South Coast Ferry Company Says Stop Having Fun and Wear Deodorant

Ferry operator Condor, which takes anyone who doesn't hate France now off to France and also runs routes in and around the Channel Islands, has had it with you stinky, noisy people. It suggests sitting still and shutting up while onboard, and would also like to remind passengers to wear deodorant for the benefit of other travellers and crew. Read More >>

Upgrade Your Tech Habits for 2016

Most resolutions thought up and made at this time of year are rubbish -- no one really wants to spend more time with their kids or eat curry less frequently. But you can enhance your life in some genuine ways through technology, by ditching tired old habits that absorb too much time and make you grumpy on the internet. Read More >>

Hoverboards Keep Catching Fire as Authorities Race to Set Standards

The hoverboard backlash always seemed inevitable. First, there’s the misleading name. Then, there were videos of painful accidents and even hoverboards spontaneously combusting. And today, announced that it would no longer sell the gadgets due to safety concerns. Read More >>

UK Government Suggests “Running Away” from Terrorists

The UK has a National Counter Terrorism Security Office, don't you know. It's sprung into life this week, as you might expect, issuing new guidelines of what we should in the case of a terrorist attack. In short, RUN. Read More >>

What the Hell is the Point of an English Degree?

Hi, I’m Ben and during my five years at university I’ve learnt, errrm… something about communication? Read More >>

The NSA Has a Secret Advice Column for its Paranoid Employees

Even having access to (nearly) all the information in the world doesn't mean you have all the answers. Which is, apparently, why the NSA created its very own, accessible-through-private-intranet-only agency-wide advice column. Because when you're working for the NSA, you can bet you're going to be paranoid as hell. Read More >>

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You Don’t Always Need to Be More Precise Than Everyone Else

Whether it's a comment thread on a blog or a conversation in a bar, we're all guilty of interjecting with our own, more precise, more accurate take on pretty much any topic. But maybe we should all quit that habit, every now and then. Read More >>

This Is Why You Should Backup Your Own Data, Especially the Nudes

When it comes to something like transfering your data from your old phone to your new phone, sometimes it’s just better to learn how to do it yourself. Why? Your carrier can sometimes do it for you at the store, but it takes a while, sometimes they’ll charge you, and they might also steal the nude photos you left on there. Read More >>

100 Tips from a Professional Photographer

Here's a list of tips, advice, rules and just things to know about photography from Eric Kim, a street photographer who also holds photography workshop classes. I think the gist of it is to keep taking pictures always. Read More >>