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China’s Air Pollution is Already Worse Than Pre-Coronavirus Levels

Last month, China finally ended its coronavirus lockdown. While air quality improved dramatically during The Quiet Time, new data shows it was short-lived. What’s more, air pollution is coming back at higher levels than during the same period last year. Read More >>

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Areas With More Air Pollution Have Had More Covid-19 Fatalities

New research shows that exposure to air pollution may be “one of the most important contributors to fatality” caused by covid-19. Read More >>

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Our First Evidence People Exposed to Pollution are More Likely to Die From Coronavirus

Health experts had suspected the coronavirus pandemic would kill more people in areas where there’s higher air pollution. Now, they have preliminary data to back it up. Read More >>

Is the Covid-19 Lockdown Really Decreasing Air Pollution In India?

When I saw reports that Indian cities had seen major improvements in air pollution amid the covid-19 lockdown, I WhatsApped my family members in New Delhi to ask about their experience. Did it seem like the air was cleaner? Read More >>

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If You Live With Air Pollution, You’re Already More Vulnerable to Covid-19

A remarkable thing about covid-19, the coronavirus-caused disease spreading around the globe, is that it induces severe and deadly illness in some people, while other people become only mildly sick. So far, we know that being older or having preexisting health conditions puts a person more at risk of serious symptoms. Unfortunately for so many people, the polluted air they breathe every day likely has already damaged their lungs and made them more vulnerable to the new coronavirus. Read More >>

Satellites Show Italy’s Air Pollution Dissipating as Covid-19 Outbreak Worsens

After China, Italy has been the second-hardest-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic racing around the world. In an effort to staunch the number of cases, the Italian government severely restricted travel this week in northern Italy – the pandemic epicentre for the country – before extending restrictions to the entire country. Read More >>

Carbon Dioxide Could Make it Harder to Think

Climate change is ruining our air quality and contributing to a public health catastrophe. But there’s more. Researchers are warning in a new paper that the very greenhouse gas that’s driving most of our global warming – yes, carbon dioxide – is also diminishing indoor air quality. And it may be messing with our ability to make decisions and think strategically. Read More >>

Reducing Air Pollution Saves Lives in Just Weeks, Report Finds

Cleaner air can go a long way in saving lives, according to a new report out Friday. It found that policies and laws aimed at curbing emissions are often linked to reductions in hospitalisations, premature births, and deaths in just a few weeks after their enactment. Read More >>

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London Residents are Breathing in Air That’s So Polluted it’s Like Smoking 150 Cigarettes a Year

A new analysis of data from the British Heart Foundation has the organisation urging for more stringent air pollution standards. Read More >>

Aspirin, Strangely Enough, Might Protect Our Lungs From Air Pollution

A dose of aspirin can do more than just soothe your headache, a new study suggests – it might also protect your lungs from air pollution. Read More >>

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A Giant Pair of Lungs Has Been Erected in London to Highlight the Issue of Air Pollution

In a bid to make the issue of air pollution in London more visible, E.ON has installed a 16-foot high pair of lungs in London ahead of the Global Climate Strike week and the city's car free day. Read More >>

Air Pollution From Cars Linked to Degenerative Eye Disease

The effects of pollution on human health are often subtle yet wide-reaching. Case in point, a new study out Tuesday seems to show that heavy exposure to certain automobile fumes can raise the risk of developing a degenerative disease that steadily erodes eyesight. Read More >>

London to Go Car-Free for a Day This September to Give Everyone’s Lungs a Break

London mayor, Sadiq Khan, continues to champion environmental causes with a doozy on the way this September that will see the closure of roads in the city centre, and around Tower Bridge and London Bridge. Read More >>

Google Wants to Use AI to Track Pollution from Every Power Plant on Earth

Satellites are our eyes in the sky or, er, in space. Now, a coalition of groups is turning to satellites and AI technology to help monitor emissions from all the world’s power plants. Read More >>

There’s Microplastic Blowing in the Wind, Study Suggests

Some peaks throughout the Pyrénées Mountains of France stand more than 10,000 feet tall. Across the mountains’ ridges and valleys, adventurous visitors may spot a brown bear or a yellow lily, one of the wildflowers of the Pyrénées. But this mountain range is home to something else too, something not always visible to the human eye. And that’s plastic. Read More >>