Gatwick Drone Attackers Seem to Have Got Away With it

Sussex Police has released an update on the progress of its investigation into the great 2018 Gatwick airport shutdown, and, well, it still doesn't seem to have much of an idea who was responsible or what if any point was being made. Read More >>

Airplane! is Actually a Direct Parody of a Film From 1957

It’s no secret that the 1980 comedy movie Airplane! is a parody. But for some reason, I’ve spent my entire life believing that Airplane! was a broad parody of 1970s disaster movies. And while the movie clearly took inspiration from some of those films, it’s actually a very specific parody of a movie from 1957 called Zero Hour! Yes, with the exclamation point and everything. Read More >>

How To Build A Brand New Airport – Without Heathrow’s Baggage

Last night, Parliament finally made a decision that had been put off for decades. It voted that, at long last, that Heathrow Airport would be getting a third runway. Read More >>

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Heathrow Airport Wins Star Wars Day

When it comes to a specific 'day' in the calendar, there's a tendency for brands and big companies to takeover and use it to advertise themselves or peddle you stuff you don't really need. Like April Fool's Day, which is now less about pranks and more about big brands acting as though you'll fall for their outlandish shtick.  But sometimes things work out ok, like how Heathrow Airport decided to celebrate Star Wars day. Read More >>

Say Goodbye to Apple’s AirPort Routers, For Real This Time

In a move that has been expected for nearly two years now, Apple is finally officially killing off its line of AirPort wireless routers, according to a report from 9to5Mac. Read More >>

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London City Air Traffic Control Is Getting An AR Makeover

One of the more reassuring things about air traffic control, from the perspective of a layman, is that if all else fails they can just look out of the window in their gigantic tower to guide a plane in safely. But now London City Airport is going to replace the tower with some HD video cameras and put air traffic controllers in a room 80 miles away. Read More >>

RIP Apple Wireless Routers: We Hardly Knew Thee

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is exiting the router business. Bloomberg report that, over the last year, Apple has started to shutter the division, which made the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule products, instead opting to put engineers on other projects, including the Apple TV. Read More >>

These Three Companies Want to Revolutionise the Most Important Gadget in Your Home

Within the last two years, routers have gone from ugly boxes tucked away in shame to well-designed products, complete with a variety of new technologies and user-friendly interfaces. Led by ambitious Kickstarter projects like Eero, Luma, and Starry, routers are having a gadget moment—and that could finally help people realise how important the little box really is. Read More >>

Full-Body Scanners are Now Compulsory ‘For Some Passengers’ at US Airports

Until now, you had the ability to opt-out of a trip through the US Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) full-body scanners and instead undergo of a thorough physical screening. But a new document issued by Homeland Security allows the TSA to make the scans mandatory ‘for some passengers’. Read More >>

Boris Says Heathrow’s Runway Expansion is Doomed

London mayor Boris Johnson has sent a huge 30 page letter to MPs, claiming the extra runway for Heathrow that was agreed on after years of wrangling about how to make more aeroplanes work is a big mistake. Read More >>

31 Air Traffic Control Towers With Surprising Charm

The air traffic control tower is the most important part of any airport, yet it's also the most unacknowledged. Fliers seldom stop to admire their ethereal beauty and futuristic silhouettes. We're missing out: These towers are fascinating architectural specimens. Read More >>

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You Have to be a Bit Insane to Land in This Dutch Airport

Gilze-Rijen is—according to The Aviationist—one of the airports with the lowest final approaches in the world. They get so low that, when you are there, you think they are going to touch down on the road that crosses the head of the runway. And in fact, that has happened. Read More >>

Airports Are Kind of Awesome When They’re Not Stressing You Out

The default emotions in airports are pretty much all negative. You're either late, exhausted, frustrated, hungry, regretting that MacDonalds, remembering all the crucial things that were in the checked bag you'll never see again, or composing a complaint letter/Tweet in your head. But airports are also beautiful. Read More >>