US Aircraft Carrier Sunk in WW2 Battle Finally Found Off Australian Coast

The USS Lexington, a US aircraft carrier lost during the 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea, has been discovered by a team of civilian researchers off the north-east coast of Australia. Read More >>

Queen Elizabeth Prepares for War at Sea

Today's a momentous occasion in the history of British naval superiority, as we shall see the first of the nation's new aircraft carriers leave the dock for the first time. Read More >>

Those Incredibly Intricate Metal Origami Models Are Now Available in Colour

If you lack the patience for assembling something as simple as a jigsaw puzzle, you’ll want to move along. Metal Earth’s intricate models, which assemble from flat, pre-cut sheets of metal, could frustrate even a brain surgeon. Which is unfortunate, because these new colour models are so very tempting. Read More >>

The US Navy Will Power an Entire Fleet With Beef Fat

The potential sources for green biofuels never cease to amaze: Now, the US Navy is fuelling one fleet with a bizarre cocktail of petroleum and cow fat. Read More >>

Why a Brand New, Multi-Million Pound Battleship Still Needs Old-Timey Wooden Ladders

So there you are, walking around on the world's most advanced aircraft carrier. Everything around you is a multi-million pound machine packed with advanced technology. Then something propped in the corner catches your eye. Is that an old wooden ladder? What the hell is that doing here? Read More >>

This Is What Makes the USS Gerald R. Ford the Best Aircraft Carrier Ever Designed

So, you want to buy an aircraft carrier. There's only one place you can go—Newport News Shipbuilding, the largest dry-dock in the western hemisphere. Read More >>