Dyson’s Newest Airblade Could Change the Way Architects Think

While James Dyson is the obvious face of the company he founded in 1993, he isn't the only one tinkering away at high-powered blades or really sucky vacuums in Malmesbury, England. With over 700 some engineers under one roof, Dyson tasked Marcus Hartley with creating the new Airblade Tap about two and a half years ago. Hartley, a veteran of the Airblade team, has been at Dyson for nine years and I actually met him when I visited Dyson back in 2008. Here's a quick chat I had with Marcus, the lead designer on Tap, from earlier tonight. Read More >>

Dyson Airblade Tap
Hands-On With Dyson’s New 430MPH Airblade Tap

So, last night we heard that Dyson was revolutionising the way we wash our hands with a fancy new Airblade Tap that blasts your hands dry after you've sanitised yourself. Today, Dyson let us have a play in its London lab, so what was it like? Read More >>