Ad Claiming 5G is Dangerous Has Been Banned

There are a lot of luddites out in the world, for whom the prospect of technological change is a very scary thing indeed. The ones we've been seeing pop up in the news over the past year or so are the ones that think 5G is bad for you, somehow, and that we should cancel all rollout plans and leave everything as=is. Well, some of those nutters put out an ad with their claims, and it just got banned by the ASA. Read More >>

Snapchat Says It’ll Attempt to Moderate and Fact-Check Political Ads

Snapchat's boss has said he's about to ask staff to fact-check any political adverts that their backers want to appear on the platform, with the company's CEO Evan Spiegel setting up an internal team to monitor and approve all ads that appear to be coming from official campaigning sources. Read More >>

John Lewis Says It’s Christmas So Upscale Your Calorie Intake and Watch Adverts on Purpose

A socially inadequate dragon is the star of the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert, with the department store chain introducing "Excitable Edgar" to the nation today, in the two-minute CG-fest it traditionally releases to mark the Thursday in November upon which you're supposed to start getting stressed and begin fantasising about walking away from all your commitments. Read More >>

Government’s Universal Credit Explainers Banned for Being Misleading

The Department for Work and Pensions has been told off by the UK's advertising watchdog, which found that a series of ads encouraging people to move to the new Universal Credit system contained demonstrably false claims. Read More >>

Facebook Wades into UK Politics and Bans an Advert for Small Print Reasons

Something that people who know about politics think is important has happened, as social network Facebook – which usually says politics is beyond its comprehension or ability to police – has banned a political ad from being shown to tired and irritable UK-facing eyeballs. Read More >>

Amazon Told its Prime Sign-Up Processes Are Way Too Shady

Amazon has been found guilty of something everyone in the entire country already suspected it of, with the UK's advertising watchdog finding that the retailer's thrilling collection of confusing yellow boxes promising free trials of Amazon Prime strayed too far into misleading territory. Read More >>

Thin Women Told to Stop Vomiting Up Fake Health Claims

The Advertising Standards Authority has solemnly bolted a whole load of stable doors this morning, retrospectively "banning" misleading social media posts from a basket of sexy celebrities for exaggerating the benefits of using bizarre modern shakes, shots, and chewable dieting treats to keep their thin selves thin. Read More >>

MPs Ask Facebook to Explain Green Light for Lying in Political Adverts

Despite Facebook adding new verification rules to supposedly help keep better track of wild statements made on the site, the fact that there's an enormous factual loophole in its political ad processes has led MPs to demand answers from the network's EU heat shield Nick Clegg. Read More >>

Boohoo Fashion Ad Banned for Misuse of “Send Nudes” Meme

A lone wolf complainer pretending to misunderstand a joke behind an advert was enough to get fashion retailer Boohoo told off by the Advertising Standards Authority this week, after the term "send nudes" was included in an online ad for a coat. Read More >>

Marvel Dumps Comics on Trains and Buses to Celebrate 80th Birthday

Marvel for some reason thinks it needs to advertise what it is and what it does to the people of the UK as if it isn't toady's dominant cultural force by a factor of infinity, and to this end is distributing piles of reprinted classic comics around our cities' public transport systems today. Read More >>

Burger King Disciplined for Encouraging Milkshake-Throwing Civil Unrest

That week in May when it was officially the funniest thing ever to throw a milkshake over a hated fringe political figure is still causing trouble for Burger King, as the UK's advertising watchdog has found the fast food company guilty of antisocial behaviour in encouraging the purchasing of potentially suit-staining milkshake bombs. Read More >>

Legacy Broadcasters Ask For More Ad Breaks to Shore-Up Revenues

The UK's public service broadcasters have come up with a method of speeding their decline and seeing the nation's terrestrial masts switched off and turned into nesting sites for buzzards – they want permission to run more adverts during live and catch-up programming. Read More >>

Dyson Told to Stop Hiding the Power Leads in its Adverts

Sir James Lord Admiral of the Artificial Winds Dyson and his merry band of overseas manufacturers are in trouble with the UK's advertising watchdog, with the Advertising Standards Authority telling the company to make sure people can see the power leads in its future adverts for sleek and glossy home fans; as some may get the impression they are wirelessly powered somehow. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Returns to TV*

Yes! Red Dwarf is... oh. Oh no. Oh smegging hell no. Red Dwarf is going to be back on TV tonight, but the format of this new, ahem, episode, is not going to be fondly recalled as one of the series' most memorable moments. Red Dwarf is back to sell terrestrial vehicle breakdown recovery services. Read More >>

WhatsApp is No Longer Going to Be an Ad-Free Safe Haven as of Next Year

You may have thought your private messaging service was safe from the scourge of the internet, but ads are coming to WhatsApp's statuses next year, and they look just as annoying and obtrusive as you think. Read More >>