After Lion Air Crash, Boeing Reportedly Will Warn That the 737 Max Can ‘Abruptly Dive’ by Mistake

Aerospace giant Boeing is preparing to alert pilots of its new 737 Max line of passenger jets warning that inaccurate readings in an onboard flight-monitoring system can cause the planes “to abruptly dive,” Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing a source with knowledge of the matter. Read More >>

Welcome to the UK – Here’s a Massive Queue and a Packet of Crisps

People landing at Heathrow from countries outside of the European Economic Area are facing such lengthy queues to have their passports looked at that airlines are handing out drinks and snacks to stop people passing out or kicking off, with border control routinely keeping visitors lining up at passport control for more than two hours. Read More >>

Airline Employee Steals Plane, Crashes After Being Tailed by Fighters

A 29-year-old airline employee “thought to be suicidal” stole a 76-seat Q400 turboprop plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) on Friday night, eventually crashing some 30 miles away with fighter jets on his tail, the New York Times reported. Local authorities confirmed he is dead. Read More >>

Three Will Give You a £150 Easyjet Holidays Voucher if You Switch Networks

Last month Three announced that any of its customers hopping on an Easyjet flight would be entitled to the airline's 'Hands-Free' service without having to pay for it. Basically meaning they get early boarding, the option to put hand luggage in the hold, a free tote, and first access to their bags on the other side. Now it's announced that people switching to the network will get a free £150 Easyjet voucher. Read More >>

Wizz Air Wins (AKA Loses) in Most-Delayed UK Flier Stats

Hungarian flier Wizz Air has been outed as the least punctual airline operating on routes in and out of the UK, recording average delays of nearly 23 minutes per flight over the last year. Read More >>

Ryanair is Changing its Early Check-in Policy Again

You know the drill. There are airlines out there that will try and lure you in with cheap tickets, only to try and gouge as much money out of you in other places. Whether that's asking for your credit card when you want to choose your own seat, removing a few inches of legroom so they can fit more people on board, or charging you £5 for a panini the size of a stamp. Read More >>

Woman Flushes Her Emotional Support Hamster Down Airport Toilet and I Have So Many Questions

Belen Aldecosea used to have a dwarf hamster that served as her emotional support animal. Then she tried to fly Spirit, which would not let her hamster on the plane. Then she claims a Spirit employee told her to flush the rodent down the toilet. Then Aldecosea—for reasons privy only to her—flushed that hamster down the toilet. Read More >>

Google Now Tells You How Airlines Are Screwing You Over with Fees and Delays

Google’s flight booking service just added two updates that could make transatlantic flying slightly less frustrating—or at least help you manage your expectations. Read More >>

US Airlines Decide All Your Checked Smart Luggage Must Become Real Dumb, Battery-Free Luggage

Leading U.S. airlines have all agreed that all your expensive smart luggage is dumb luggage now, CNN reported on Wednesday. Carriers including American, Delta, and Alaska are requiring customers remove lithium-based batteries from the bags and carry them personally before stowing them in their aircraft, citing the risk that the batteries could start a fire that burns through other luggage—with one big problem being that the batteries in many smart luggage lines are non-removable. Read More >>

BA Promises Better Wi-Fi and Charging Points to Encourage People to Leave the House/Country

British Airways has identified a problem with modern people, in that they don't like sitting somewhere for ages that hasn't got decent internet or a thing to charge their stuff. Hence its boss has promised to upgrade the flier's entire fleet with better Wi-Fi and near-seat charging points for everyone. Phew. Read More >>

Monarch Airlines Has Gone Into Administration

If you've booked a holiday with Monarch sometime in the near future, you're in trouble. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that the airline has ceased trading, and all 300,000 of its future booking have been cancelled. Read More >>

Flying Sucked Before it Involved Urine-Soaked Seats, Which by the Way, It Apparently Does Now

Flying is terrible these days. It flat-out sucks. From ballooning lines to get through security procedures that mostly don’t work to random fees and seats so small analysts believe they may be safety hazards, it’s really just not a pleasant way to spend your time. Read More >>

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Nightmare Turbulence Injures 10 on American Airlines Flight, Covers Ceilings in Hot Coffee

At least seven crew members and three passengers were hospitalised when an American Airlines flight from Athens, Greece to Philadelphia hit extreme turbulence on Saturday, terrifying passengers and sending some flying through the cabin. Read More >>

There’s Now an Airline for Millennials Because Sure, Whatever

Air France announced this week it is launching Joon, a new airline “especially aimed at a young working clientele, the millennials,” and more specifically the good rich ones who like flying to Paris a lot. Read More >>

US Lifts Airline Laptop Ban In Exchange For ‘Intensive Security Measures’

The Trump administration has kept airlines and nations on edge as it weighed a decision to expand an in-flight ban on electronics larger than a smartphone. On Wednesday, the administration announced that it will not expand the ban, and it will lift be lifted in countries that were already affected. But the terms of the decision are a bit suspicious. Read More >>