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MWC 2019: With its Flexy Phone Concepts, Alcatel is Playing the Long Game

In just the last week, we’ve seen two incredibly impressive bendy phones in the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. But they won’t be the last, as evidenced by TCL’s – or Alcatel as the company is known in the UK – own bendy phone concepts shown off at MWC. Read More >>

foldable phones
MWC 2019: Alcatel is Doing Foldable Phones Too, and One of Them Looks Pretty Bad [Updated]

Pretty much everyone has a foldable phone these days, and that's not much of an exaggeration. Even Alcatel, the company that you might know as selling dirt-cheap smartphone that most people don't pay much attention to, has one on the way. And it looks horrible. Read More >>

CES 2019: Alcatel’s Refreshed 1X Is Going Big For a Cheap Phone

It wasn’t too long ago that any phone priced around £100 would be a complete joke. And while Alcatel’s most recent attempt at making a phone that cheap still had some hiccups, the next version of the budget-friendly 1X looks like it’s taking some big steps to fix its mistakes. Read More >>

The Cost of Buying a £100 Phone

No one gets a cheap phone because they want to have a sub-par experience filled with stuttering and lagging apps. People get cheap phones because they’re cheap, and usually work just enough to justify the low price point. Take the Alcatel 1X, for example. It’s neither novel nor intriguing. It’s not trying to impress you. Hell, it runs on an operating system designed explicitly for underpowered devices. But it’s £100, and that sure is cheap. Whether you can stomach how cheap it feels is another thing entirely. Read More >>

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MWC 2018: Phones This Cheap Shouldn’t Look This Good

Look, it’s hard to give a shit about budget phones. They often sport uninspired designs, lack any sort of innovative features, and frequently cut corners to hit those low, low prices. And with previous phone names like Pixi, Pop and Idol, Alcatel’s previous phones seemed more concerned with the latest saccharine teen singing sensation than actual tech. Read More >>

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CES 2018: This Super-Tall Phone Will Be Super Cheap

The biggest trend among smartphones in 2017 was extra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio displays. Samsung and LG got things started back in the spring, and even Apple hopped on the trend earlier this fall with the iPhone X. But if you’re looking for budget handsets with one of those super-tall screens, the best you can do right now is the Honor 7X at £250. At least until Alcatel got in the mix. Read More >>

This Smartphone’s Packaging Turns Into a VR Headset

Alcatel has been synonymous with cheap and somewhat cheerful Android phones for years now, but its latest play could be surprisingly interesting: not only does its rumoured upcoming handset sound good, but even the box it comes in could be useful – as a cheap VR viewer. Read More >>

Nokia May Make Smartphones Again

When Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division in 2013, it made a deal that the Finnish manufacturer couldn’t make any smartphones until after December 31, 2015. Now with that date approaching, Nokia is ready to get back in the game. Read More >>

Alcatel Watch Hands On: A Beginner’s Wearable or The Poor Man’s Moto 360?

A smartphone company launching a smartwatch is in no way original. In fact, we saw five of them last year – and that's just counting the Android Wear crowd. So Alcatel OneTouch, a company best known for budget-friendly smartphones, is just another marching band in the continuous wearable parade. Read More >>

Asda’s Alcatel Mobile Costs Less Than a Portion of Fish and Chips

You barely get change out of a fiver for a sandwich these days, but head down to Asda and you could walk away with a brand new mobile phone in exchange for your crisp £5 note. It's admittedly a bit rubbish but, well, FIVE POUNDS, making it the nation's cheapest phone. Read More >>

E-Ink Smartphone Flip Covers Are a Wonderful Idea

Despite being relatively primitive devices compared to the phones and tablets we all carry, the strength of e-ink displays have kept dedicated ereaders on the market for a lot longer than many had predicted. And at IFA, companies like Alcatel and PocketBook were demoing smartphone flip covers enhanced with an extra e-ink display complementing their primary touchscreens. Read More >>