Only Three US Cities Have Good Jobs, Affordable Housing, and High Quality of Life

When looking for a place to live, people are generally looking for three things: affordability, a strong economy, and good quality of life. For most Americans that poses a dilemma because a clear majority of US cities can only claim excellence in one of these areas. A dozen cities specialise in two. But for those who truly want it all, there are three choices. And they’re all in the Midwest. Read More >>

Would You Pay £345 a Week to Live in This Glorified Hostel?

The housing crisis is edging an entire generation out of the most expensive cities on the planet. But what if you could still live in those cities, moving between them like a digital-age vagabond, sharing well-appointed apartments for short stints with likeminded globetrotters? That’s the promise of a new co-living startup called Roam. Read More >>

I Can’t Believe All the Features Mashed Into This Micro-Apartment

The phrase “micro-unit” conjures up all sorts of lifestyle tradeoffs, like fold-up beds, mini-fridges, and toilets in the shower. This tasteful space has a bed that stays put, a full-sized kitchen, and room for a bathtub (!), all in an area that’s a little over 27 square metres. Read More >>

One of the World’s Top Architects is Giving Away His Most Famous Designs for Free

Earlier this year the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena was named the winner of the Pritzker Prize, the top honour in the field, in recognition of his revolutionary affordable housing projects. This week, Aravena made the designs for four of those structures open-source, in a move that could help cities everywhere with their housing troubles. Read More >>

Can These Micro-Units Fix New York City’s Housing Problems?

Micro-unit developments—new flats that are 400 square feet or smaller—are sprouting up all over the US as cities try to cram more housing into their neighbourhoods. New York City’s first micro-unit development opened this month and it’s controversial—even in a city where people already pay top dollar to live in tiny flats. Read More >>

7 Smart New Affordable Housing Projects Making Cities Stronger

The looming affordable housing crisis will likely be the biggest issue facing cities in 2014. A convergence of cataclysmic prices, a development slowdown, and a weak job market are squeezing low income residents out of urban areas. But all is not dire: I found seven new projects that are bright spots in the US's affordable housing future. Read More >>