We Have 40 Seconds of New Alan Partridge

He's looking younger, more tanned, and suffers from a dry mouth. It's our first look at new Alan Partridge light entertainment  vehicle This Time With Alan Partridge, coming soon to a full spectrum, mainline, non-regional, proper, actual BBC channel that everyone's TV and box can receive. Read More >>

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Accidental Partridge: Sky News’ Martin Brunt Just Went Full Brass Eye

Watch out, famous people, Chris Morris is on the loose and he’s got himself a Martin Brunt mask. At least, that’s the best explanation we’ve found for the Sky News presenter’s did-that-really-just-happen? moment earlier today. Read More >>

The David Brent and Alan Partridge GIF Search Engines Are Perfection

The hyphenated word ‘game-changer’ is used excessively these days, but not so in this case. An inspirational chap by the name of Jon Jones has created the Alan Partridge and David Brent GIF search engines, and they’re perfect. Read More >>

Chris Eubank Finally Gets the Youth Hostelling References

Former champ boxer Chris Eubank has finally benefitted from his Alan Partridge immortalisation some 18 years after the event, with a travel firm seizing upon his social media confusion and getting the man to star in Youth Hostelling With Chris Eubank. Read More >>

Smell My Cheese! Alan Partridge Set to Come Back to Telly on Sky

After being away from the TV world for quite a while, national treasure and comedy darling, Alan Partridge, is set to return to television sets around the country after Steve Coogan signed a deal to move the character to Sky. Read More >>

BBC’s London HQ “Infested With Rats;” Alan Partridge Isn’t At All Surprised

Vermin's just one of those things Londoners take in their stride, like crippling transport costs and craft beer-supping hipsters blocking easy access to the bar. But news that the BBC's Television Centre in West London is plagued with a rat infestation is just too funny to ignore. Did disgruntled workers let some heavy-breeders loose when they were shipped out to the new Salford HQ? Read More >>

Six-Disc Alan Partridge Boxset Is Your “Lynn! Do We Have a Dee-Vee-Dee Player?” Deal of the Day

Although the Mick Hucknall death story is a hoax, word is reaching us this afternoon that Alan Partridge could be returning to TV soon, with a new series and Christmas special for Sky Atlantic possibly in the offing. Back of the net! Read More >>