It’s Surprisingly Easy to Trick People With a Disguise, Sneaky Study Finds

It could be much easier to pull off the perfect heist than you think. According to a new study from the UK, you don’t need to disguise yourself much in order to fool the average person into thinking they’re looking at someone else. It might even take as little as a goth makeover. Read More >>

The Mystery of That Taylor Swift Face Recognition Kiosk Has Been Solved

In December of last year, Rolling Stone reported that at a Taylor Swift concert at the 2018 Rose Bowl there was a mysterious kiosk playing clips of the singer that doubled as a facial recognition system to flag any of Swift’s stalkers. A number of reports covered the alleged kiosk – including Gizmodo – but little was known at the time about the surveillance system. But now we have answers to some key questions about this kiosk, including who was behind it. Read More >>

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Elon Musk-backed AI Company Claims It Made a Text Generator That’s Too Dangerous to Release

Researchers at the non-profit AI research group OpenAI just wanted to train their new text generation software to predict the next word in a sentence. It blew away all of their expectations and was so good at mimicking writing by humans they’ve decided to pump the brakes on the research while they explore the damage it could do. Read More >>

Even AI Knows the Workforce is Biased Against Women

AI is great for doing all the tasks humans don't want to, and it's just proved that by reading a huge number of UK websites to gather data on employment practices. Read More >>

Your February Horoscope Is Here—We Built an AI Astrologer to Predict Your Future

Welcome to AIstrology. With the help of research scientist Janelle Shane, we built a bot to generate monthly horoscopes, trained on about 3,500 extant readings as well as current monthly horoscopes. Each horoscope below is therefore a prediction based on a wealth of predictions for each sign; a distillation of what the stars have in store for you this month. Read More >>

Researchers Create Hotel-Recognition System to Aid Human Trafficking Investigations

Researchers have built a massive dataset of hotel images with the intention of helping law enforcement in human trafficking investigations. The dataset, called Hotels-50k, consists over more than 1 million images from 50,000 hotels globally. Read More >>

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Man Hiding Face From Police Facial Recognition Test Fined for Telling Cops to ‘Piss Off’

On Thursday, Metropolitan Police trialled a face recognition system in the East London town of Romford. The technology led to three arrests, according to The Independent. One individual was fined after an altercation that reportedly stemmed from his response to the facial recognition technology. Read More >>

Google’s New AI Toy Lets You Talk To Books

If you could ask books a question, what would you ask? Read More >>

AI Finds Traces of a Lost Species in Human DNA

Buried deep within the DNA of Asian individuals is a genetic clue pointing to the existence of an unknown human ancestor. Remarkably, it wasn’t a human who reached this startling conjecture, but rather an artificially intelligent algorithm. Welcome to archaeology in the 21st century. Read More >>

AI Might Mean We Can Take Liquids On Planes Again

The elaborate song-and-dance that is trying to get through security at the airport may soon be a hilarious memory, if the latest innovations being shown off in London catch on. Read More >>

CES 2019: Olay Convinced Me to Moisturise By Showing Me What I’ll Look Like in 20 Years

Las Vegas is a very bad place for skin. The casinos are full of smoke, the air is dry, and there are damaging UV rays everywhere because well, it’s the desert. And while I packed some cheap moisturiser and sunscreen for my trip to CES 2019, I have admittedly been very remiss about maintaining a good skin care regimen. Read More >>

Finally, a Neural Network Can Turn a Bunch of Sheep Into Some Decent Giraffes

Using machine learning to swap out one image for another isn’t new, but ask these systems to do something a bit more complicated than a basic faceswap, and you can end up with underwhelming or laughable results. Now, researchers say they have developed a technique that produces far more convincing images for complex tasks, such as swapping out skirts for trousers, cups for bottles, or a herd of sheep for a mess of giraffes. Read More >>

Intel And Leo DiCaprio Have Made An AI Camera To Stop Poachers

Intel's new AI anti-poaching camera is a partnership with the National Geographic Society and... Leonardo DiCaprio. Read More >>

The ‘Godfather of Deep Learning’ on Why We Need to Ensure AI Doesn’t Just Benefit the Rich

Martin Ford made waves with his 2015 book, Rise of the Robots, which details the many accelerating trends in automation and how they’re slated to impact business and, especially, employment. For his next book, Architects of Intelligence: The Truth About AI from the People Building It, he, well, attempts to hone in on precisely what that subtitle describes. It’s stuffed with in-depth interviews with the biggest names in AI. One of those is Geoffrey Hinton. Currently a professor of computer science at the University of Toronto and a part of the Google Brain project, Hinton is considered by many in his field to be the ‘godfather of deep learning,’ due to his pioneering work in artificial neural networks. Read More >>

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Scarlett Johansson on Deepfakes: ‘The Internet Is a Vast Wormhole of Darkness That Eats Itself’

One of the darkest aspects of our technologically advanced world is how new advancements are inevitably used to sexually exploit people online. Perhaps few know this better than Scarlett Johansson. Speaking to the Washington Post for a story about the rise of deepfakes and how they are being used to harass women online, the actor cut straight to the bone. Read More >>