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Seeing Tokyo at Night from Above Makes It Look Like a City for the Machines

It’s not the best way to capture the uniqueness of a city like Tokyo—all the way up in the sky, and away from the energy—but these aerial views are nice because they show off the massive sprawl and the lighting of city life at night. There are just so many damn buildings, and it’s so crowded. Plus being so far removed from the life in the city almost looks like a city for the machines. Read More >>

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Watching how Airplanes Used to Aerial Refuel is Totally Incredible

The history of aerial refuelling is pure nuts. Back on November 12, 1921, the first airplane to airplane refuelling happened and it required a guy, Wesley May, strapping a 5-gallon can of gasoline on his back and walking on the wing of one airplane and hopping over to the wing of the other airplane to refuel. That’s crazy! Read More >>

DIY Drone Footage Captures Glorious Aerial Shots of East London

The less talked about eastern bits of London have been shown off to their best extent by an amateur film-maker, who took a drone to the sky to capture shots of housing estates, barbecuing hipsters, modern developments and more. Turns out there's more to London than those three pubs on Dean Street. Read More >>

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Holy Crap, Seeing World War II Air Combat Footage in Colour is Just Nuts

Wow. This incredible video of aerial combat in World War II has it all. And all of it is terrifying. From dog fights and kamikaze attacks to flak fire and carpet bombing to explosions and aerial combat, it captures the frantic frenzy of aerial warfare during WWII. It's better than any movie because it actually happened. Read More >>

Google Updates its Maps Photo Database to Enhance Aerial Lechery Opportunities

We were impressed by Bing's increased photo resolution, now it's Google turn to upload newer satellite photos of the tops of our houses for us to aimlessly scroll around in wonder. Read More >>

Maybe This Is Why Those in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Happen to have an extra 142 stones of glass laying around? In need of a Saturday afternoon project? Why not shatter all that glass and make it look like silicon oxide is oozing from your windows? Read More >>

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This Breathtaking London Flyover Is So Perfect It Almost Feels Computer-Generated

Our friend Jason Hawkes keeps taking the most breathtaking views of London you can imagine. Here's his view of the city three weeks ago, with some stunning night and dusk shots on the Shard, which is now the tallest building in Europe. Read More >>