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Ingenious Student Project Uses Bacteria to Clean Filthy Underground Air

Remember when we found out just how disgusting the air on the London Underground is? Surprisingly, it seems the solution is bacteria. Read More >>

London’s Getting Real-Time Air Quality Maps

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is on the warpath when it comes to the manky air in the capital, and his latest tool to tackle pollution is a real-time air monitoring network. Read More >>

The Air On The London Underground is Really, Really Bad

Everyone knows we've got air quality problems in London, but it might surprise you to hear that the air on the underground is even worse. Read More >>

Disturbing Images Show the Extent of Delhi’s Extreme Pollution Emergency

Delhi, the capital city of India and home to 25 million residents, is in the midst of an “extreme pollution event”. In other words, the city has been overrun with smog – tons of it. Recent photographs show the extent of the problem, which is being blamed on everything from vehicle emissions and crop burning through to smoking and fireworks. Read More >>

Delhi’s Car Ban Experiment Didn’t Improve Air Quality That Much, But it Should Still Be Permanent

Earlier this year Delhi’s air pollution was so bad that the government banned half its cars from streets for 15 days. The policymaker who came up with the idea says the ban should be 365 days a year—but not because it improved air quality all that much. Read More >>

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China’s Smog Makes Headlines But India’s is Much Worse

The red-alert issued by Beijing has been lifted as shifting weather patterns improved air quality for the first time in weeks. Although the world’s focus was on China’s skies, a dense smog is currently rendering India’s cities unrecognisable — and it’s far more dangerous. Read More >>

China’s Airpocalypse is So Bad, it’s Banning Half the Cars in Beijing

Beijing issued its first-ever red alert on Monday. The radical measure means that half the cars in the capital must stay off the streets, outdoor construction must stop, and schools must close. The pollution is simply too dangerous. Read More >>

Do Trees Really Help Clean the Air in Our Cities?

It may sound like a no-brainer to say that trees improve air quality. After all, we know that trees absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO₂), and that their leaves can trap the toxic pollutants nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), ozone, and harmful microscopic particles produced by diesel vehicles, cooking and wood burning. Read More >>

Greener, Not Cleaner: How Trees Can Worsen Urban Air Pollution

By John Gallagher – Postdoctoral Researcher at Bangor University, Wales. Read More >>

Shocking Report Says Equivalent of 29,000 Deaths a Year are Caused by UK Air Pollution

Public Health England has released a complex report covering how air pollution impacts on the health of the nation, suggesting that the equivalent of 29,000 people per year may be dying from inhaling the man-made particles pumped out by cars, power stations and factories. Read More >>