latest trick to try to get people to click on adverts is on the way, with the tech and mobile giant tweaking its App Streaming live preview tool so that miniature, interactive versions of apps can be accessed within adverts. Read More >>