Airlander Plans Holidays in the Sky

The Airlander 10 big bottomed balloon thing has found its first commercial use, with a travel company set to offer a bed on the ship for tourist runs from next year. Read More >>

Airlander Didn’t Crash Yesterday!

They took the Airlander out for another test spin yesterday evening, and you'll never guess what happened. It went up as planned and flew around as planned, then landed as planned. There was no wheeling about or destruction or disintegration in the slightest. All the parts of the chassis are where they are supposed to be. Read More >>

Airlander 10 Given Feet to Soften Future Crash Landings

The people making the Airlander didn't give up after the embarrassing crash landing suffered by its maiden flight, and have tweaked the design of the airship to make it a bit better at coming down to earth. Read More >>

Giant Floating Arse Shits Itself, Crashes

Ladies and gents, the world’s largest aircraft that also looks like a bum has crashed. Read More >>

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World’s Largest Aircraft Takes Off for the First Time, Still Looks Like an Arse

The Airlander 10 took off for the first time yesterday. While it's famous for being the world’s largest aircraft, it is now better known as Earth's largest and definitely arse-shaped dirigible. Read More >>