US Federal Aviation Administration Orders Inspection of Boeing 737 NG Jets After Discovery of ‘Structural Cracks’

Boeing, already having taken a $4.9 billion after-tax charge this year amid the ongoing fallout from two deadly 737 Max crashes, now has problems with a different line of planes. Read More >>

Airlines Begin Telling You How to Avoid Sitting Next to a Baby, Sparking Hope for Wider Adoption

At least two airlines have adopted the brilliant idea of allowing passengers to try to sit as far away as possible from auditory powder kegs – babies on aeroplanes. Read More >>

Airlines Accused of Surge-Gouging Stranded Thomas Cook Travellers

The algorithms that govern airline ticket pricing have allowed themselves to have a little bit of fun in the wake of the collapse of travel company Thomas Cook, with some stuck travellers finding that seat prices on rival airlines have mysteriously doubled and even tripled in cost as thousands of holidaymakers book new tickets home. Read More >>

Airlines Are Banning MacBooks in Checked Luggage Regardless of Recall Status

Following an Apple notice that a “limited number” of 15-inch MacBook Pros may have faulty batteries that could potentially create a fire safety risk, multiple airlines have barred transporting Apple laptops in their checked luggage – in some cases, regardless of whether they fall under the recall. Read More >>

Ryanair and Easyjet Have Somehow Got Worse Over the Past 5 Years, According to Which?

Another look at flight delays in British airports shows what a shitshow some of these airline are running, and unsurprisingly, Ryanair and Easyjet are at the top of the shit list. Read More >>

Airlines Ban Some Recalled MacBook Pro Models From Flying, Citing Fire Risk

The US Federal Aviation Administration has “banned select MacBook Pro” units from flying in the air after Apple issued a warning that some contained batteries that pose a fire risk, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

Boeing to Take £3.92 Billion Charge Related to Grounded 737 Max as Fallout Continues

Ahead of its earnings report next week, Boeing on Thursday said it will report an after-tax charge of £3.92 billion related to its grounded 737 Max jets. Read More >>

Airline Apologises After Tweeting About Which Seats You’re Least Likely to Die In

If pushing out fast facts about aircraft is your airline’s best play at engagement on Twitter, including crash data is probably not the best approach, as Dutch airline KLM has evidently just realised. Read More >>

Aeroplane Contrails Have Surprising Effect on the Atmosphere

The climate impact of flying isn’t just about carbon emissions. The contrails that aeroplanes create also influence the temperature of our atmosphere – and a new study finds that impact is set to grow in a big way. Read More >>

Bankrupt Airline Bailout Tax Could Add 50p to a Flight Ticket

The nation could face a small new tax on the cost of flying overseas soon, with a review of the conditions of flight saying that a fee of around 50p per plane ticket should go into an emergency pool of money to get stranded passengers home should their airline go bust. Read More >>

Report: Boeing Insiders Called U.S. Civil Aviation Hotline to Report Issues With 737 Max Jets

At least four current or former Boeing employees called a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration hotline to report issues with the company’s 737 Max line of jets on April 5, the day after Ethiopia’s minister of transportation released a preliminary report on the crash of Ethopian Airlines flight 302 in March 2019 that killed 157 people, CNN reported this weekend. Read More >>

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Airline Uses Obscure Rule to Leave Passenger at Manchester Airport

Ever been running through the airport and got a ray of hope from the line "doors close 10 minutes before departure" on your boarding pass? Read More >>

British Airways Flight Lands at Entirely Wrong Airport

A British Airways flight has made a mammoth international error, somehow managing to take its passengers to Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf after submitting incorrect paperwork and getting everyone very confused. Read More >>

Boeing May Be About to Lose a £3.7 Billion Order for Its 737 Max Planes

An airline in Indonesia just became the first in the world to try and cancel its order for Boeing’s Max planes in the wake of the two deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia within the past five months. And the move has the potential to cost Boeing billions. Read More >>

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Report: Ethiopian Transport Official Says 737 Max 8 Jet Crash Has ‘Close Similarities’ to 2018 Crash

Ethiopian Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said that black box data shows the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 jet shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa on March 10, 2019, killing 157 people, bears close resemblances to the crash of another Boeing 737 Max 8 flying with Lion Air that was lost in October 2018 off the coast of Indonesia with 189 on board, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Read More >>