Study: That Airbnb You’re Staying in Might Be a Fiery Death Trap

Before you book your next stay in an Airbnb, check to make sure it doesn’t run the risk of becoming a blazing hot inferno that will lead to your untimely demise—especially if you're taking a jaunt across the Atlantic. A study published in the journal Injury Prevention found an alarming number of Airbnb venues in the US lack basic safety protections that are required of hotels and other lodging options. Read More >>

Airbnb Will Start Automatically Handing Over Guest Info to China’s Authorities

Airbnb China notified users Wednesday that, as required by law, guest information will soon be automatically logged with the government. Read More >>

10 Tips to Find an Airbnb Accommodation That Probably Won’t Suck

You’ve opened up the Airbnb app or website with the intention of finding the perfect place to stay on your next trip—so how do you make sure you pick the right option out of what could be hundreds of possible choices? You want to avoid creepy hosts and run-down rooms. So here’s how to hunt down the perfect accommodation for you, not just the listing with the lowest price or the nicest photos. Read More >>

blue planet
AirBnB’s Latest Competition Gives You the Chance to Stay in the Blue Planet II Exploration Ship

There seem to be a lot of instances of booking sites giving ordinary people the chance to stay somewhere outlandish and spectacular. Laterooms did it with the iconic Coke Lorry just before Christmas, and AirBnB offered one lucky family the chance to stay in Denmark's Lego House. Read More >>

Airbnb Beats Landlord Giant’s Lawsuit Over ‘Illegal’ Sublets

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a major property management company against Airbnb, ruling that Airbnb can’t be held responsible for giving tenants a platform to break their lease agreements. Read More >>

AirBnB is Giving You The Chance to Win a Night in Denmark’s Lego House

Remember the Lego House in Denmark? It's a museum/activity centre in Lego's home town of Billund that opened at the end of September, with different zones full of cool stuff about the iconic brand. Well you could get the chance to stay there for a night, thanks to a new competition from AirBnB. Read More >>

Airbnb Guests Discover Hidden Camera, Host Charged for ‘Video Voyeurism’

A couple visiting Longboat Key, Florida were disturbed to find a hidden security camera in their Airbnb rental the day after they checked in. Read More >>

AirBnB Only Paid £188,000 in UK Tax Last year

In another instalment of 'big companies getting away with paying fuck all tax' it's been revealed that rental service AirBnB only paid £188,000 in corporation tax last year. That's £8,000 less than it paid in 2015, and despite the fact it collected over £657 million in rent payments. Read More >>

US Startup Wants First Time Buyers to Host an Airbnb for 357 Days a Year in Exchange for a Home Down Payment

Ask someone what their dream house is, and you’ll get a lot of different answers. Perhaps a rustic ranch house out on the plains. Maybe a New York or San Francisco brownstone. It could even be that perfect little cottage with the nice rose garden, or a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where Mrs. Buckley lives (every July, peas grow there). Read More >>

European Finance Ministers Want to Force Tech Companies to Start Paying More Taxes

Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook which do business in the European Union have long ... avoided paying billions in taxes on their European operations through, uh, creative use of tax laws. That all might come to an end soon, if a group of member countries led by France is able to get their way. Read More >>

Smart Locks Used by Airbnb Get Bricked by Software Update

There are many reasons not to buy a smart lock, but high on the list is the risk of getting remotely locked out of your shit. For hundreds of customers using Lockstate’s smart locks, that potentiality became a reality last week—with some Airbnb users getting screwed the hardest. Read More >>

Airbnb Won’t Put a Roof Over the Heads of Nazis

This Saturday, Virginia’s Lee Park is slated to be the meeting place of the Unite The Right rally, a much-publicised gathering of far-right personalities and their sycophants. With less than a week to go, Airbnb has taken active measures to delete the accounts of some members the company believes to be staying in Charlottesville for the rally—making lodging for planned attendees like members of the National Socialist Movement that much more difficult. Read More >>

Hotel Industry Attack Ad Warns: What If Terrorists Use Airbnb?

According to the Hotel Association of New York City and a New York hotel workers union, we should worry about terrorists using Airbnb. Read More >>

Airbnb to Launch Luxury Tier for the Super Rich and No You’re Not Invited

Rooms of spectacular opulence are coming to Airbnb. But the new feature targets elite tourists—not the unwashed masses of thrifty travellers trying to be bougie for a weekend. Read More >>

The New York Times Ruined Your Chance to Stay in This Insane Trump Tower Airbnb

For the past few months, dozens of Airbnb users have enjoyed a rare privilege: sleeping in the same building as the President of the United States. This is thanks to a discrete listing for a flat“in a luxury building” that happens to be Trump Tower. The listing is now gone, and it’s all The New York Times’s fault. Read More >>