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London City Air Traffic Control Is Getting An AR Makeover

One of the more reassuring things about air traffic control, from the perspective of a layman, is that if all else fails they can just look out of the window in their gigantic tower to guide a plane in safely. But now London City Airport is going to replace the tower with some HD video cameras and put air traffic controllers in a room 80 miles away. Read More >>

Donald Trump Tours ‘Beautiful’ Plane He Vowed to Never Fly On

Yesterday, US President Donald Trump took a break from screaming at random reporters to tour Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. That’s despite the fact that he tweeted (as, regrettably, he so often does) about never flying on the plane. Read More >>

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Why Are the Windows on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner So Much Bigger Than Normal Planes?

The windows in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are awesome. You can electronically dim them for five different levels of sunlight and visibility. That’s much better than the typical plane window shade option of blinding or blocked out. But the coolest thing about Dreamliner windows are how big they are, like vertical panoramas of the sky. How come the 787 can support bigger windows but other planes can’t? It’s because the Dreamliner is mostly made of carbon reinforced plastic. Read More >>

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Rush Hour at Heathrow Means a Never-Ending Line of Aeroplanes

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, so it’s no surprise that during the morning rush you’ll see a line of aeroplanes swarming around, patiently waiting to land on its runways. This video from TopFelya shows 30 minutes of morning arrivals, with a new plane coming in every other minute. Read More >>

The Search For MH370 Has Been Suspended

On 8 March 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished, with 239 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 777. Read More >>

B-52 Lands Fine After Engine Falls Off in the Middle of a Flight

A B-52 Stratofortress landed safely on Wednesday after an engine “dropped out” over an unpopulated area of North Dakota, Defence News reports. Holy. Shit. Read More >>

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Helicopters Have A Speed Limit

There's a hard speed limit for helicopters. Like, a speed that helicopters physically can't exceed. Above about 400km/h, helicopter blades literally run out of lift and the bird falls out of the sky. It's due to a phenomenon called dissymmetry of lift, and this video explains exactly how it works. Read More >>

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SloMo Video Reveals How WW1 Fighters Didn’t Shoot Their Propellers Off

There are endless documentaries that explain the clever technology that allowed World War I fighter planes to fire their machine guns through their propellers without hitting the blades. But The Slow Mo Guys used their high-speed cameras so you can finally see exactly what’s happening. Read More >>

UK Officials are Going to Deliberately Crash Drones into Planes

These days you can barely turn around before being confronted with a billion different stories about commercial airliners having some close calls with drones. Now plans have been revealed to see just how much danger there is, and it genuinely involves crashing drones into planes. Read More >>

Now Uber Wants to Start Flying People to Work

Not content with putting taxi drivers out of business, or throwing money into self-driving cars, Uber is now looking at a brand new way to get people around cities quickly. The company is actually, seriously, doing some research into short-haul aircraft that can take off and land vertically (better known as VTOL). Read More >>

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Watch a Totally Crazy Low Pass Fly-By and Aileron Roll from Inside a MiG-21 Cockpit

The Libyan Air Force sure loves pulling wild stunts from inside its MiG fighter jets. This time we get to see the perspective of an insane low pass—and the plane flies so low that you’d think it was trying to land and touch down on the ground—from inside the cockpit. It’s a crazy new angle to the madness of flybys like these. Read More >>

America’s New Stealth Bomber Is Called the B-21 Raider, Not Bomby McBomberface

The name of America’s latest stealth bomber was just announced this morning. And it’s not Bomby McBomberface. The B-21 will be known as the Raider and it’s all thanks to two airmen who submitted the name. Read More >>

Giant Floating Arse Shits Itself, Crashes

Ladies and gents, the world’s largest aircraft that also looks like a bum has crashed. Read More >>

F-22 Raptor Gets Owned By a Bunch of Honey Bees

The F-22 Raptor is one of the military’s most powerful weapons, but everything—man, woman, sentient rotted orange—has a weakness. For the fighter jet, that weakness is BEEEEEEEEEES! Read More >>

The US Air Force Just Cleared the F-35 Fighter Jet for Combat

After a stunning 15 years of development and countless delays, the US Air Force just declared the first squadron of F-35A fighter jets ready for combat. The 34th Fighter Squadron at Utah’s Hill Air Force Base can now go fight bad guys anywhere in the world. Read More >>