Microsoft’s AI Just Shattered the Ms. Pac-Man High Score

According to Twin Galaxies, the official high score for the arcade version of Ms. Pac-Man belongs to Abdner Ashman, with 933,580 points. Or at least it did, before an artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft achieved the maximum possible score for the game, 999,990. Read More >>

If We Want Robots to Be Good, We May Need to Destroy Their Self-Confidence

We’ve all worried about artificial intelligence reaching a point in which its cognitive ability is so far beyond ours that it turns against us. But what if we just turned the AI into a spineless weenie that longs for our approval? Researchers are suggesting that could be a great step towards improving the algorithms, even if they aren’t out to murder us. Read More >>

This AI Will Watch You Study And Can Tell If You’re Not Listening

A school in Paris will be the first to implement a system that studies the faces of students who study remotely using their webcam. The goal is to use artificial intelligence to determine how engaged students are - basically if they are listening or not. Read More >>

An AI Is Now the Best Player of Humanity’s Most Complicated Game

In Wuzhen, China, on Thursday, Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence beat the world’s best (human) Go player in their second consecutive match, making the computer program the current champion of humanity’s most complex game. Read More >>

Google’s AlphaGo Handily Beats Teen World Champion in First Match

Humanity could really use a win right now, and the latest test comes out of China, where a teenager named Ke Jie—the world’s best player of the ancient game Go—is taking on Google’s ultra powerful AlphaGo computer program. Unfortunately for us humans, it’s not looking great so far. Read More >>

One Step Closer To The Robot Apocalypse

We all know Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Both are voice-activated speakers that can handle a bit of your life admin, giving you a calendar update or keeping track of your shopping list. But now they can talk to each other — and they get along — so I'm not sure how long it'll take until they realise that they should just team up and kill all humans. Read More >>

Police Start Devolving Decisions to an AI-Powered App

Durham Police is about to start testing an AI-powered app to help it make decisions on whether to release suspects or keep them under arrest, one that's been fed five years' worth of offending data in order to generate a low, medium or high reoffending score. Read More >>

Should AI Prevent You From Making Mistakes? Ikea Wants To Know

Do you prefer talking to a machine, or should it be more human-like? Should our technology go through a mid-life crisis? Should technology tell us how to become better people? Ikea wants to know your feelings about technology - specifically AI. Read More >>

FaceApp Blames AI for Whitening up Black People

People who actually want to see their faces reflected in their phone screens have been having fun with FaceApp recently, with Facebook and Twitter currently overloaded with images of users sharing what they look like young, old and "hot" as adapted by the app's filters. Read More >>

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Issues Dire Warning That AI Could Steal CEOs’ Jobs

While Elon Musk is running around cautioning the world about the real danger of Skynet-style warrior robots, Jack Ma would like you to consider another possible problem: CEOs might lose their overpaid gigs and there will be no golden parachute. Well, let’s be honest, there probably will be a golden parachute... somehow. Read More >>

Heston Blumenthal Now Has His Own Chatbot

"Make a chatbot" is the new "make an app," with everyone getting on the bandwagon whether it's useful or not. But we're actually quite fond of the new Heston Bot on Skype, a way to talk to a sort of cloud-based Blumenthal. Read More >>

Google’s New Tool Means You, Too, Can Draw

Being creative requires two big elements: idea and execution. It's immensely frustrating being the kind of person who has great ideas but can't make them happen, especially if you don't have an orchestra of talented minions to conduct like Steve Jobs. Read More >>

Google’s AlphaGo Is About to Face Its Toughest Competition Yet

Google’s AlphaGo made history last year by becoming the first machine to defeat a top-ranked human Go player. It was an important AI milestone, but AlphaGo isn’t getting off that easily. Next month, the expert system will partake in a five-day tournament that will pit it against China’s top Go players—including Ke Jie, the world’s best player. Humans, the time for our redemption is at hand! Read More >>

Facebook’s Head of AI Says Not to Worry Because Society ‘Prevents Evil From Having Infinite Power’

Yesterday, Facebook’s head of artificial intelligence, Yann LeCun, said that humans have nothing to fear regarding artificial intelligence potentially harming humanity. Why’s that? “We have a lot of checks and balances built into society to prevent evil from having infinite power,” LeCun said. Is that so, Mr. LeCun? Read More >>

A Four-Year-Old Boy Used Siri to Save His Unconscious Mother’s Life

When a young boy identified only as Roman couldn’t wake up his unconscious mother, he did what any astute, technologically-adept four-year-old would do: He used his mother’s finger to unlock her phone, and then asked Siri to call emergency services. The boy’s actions saved his mother, but the incident exposes some dark and dangerous flaws in our increasingly landline-less world. Read More >>