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Someone Created an Entire Album Using the Crude Sounds of a Computer’s Motherboard

The range of music that Chiptune artists can squeeze from old video game consoles is unbelievable, but at the same time that’s hardware that was specifically designed to produce a range of sounds to accompany a game. Alexander Semenov, however, managed to create an entire Chiptune album using only the sound capabilities of a motherboard’s incredibly limited built-in speaker. Read More >>

At Least 2016 Gave Us This Brilliant Daft Punk/Beastie Boys Mashup Album

There are rumours Daft Punk will go on tour again, but will we ever see a new album from the duo? It’s uncertain. The passing of Adam Yauch in 2012 also marked the end of the Beastie Boys, but thanks to an artist named Coins, a new album featuring Daft Punk and Beastie Boy mashups has lots for fans of either group to love. Read More >>

Google+ Stories Might Actually Make Photo Albums Beautiful (and Easy)

Raise your hand if you've ever gone on a holiday (or even to an event for a day), taken a bunch of photos, sworn you'll put them in an album for your friends and family to see, only to leave them languishing on phone or SD card for many months. I do it pretty much every time. Google+ Stories, a feature that begins rolling out today, might save us from that. Read More >>

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Iconic Album Covers Merged With Their Real Locations in Google Maps

The Guardian has a nice collection of album covers embedded in Google Streetview images. I'm surprised they didn't make Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, but Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Beastie Boys will do it for me. Read More >>

Daft Punk’s Patchy Pop Comeback Fuels Vinyl Revival

Amateur DJs wishing to drop Daft Punk album tracks in their wedding party set lists have boosted sales of vinyl at Amazon, with the online retailer selling the highest number of 12-inch records this year than at any point since its foundation in 1999. Read More >>

Believe It or Not, a Study Has Found Piracy Boosts Music Sales

Yes, yes, you read that headline right: according to a brand-spanking new study from North Carolina State University, BitTorrent downloads actually boost music album sales. Concluding that there really isn't a whole lot of evidence that downloads negatively hurt sales, the research finds that more piracy equals more sales. Read More >>

Digital Music Sales up 10 Per Cent in 2011, Adele Shifts 5M Copies

The UK's shift to digital music is continuing, with stats for 2011's record sales expected to show that sales of digital albums in the UK increased by around 10 per cent over last year. Read More >>