Gatwick Airport is Testing Self-Boarding Gates to Keep Planes Running on Time

These days it seems as though speaking to people is a rarity. Supermarkets have self-checkouts, fast food chains have machines that take your order for you, and airports have machines that let you check in and check baggage all by yourself. Now Gatwick is taking things a step further, trialling self-boarding gates to help improve departure times. Read More >>

Heathrow Considers Declaring Itself a Low-Emission Zone and Charging Drivers to Enter

Heathrow is thinking about setting a new world record for irony, revealing that one way it might be able to meet its environmental commitments and build a whole new runway is to declare itself a low-emission zone and charge car drivers a congestion fee for entering the airport. As if dad's not already stressed enough about going on sodding holiday. Read More >>

London City Airport is Getting an Upgraded Air Traffic Control Tower — 80 Miles Away From All the Planes

London’s cramped City Airport, located in the heart of the city, is undergoing a massive upgrade, including the addition of a fancy new air traffic control tower. But to maximise the airport’s limited space, that tower is actually being built 80 miles away, and will rely on 14 high-def cameras to give remote ATC crews a virtual view of the far-off airport. Read More >>

Lake District Airport Prepares for Passenger Flights

People looking to escape the cities for a rural break in Cumbria may soon be able to leave the Porsche Cayenne at home and fly up, as the previously under-the-radar Carlisle Lake District Airport is gearing up to accept commercial passengers for the first time since 1993. Read More >>

Heathrow Teases More Affordable Phased Expansion Plan

Heathrow has announced a plan to announce something, revealing that its version of the consultation about What To Do With The Airport is coming in mid January. Read More >>

Student Travels from London to Edinburgh (via Poland, Berlin and Glasgow)

A student who wanted to travel between London and Edinburgh was so horrified about the price of a train ticket that he decided to fly instead. There's nothing particularly amazing about that anecdote, until you get to the bit where he reveals that he flew via Poland, Berlin and Glasgow to spite the rail companies. Read More >>

Heathrow’s Extra Runway Needs Another Public Consultation

A third runway for Heathrow still isn't a done deal, you know, and the prospect of new delays to the start of the project have been raised by news that another consultation over the plan is to be launched. Read More >>

Combine Gatwick and EasyJet for the UK’s Longest Flight Delays

Analysis of Civil Aviation Authority data covering the summers of 2015 and 2016 has revealed the most-delayed flights and the most delay-hit airports in the UK and Ireland, with the losers being the easily guessable combination of (a) EasyJet and (b) Gatwick. Read More >>

London Airport Tired of Confiscating Marmite

Staff at London City Airport, the small airport that's really in London and not 140 miles away in Norfolk or Dorset, have revealed the thing that's most commonly seized from the luggage of travellers. It's jars of Marmite, apparently, as the idea of having to eat weird stuff like local fruit and plain yogurt for breakfast in the hotel is simply too much for some to bear. Read More >>

Gatwick Shamed as One of the World’s Worst Airports

London's second-biggest portal to the sky, Magaluf and beyond has been slated by a report into the state of the world's airports, which rates Gatwick as the second worst of the big airports in the whole world. Read More >>

Pilot Crashed After GPS Took Him to Nonexistent Scottish Airport

A pilot flipped his light aircraft over a wall in a field in Scotland, with the blame being placed on a GPS device that pointed him to a landing strip that wasn't there. Read More >>

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy Heathrow Terminal 1

Heathrow Terminal 1 closed in June 2015 after 47 years of service. It has sat empty and unloved ever since, full of working equipment and just poised, waiting to accept a passenger once again. But now, the dream is over for poor Terminal 1; its contents will soon be sold to the highest bidder and eventually the shell will be pulled down and replaced with a larger Terminal 2. Read More >>

Bluetooth Beacons Are Now Helping People Navigate Gatwick Airport

Beacons are nothing new, but Gatwick Airport is throwing itself into using the technology in quite a major way, installing 2000 battery-powered devices to help provide location data. Beacons are useful when GPS can't work - indoors, mainly - and allow the airport to provide a variety of services via apps. Read More >>

The Dystopian Surveillance State Will Be Extremely Convenient 

When privacy finally dies, it will be, if nothing else, extremely convenient for travellers. Read More >>

Trump Might Add UK Airports to the Naughty Terrorist Laptop Ban List

That man in America who sets the day's news from Twitter in bed each morning has struck again, with the latest rumours from Trumpland suggesting that UK and European airports could join the ban on bringing laptops and tablets into the country on flights. Read More >>