US B-52 Bomber Drops Components on Village Garden

A lump of a B-52 Stratofortress fell off while it was larking about above Warwickshire on a training mission, leaving a lady in the village of Brailes with an unattractive and mangled military feature in her garden. Read More >>

Top Secret Spaceplane Lands in Florida After Spending Over 2 Years in Orbit

The U.S. Force’s top secret spaceplane, the Boeing X-37B, landed in Florida early Sunday after 780 days – over 2 years and one month – in orbit around the Earth. And we still have no idea what it was doing while it was up there. Read More >>

RAF Says Beards are Fine Now But Must be Tidy

The Royal Air Force is getting with the times, daddio, as it's finally about to remove an ancient clause demanding that its staff are cleanly shaven about the face. Read More >>

A Bird Strike Caused a U.S. Air Force Plane to Accidentally Drop Three Training Bombs on Florida

According to the United States Federal Aviation Administration, more than 14,000 bird strikes happen every year at US airports. Most of the time they’re inconsequential, occasionally they can cause a lot of damage, but things could have been especially catastrophic on Monday when a bird strike caused an A-10C Thunderbolt II to accidentally release three bombs over the state of Florida. Thankfully, they were just dummies designed for trainings. Read More >>

Russian Hackers Tricked the Keepers of US Drone Secrets Using the Oldest Trick in the Book

A new investigation by the Associated Press has revealed that a whopping 40 per cent of 87 American defence contractors who were recently targeted by Russian hackers clicked on fake links sent to them via email, possibly exposing classified information in the process. Read More >>

Why the US Air Force Is Teaming Up With SpaceX

Over the last several months, SpaceX has been seriously diversifying its clientele: in May, it flew a spy satellite for the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). On Tuesday, the U.S. Air Force announced that in August, it’ll be launching a reusable X-37B mini-space shuttle on board a Falcon 9 rocket. While some of the details are still shrouded in mystery (because the military), the USAF said it will use the launch to test some electronics and oscillating heat pipes aboard the spacecraft. Fun times! Read More >>

Top Secret Air Force Spaceplane Lands with Sonic Boom After Two Years in Orbit 

The US Air Force’s secretive X-37B spaceplane landed yesterday after 718 days in orbit — just 12 days shy of a full two years. What was it doing up there in the sky? The government won’t say. Even the spaceplane’s budget is a secret. But the X-37B’s landing wasn’t so stealth. The spaceplane caused a sonic boom that woke up people living near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Read More >>

US Air Force Leaders Say It’s High Time Their Planes Shot Deadly Lasers

US military bigwigs gathered in Orlando this week for the annual AirWarfare Symposium to discuss big plans for big weapons that do big damage. According to a report, the biggest unfunded project that US Special Operations Command hopes to push through is a C-130 that’s equipped with a power laser weapon. Read More >>

America’s New Stealth Bomber Is Called the B-21 Raider, Not Bomby McBomberface

The name of America’s latest stealth bomber was just announced this morning. And it’s not Bomby McBomberface. The B-21 will be known as the Raider and it’s all thanks to two airmen who submitted the name. Read More >>

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Watch the F-16’s Autopilot Mode Save an Unconscious Pilot’s Life

The US Air Force has declassified a harrowing video showing the heads-up display of student pilot who passed out during a tight manoeuvre. Mercifully, his F-16 was equipped with a ground collision avoidance system, saving him from certain death. Read More >>

F-22 Raptor Gets Owned By a Bunch of Honey Bees

The F-22 Raptor is one of the military’s most powerful weapons, but everything—man, woman, sentient rotted orange—has a weakness. For the fighter jet, that weakness is BEEEEEEEEEES! Read More >>

The US Air Force Just Cleared the F-35 Fighter Jet for Combat

After a stunning 15 years of development and countless delays, the US Air Force just declared the first squadron of F-35A fighter jets ready for combat. The 34th Fighter Squadron at Utah’s Hill Air Force Base can now go fight bad guys anywhere in the world. Read More >>

The US Air Force Had a Totally Accidental Computer Disaster

Last Month, Lockheed Martin, the government contractor which operates the servers that store sensitive information about internal Air Force investigations, came to realise that all of the data on said servers was missing. The apparent reason was a run-of-the-mill system crash but what caused that actual crash is still unclear. Now, the United Stated Air Force is reportedly missing all of its investigation records dating all the way back to 2004. Whoops! Read More >>

I Wore a £273,000 F-35 Helmet and It Blew My Mind

Let me get this out of the way: the trillion dollar F-35 fighter jet programme is an embarrassing mess. But it’s hard not to marvel at the very expensive technology’s promises. This conflict squeezed my brain this week, when the Air Force stopped by Gizmodo’s office with a $400,000/£273,506 F-35 helmet in hand. They even let me wear it. Read More >>

The US Air Force Wants Suggestions For What to Name Their New Bomber

First it was Boaty McBoatface. Now it’s... Planey McPlanerson? I don’t know why, but for some reason, everyone wants to crowdsource the names for expensive projects. Today the US Air Force even got in on the act. Read More >>