climate change
Without Radical Innovation, Air Conditioning Is Set to Make Global Warming Much Worse

In the developing world, air conditioners indicate progress. More importantly, air conditioners can offer relief to people in hot countries like India, China, and Mexico. In a warmer world plagued by climate change, having an AC may literally be the difference between life and death. Read More >>

Climate Change Is Making This Portable Air Conditioner a Must-Have Summer Accessory

Sunglasses, shorts, tank tops, and sandals are the usual accessories you think of when you’re getting ready for summer. But with climate change pushing summer temps higher and higher ever year, it’s probably not a bad idea to add the Zero Breeze portable battery-powered air conditioner to that list. Read More >>

Thanko’s Armpit Air Conditioners are Better Than Any Amazon Prime Day Deal

Amazon’s Prime Day wants you to save a few quid on vegan jerky or a Blu-ray copy of The Human Centipede — questionable ways to celebrate even a made up holiday. But nothing Amazon has marked down comes anywhere close to the brilliance of Thanko’s new armpit air conditioners. Read More >>

An Air Conditioner That Follows You Around

When we last checked in with Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Senseable City Lab, they were debuting a prototype heater that targets the exact space where you're standing. Now, the lab has created a system that does the same thing, this time for cooling. Read More >>

An Ultra-Flat Air Conditioner That You Can Hang Like a Work of Art

Those living in apartments or homes without central air have to come to terms with ugly, boxy air conditioners hanging out their windows. But it doesn't have to be that way, not when LG is somehow packing air conditioners into these ultra-slim housings that hang on your wall like artwork. Read More >>

Awesome New Air Conditioner Fends Off Both Heat and Mosquitoes

Air conditioners are truly a technological marvel, cold-campfires of the modern era, or something. But they don't have to be limited to just keeping you cool. A new model LG is rolling out not only cools air but also keeps mosquitoes at bay. Read More >>

Man’s Best Friend Doesn’t Need Its Own Air-Conditioner

Pet owners try to do everything they can to make their pets as comfortable as possible. But if you're content to let your dog sleep outside, Climate Right's dedicated heating and air conditioning unit for their dog house is a bit much. Read More >>