Airlines Suggest We Avoid Bringing Hand Luggage When/If Returning to Travel

New government advice says we should try to avoid bringing hand luggage with us when travelling by the rusted up, flat-tyred aeroplanes of the near future, as everyone having zero bags may, in some minuscule way, speed up boarding and shorten the miles-long queues. Read More >>

Pilot Sets New Lockdown-Breach Record With Private Plane Flight to Wales

A pilot has triggered an investigation into his random bank holiday getaway, after escaping from Surrey by flying his own personal aeroplane to Anglesey. To go to the beach. It's the lockdown breach that's hard to beat. Read More >>

New Airbus Blended-Wing Airplane Concept Looks Very Similar to a 1940s Design for a Futuristic Flyer

Earlier this year, Airbus unveiled a sleek new concept aircraft with a blended wing that looked incredibly futuristic. And while it looks like it could have been ripped out of a sci-fi movie from the 2010s, the plane concept also has many elements of retro-futurism. Specifically, the plane looks similar to the proposed Northrop Flying Wing of the 1940s. Read More >>

Ryanair Says Leaving Plane Seats Empty for Distancing Purposes is “Idiotic”

Michael "Ryanair" O'Leary is wary of the mooted plan to leave some aeroplane seats empty to allow for social distancing on flights and aid a return to our former jetset lifestyles, as he says it's an "idiotic" idea and would only consider it if the government offered to pick up the bill for all the empty seats. Read More >>

French Government Report Explains Fighter Jet Passenger That Ejected Himself Was Really Stressed Out

It’s happened to all of us: You’re unexpectedly pressured to fly around in a military fighter jet despite your lack of aviation experience before you accidentally mash that eject button. Read More >>

Easyjet Ends Freebies and Asks Crew to Take Three Months of Unpaid Leave

Easyjet is about to match demands made by Virgin for staff to take an unpaid holiday within their own houses, as the airline wants all cabin crew and pilots to take a three-month, off-the-payroll mini-break while the entire air industry is paused. Read More >>

Blasting Aeroplanes With Lasers Makes It Much Harder For Ice to Stick to Wings

If you’ve ever had to fly during the cold winter months you’ve probably already experienced the hassle of a delayed flight because the aircraft had to be blasted with deicer before take off. But annoying delays are just one of many issues ice build-up on a plane can cause, so researchers have come up with a better alternative that involves blasting planes with lasers instead of chemicals. Read More >>

Isle of Man Seizes Flybe Aeroplane in Lieu of Debts

Authorities in the Isle of Man have found a use for one of Flybe's grounded aeroplanes, and has impounded one such abandoned Bombardier Dash 8 to be held as collateral until such time as the airline's administrators pay off its debts. Read More >>

Airline CEO Nose-Dives Into the Seat Reclining Debate

Recently, the internet was split asunder by a great moral conundrum over a viral video of a man punching a woman’s seat when she tried to recline. Some people took the man’s side – tall people have knees and it’s rude to recline! Others took the woman’s side – she paid for her seat, and has every right! Well, everybody step aside because Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian has an opinion and officially weighed in on the matter. Read More >>

British Airways and easyJet Laughably Pretend They’ll be “Net Zero” by 2050

A new international oxymoron has been formed, with the members of the Sustainable Aviation consortium promising to effectively decarbonise air travel by the year 2050. The key word in the net-zero plan being net, as the plan is to run the mother of all offsetting schemes rather than pray for any massively radical new plane tech or fuels – or to take the wings off them, put them on bogeys, and roll them along the ground. Read More >>

Incredible DIY Flight Simulator Simulates G-Forces With Auto-Tightening Seatbelts

How many times have you gotten to the checkout at the flight simulator store only to remember you don’t actually have $12 million in your pocket? Lacking a military-sized budget, André Pointner built his own three-axis flight simulator at home that can spin and rotate in 360 degrees, plus a few other clever tricks. Read More >>

Boeing Emails Reveal Employees Talking Shit About The 737 Max Before Deadly Crashes

New emails and direct messages released by Boeing to congressional investigators reveal some shocking messages from Boeing employees about both their own planes and the regulators overseeing the safety on their aircraft. In one of the most startling messages from April of 2017, a Boeing employee wrote, “this airplane is designed by clowns, who in turn are supervised by monkeys.” Read More >>

Boeing Fires CEO Following 737 MAX Disasters

Boeing has fired its CEO, Dennis A. Muilenburg, and will replace him with its current chairman, David L. Calhoun. A new press release from the company claims that Muilenburg had resigned, but that same press release also says that it was the board’s decision. In short: Muilenburg got fired. Read More >>

Why Am I Suddenly Afraid of Flying?

For years you’ve flown without issue – no breathing exercises, no pills – but suddenly you can’t board without picturing catastrophe. No one you know has recently died in a crash; you have not, to your knowledge, dwelled excessively on those Boeing catastrophes; and yet suddenly, out of nowhere, you’ve become the kind of person who’s afraid to fly. Read More >>

It’s the Last Day to Remember to Register That Drone You Played With Once

Today is the Civil Aviation Authority's deadline day for registering all larger drones with authorities, so future law enforcers can pull the remnants of a machine out of the wreckage and easily identify who it was that brought down a Dreamliner over Twickenham. Read More >>