US Air Force Leaders Say It’s High Time Their Planes Shot Deadly Lasers

US military bigwigs gathered in Orlando this week for the annual AirWarfare Symposium to discuss big plans for big weapons that do big damage. According to a report, the biggest unfunded project that US Special Operations Command hopes to push through is a C-130 that’s equipped with a power laser weapon. Read More >>

Donald Trump Tours ‘Beautiful’ Plane He Vowed to Never Fly On

Yesterday, US President Donald Trump took a break from screaming at random reporters to tour Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. That’s despite the fact that he tweeted (as, regrettably, he so often does) about never flying on the plane. Read More >>

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I Love The Clouds Aeroplane Wings Create During Takeoff and Landing

To my eye, the clouds that aeroplane wings creates during takeoff and landing look like some sort of force field—like a stealth shroud that envelopes the plane as it flies around. Reality is less fun though, because the clouds rolling over the wings are caused by the lift forces that lets planes fly. Read More >>

Watch Daredevils With Jetpacks Fly Next to People Standing on Top of Airplanes

If you’re going to be flying in the air with a jetpack attached to your back, you might as well do it with folks who have strapped themselves standing to the wings of an airplane. Why not, right? Read More >>

This Fighter Jet Flew So Close to the Ground That it Basically Knocked Down a Guy

Yowza. Watch this Sukhoi Su-27 make the lowest of low passes at an air base in Ukraine. Like, it flies so impossibly close to the ground that you can see a guy duck and essentially get blown over as the fighter jet flies above his head. The video shows the entire insane approach: the jet flies a few feet over the runway before it peels left and screams right on top of the guy before picking up air again over the cameraman. Bananas. Read More >>

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You Can’t Even See the Plane Trying to Land Through This Impossibly Thick Fog

What the hell. The fog at Gatwick Airport was seemingly eating up any aeroplane that was trying to land on the runway. Some of the planes appeared to disappear into the unknown, never to be seen again (they were probably sent around). Others were able to land when the fog cleared up a bit, but still, that’s a scary time to be in the air. Read More >>

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Watch a Totally Crazy Low Pass Fly-By and Aileron Roll from Inside a MiG-21 Cockpit

The Libyan Air Force sure loves pulling wild stunts from inside its MiG fighter jets. This time we get to see the perspective of an insane low pass—and the plane flies so low that you’d think it was trying to land and touch down on the ground—from inside the cockpit. It’s a crazy new angle to the madness of flybys like these. Read More >>

Leaky Plane Forced into Emergency Landing at Edinburgh Airport

A United Airlines flight from London to Chicago had to abandon its flight before even Brexiting UK airspace, dumping fuel above Scotland before coming in to land at Edinburgh. Read More >>

Crazy Aeroplane Flies Under a Biker Doing a Backflip and a Guy Walking on a Tight Rope

Which one of these crazy people would you rather be? The person making a low pass on a stunt plane knowing if you fly any higher you’re definitely going to end up in prison? The dude doing a backflip on a motorcycle while jumping over that stunt plane? Or the exposed lunatic walking on a tight rope as the plane passes underneath him and the biker flips right next to him? Read More >>

Here’s How Many Weapons a B-52 Bomber Can Hold

The B-52 Bomber has been around since the 1950s. It’s a legendary beast that stretches 47 metres in length, has a wingspan of 56 metres, and stands 12 metres tall. Read More >>

A Passenger Plane Has Disappeared From Radar Above Egyptian Airspace

An EgyptAir Airbus A320 with 66 people on board has disappeared from radar above Egyptian airspace, somewhere above the eastern Mediterranean. Read More >>

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Watch the World’s Most Patient Model Maker Build Flawless Aeroplane Replicas

When it comes to a steady hand and an impeccable attention to detail,David Damek’s model making skills rival brain surgeons when it comes to the precision of his work. His YouTube channel is full of lengthy videos detailing his wonderfully detailed builds, but be forewarned if you’re racing towards a deadline at work, you don’t want to get sucked down this rabbit hole. Read More >>

Solar Impulse Safely Makes it to Arizona

After restarting its bid to fly around the world last week, the team behind the all-electric solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse has now made it from California to Arizona. Read More >>

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This Is What Earth’s Air Traffic Looks Like From Space

Satellites get a wonderful view of the Earth and since October 2015 one in particular has been tumbling through space while keeping a watchful eye on the planet’s air traffic. This is what it’s seen. Read More >>

Every Airplane Needs These Giant In-Flight Entertainment Screens

This is the future of in-flight entertainment according to the aerospace giant Thales. Called Digital Sky, the prototype system provides passengers with a 21-inch touchscreen that take up a huge swathe of the seat back. Read More >>