Polluted Air Linked to Higher Likelihood of Dementia

British researchers trying to isolate potential triggers for dementia have discovered a grim connection between living in the country's most polluted spots and developing the condition, with people who breathe in the dirtiest air pockets seeing their risk of dementia rising by 40 per cent. Read More >>

Government Declares War on Grandma’s Coal Fire

There's something you need to know about coal before reading this in your gas-heated ivory bedsit. There are types of coal, like there are these little egg-shaped lumps of uniform coal that have been processed and, somehow, are allowed to be described as "smokeless" types because they burn cleaner. They're fine. They're safe and you can set them on fire all you like, as long as you do it on something metal and not on the carpet. What's about to be banned is the wrong type of coal. Read More >>

MPs Tell Carmakers to Pay to Clean up the Air

A joint report by loads of government committees had a big old groupthink about air quality issues, and decided it's mostly the problem of the motor industry, and would like some future "Clean Air Act" legislation to force carmakers to help fund the nation's various air quality initiatives. Read More >>

It’s Official: Glasgow is Stinkier Than London

For years now we've heard that living in London is about as good for your health as huffing burning carrier bags for something to do in the evening, but it's not even the worst place in the UK for your lungs any more. That burning torch has now been handed to Glasgow. Read More >>

London’s Air Declared Deadly Toxic Today

Our miniature little heatwave is wreaking havoc with the air quality of our cities, with London's mayor declaring today a stinked-up crisis best avoided. Read More >>

Taking a Side Street Halves Exposure to Fumes

Taking the long way round and avoiding busy traffic routes can halve your exposure to air pollution, with the simple creation of clean air pathways through cities having the potential to drastically limit the amount of black stuff people breathe in -- and the drivers get to keep their lovely cars so everyone's happy. Read More >>

Airlander 10 Given Feet to Soften Future Crash Landings

The people making the Airlander didn't give up after the embarrassing crash landing suffered by its maiden flight, and have tweaked the design of the airship to make it a bit better at coming down to earth. Read More >>

Pilots Cheating on Language Exams Could Cause a Catastrophe

The poor English of some pilots has been highlighted by the Civil Aviation Authority, which says that there's evidence pointing to overseas fliers cheating on their English exams in order to land jobs shuttling our pale bodies to and from the cheaper parts of Europe. Read More >>

Government May Expand Congestion Charge to Everywhere Stinky

The government is keen on having some of the same riches that London hoovers up via its congestion charge scheme, and is considering introducing the idea of forcing commercial drivers and some car owners to pay to drive through the middle bits of towns and cities to 35 locations across the country. Read More >>

UK Given Final Warning Over Urban Air Pollution

The European Commission has written to the UK and the four other stinkiest-aired countries within the EU, demanding something is done about consistently failing to meet air quality standards in some urban zones -- or else. Read More >>

Public Transport Users Suck up the Diesel Fumes of the Rich

A sad truth of the air quality wars has emerged from researchers at the University of Surrey, who are warning that travelling by public transport through urban areas is extremely bad for everyone's health thanks to the way buses and trains basically vacuum up all the dirty air from the cars surrounding them and... there you go. Breathe that in while you fruitlessly attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi. Read More >>

London Plans School Doorway Shuffle to Protect Kids from Pollution

Revealing the quite horrifying fact that 360 primary schools in London are in places with air pollution the exceeds legal limits, the city's mayor has come up with a plan to do something about it -- auditing the most pollution-hit schools and reworking their layouts to minimise exposure to the nitrogen dioxide fumes coming off mummy's SUV. Read More >>

Apple’s Excuse For Random iPhone Shutdowns Sounds Weird But OK

After Apple announced it would offer customers replacement batteries for the iPhone 6S batch that randomly shuts off, the company now knows why the problem occurred: air. Specifically, ambient air a crucial battery component was exposed to for too long. Read More >>

BA to Squeeze 52 More Passengers on Some 777 Routes

British Airways thinks it can get loads more people on an aeroplane, by rejigging the internals of some of its Boeing 777s to increase the number of seats on an economy row from nine to ten. Read More >>

Dutch Create Atmospheric Hoover to Suck Up Air Pollution

A team of researchers trying to make the world better and smell less of cars has come up with an interesting idea -- vacuuming the air clean by sticking a giant hoover on the roof of a building. Read More >>