Lenovo’s Smart Clock Makes Snoozing Alarms Fun Again

In today’s world, it feels like every company is trying to spruce up old tech with the power of the internet. We got smart locks, smart lights, smart vacuums, so why not a smart alarm clock? But with so many people opting to set alarms on their phones rather than manage yet one more device, what’s that point? Well for one, because snoozing an alarm with a smack is a hell of a lot more fun (and easier) than trying to hit a random software button on the phone you just knocked onto the floor. Read More >>

It’s Hard to Cheat This Pressure-Sensitive Carpet Alarm Clock

It takes a stronger person than me to actually get out of bed when the alarm goes off — after all, that snooze button is so conveniently located. But if the alarm didn’t stop until I was out of bed, there’s a chance I could actually eat breakfast one of these days. Read More >>

The Wakie Alarm App Recruits Strangers to Help Get You Out of Bed

Wakie is an Android and Windows Phone app, which we featured in our weekly round up (iOS is currently in the approval process) that lets complete strangers dial you up to help get your bum out of bed, and I couldn't think of anything more terrifying. Read More >>

Periodic Table Alarm Clock Lets You See Atomic Numbers at a Glance

The University of Nottingham's chemistry professor Martyn Poliakoff says that most chemists don't know the atomic number of most elements and that it's a pain to look in the periodic table. That's why alarm clock is his favorite gadget: "The first periodic table that you lets you see an element's atomic number without thinking." Read More >>

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CARROT Wakes You Up With Empty Threats…And Some Real Ones

Getting out of bed is the worst. And anyone who says they don't mind waking up can just leave now. Some of us are employing desperate measures to get going every morning, and a manipulative/verbally abusive alarm clock sounds like just the thing. The makers of the CARROT To-Do list wanted to bring their motivational snark to a particularly rough time of day and they certainly found it. Read More >>

iOS6 Will (Finally) Let You Pick a Song To Wake Up To

Most likely a much wanted feature since the iPhone first came into existence, we can finally put that blasted marimba to rest, as iOS6 includes an updated alarm clock application that will let you start the day to your favourite tunes. Read More >>

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Braun BNC400 Alarm Clock Lightning Review: How to Ruin Good Design

I have something of a sleep problem. Or I guess, more accurately, a waking up problem. And my alarm clock died. So I bought this re-issue of Braun's Dietrich Labs and Dieter Rams-designed BNC004 travel alarm clock. You should not. Read More >>