Hackers Hijacking CPUs to Mine Cryptocurrency Have Now Invaded YouTube Ads

Cryptojacking is a relatively new malware issue that has gradually become a widespread problem. Bad actors are injecting a piece of JavaScript into websites and advertisements that harnesses a victims CPU to mine cryptocurrencies. The latest network to be targeted by cryptojackers is Google’s advertising service on YouTube. Read More >>

Google Algorithm Busts Chinese Car Theft Ring Entirely by Accident

Every sci-fi movie about inventions rising up to take over the world is built upon one unchangeable seed crystal, the moment when the technology does something its inventors never predicted. As The Verge reports, that's exactly what happened to Google engineers in 2010, with a truth-and-justice twist, Google's AdWords software exposed a Chinese car theft scam. Read More >>

Google’s Launched Its Own Credit Card in the UK

Who needs NFC when you've got good ol'plastic, eh? Having failed to bring Google Wallet to our shores, big G's done the next best thing and launched a credit card in the UK -- a global first too. Read More >>

Olympic Ticket Touts Making Google Money Through its Adwords System

Google has admitted that it's Adsense/Adwords money generating machine has once again been doing things it shouldn't, with ads for Olympic tickets, cannabis and fake ID cards found to be populating its network search results. Read More >>