Cumbria’s Airport Opens for Business After 25-Year Rest

There's a new airport populating the drop-down menu of exotic places to fly to and see if it's any better there from today, with Carlisle Lake District Airport now open for your staycation consideration. Read More >>

Heathrow Airport’s New Scanners Will Let You Keep All Your Shit in Your Bag at Security

Passengers at Heathrow airport may no longer have to faff about with pulling out laptops and bags of fluids to be scanned thanks to new CT scanners that will start popping up in the airport over the next few years. Read More >>

Glasgow Has Radical Idea of Making Trains Go to the Airport

You southern softies in your plimsolls reading this in your 5G testbeds while a man on a moped brings you a £15 cup of tea in a disposable bamboo flask may not be aware of the transport intricacies involved in getting to Glasgow Airport, but honestly, it's a nightmare. Read More >>

Oh God, More Flights Might Leave From Luton Soon

The owners of London Luton Airport have revealed an ambitious plan to nearly double its passengers numbers, which includes the building of a second terminal to house all the people wondering where exactly the "London" is upon arrival. Read More >>

It’ll Soon Be Illegal to Fly a Drone Within Three Miles of an Airport

The government has announced that it'll be illegal to faff about with drones within a three-mile radius of UK airports, after some plonker at Gatwick messed up everyone's holidays. Read More >>

Dubai Airport Suspends Flights Due to Real/Imaginary Drone Sightings

The drone menace has gone international, with flights at Dubai International Airport – only home to the world's busiest international terminals – suspended this morning due to reports of rogue drones in the area. Read More >>

Reports of Drones Flying Near Airports Ground Flights Yet Again, This Time at Newark Liberty

In an incident similar to ones which shut down the UK’s Gatwick Airport before Christmas last month and another at Heathrow in early January, Newark Liberty International Airport grounded all departing and incoming flights on Tuesday after two pilots spotted a drone. Read More >>

Great, Now a Drone’s Been Spotted Near Heathrow (Updated)

Who can forget about the chaos at Gatwick just before Christmas, because there were several dozen sightings of a drone buzzing around the runway. The airport was at a standstill for days, during one of the busiest times of the year, and led to both Gatwick and Heathrow spending a fortune on anti-drone tech as well as new anti-drone powers for police. Now a drone sighting means Heathrow departures have ground to a halt. Read More >>

Gatwick and Heathrow Invest in Huge Iron Stable Door Bolts

The operators of Heathrow and Gatwick have coincidentally both had the same amazing idea at the same time. One you won't believe. It just came to them out of nowhere over Christmas – they're buying in anti-drone technology. This will totally stop any airport being closed for 36 hours. Read More >>

Mystery Drone Still on the Loose at Gatwick Airport, But Flights Resume Anyway

Flights have resumed at London’s Gatwick Airport after a full day of cancellations yesterday due to a mysterious drone that was spotted repeatedly in the area. Flying drones near an airport is illegal because flights are unable to take off and land due to possible collisions. The military was even called out to search for the drone operator, but they still have no idea who’s behind this deliberate disruption of a major transportation hub. Read More >>

London Airport Doesn’t Want Rotating Tourist Pods in the Sky

London's City Airport has come out with a potentially disastrous objection against the plan to build a massive observation platform in the city complete with spinning external pods for tourists, as it's worried that air traffic control systems might get a bit confused when they detect unexpected moving things in a bit of the sky. Read More >>

Government Plans Licensing Laws for Airports to Hinder the Lads’ Boozy Breakfasts

The government's about to start to (try to) do something about the occasional drunken furore that kicks off on the bucket-and-spade-and-a-condom flights to abroad-land, and has launched a consultation over the long-awaited introduction of licensing laws to international airport pubs. Read More >>

Gatwick Might Do Itself a Second Runway Anyway

The generations-long fuss about expanding London's airport capacity may be about to take a new turn south, as perennial second option Gatwick could soon trump rival Heathrow's expansion plans by bringing a second runway online before Heathrow's new strip is completed. Read More >>

Bristol Airport Denies Paying Hackers to Get its Displays Working Again

Staff at Bristol Airport have been forced to pull a Gatwick over the weekend, after computer problems caused their departures and arrival screens to be taken out of service and they had to write up flight times by hand. The embarrassing reason for the IT failure? Its systems were broken into by what appears to have been a random drive-by ransomware attack. Not really what you'd expect of an airport. Read More >>

Drone Pilot Had a Go at Taking Down a Plane

A drone owner in the vicinity of RAF Northolt very nearly claimed the shameful honour of being the first idiot to make a proper aeroplane crash, with safety investigators agreeing that the movements of the adult baby's flying toy matched with a deliberate attempt to hit a plane as it came in to land. Read More >>