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London City Air Traffic Control Is Getting An AR Makeover

One of the more reassuring things about air traffic control, from the perspective of a layman, is that if all else fails they can just look out of the window in their gigantic tower to guide a plane in safely. But now London City Airport is going to replace the tower with some HD video cameras and put air traffic controllers in a room 80 miles away. Read More >>

31 Air Traffic Control Towers With Surprising Charm

The air traffic control tower is the most important part of any airport, yet it's also the most unacknowledged. Fliers seldom stop to admire their ethereal beauty and futuristic silhouettes. We're missing out: These towers are fascinating architectural specimens. Read More >>

US Federal Drone Testing Is Coming to These 6 Scenic Locations

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just announced the six sites across the USA that will host tests to see how drones could fly in the same skies as commercial aircraft. Naturally, geography, climate, safety and use of airspace were the decisive factors. Read More >>