Hangovers Are Good

A few months ago, I got a package containing four bottles of Never Too Hungover, one of those hangover remedies that you’re supposed to drink the night before, and another you’re supposed to take the next day. I pounded beers as if I were rushing a fraternity with the knowledge that I’d be immune from the physical consequences. But I was not safe. I felt as headachey and as vomitey as usual the next day. And I’m happy that I did. Read More >>

There’s a Pink Beer for Girls Now, But it’s Ironic so Everything’s Fine

Big-booted craft beer brewer Brewdog has had an idea: a special type of beer in a pink bottle that's for women. But it's OK, one of Elon Musk's experiments hasn't caused a rip in time and dumped us all back to 1995 -- it's being done ironically to highlight gender pay gaps. Ah, you see now. It's not an ill-advised marketing stunt, or something that might've been given away free with the July 1997 issue of FHM. Read More >>

Alcohol Plays a Much Bigger Role in Causing Dementia Than We Thought

It’s hardly a surprise that too much alcohol is bad for the body, including the brain. But a new study published Tuesday in The Lancet suggests that even doctors are underestimating its impact on our risk of developing dementia. Read More >>

Why Booze Makes You Mean

Dramatic mood shifts while drinking alcohol are normal, but for some of us, booze takes us down a path toward nasty, belligerent, and downright aggressive behavior. By studying brain scans of drunk men, Australian scientists have pinpointed the parts of our brain that go weak when we drink, making us meaner than usual. But like so many aspects of human psychology, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Read More >>

Low Strength Wine = More Drunk People

The mass availability of lower strength wines and beers in supermarkets could have the unforeseen effect of making people drink more alcohol, as the drink manufacturers and supermarkets are guilty of marketing such beverages as alternatives to soft drinks rather than hard booze. Read More >>

All-Night Overseas Benders Will Probably Invalidate Your Travel Insurance

The UK's financial ombudsman has been analysing successful and unsuccessful cases of holiday injury compensation, with the startlingly obvious conclusion being that if you're too drunk to sign your name when you arrive in hospital it's likely that your insurer is going to refuse to pay your local emergency treatment costs. Read More >>

Professional Worriers Want More Health Warnings on Alcohol Labels

A group of important people are suggesting that cigarette pack style health warnings should be added to alcohol containers, to make sure people knocking them back know that the short-term confidence high is likely to come with the possibility of longer term health lows. Read More >>

Experts are Pushing Hard to Redefine What it Means to Be Legally Drunk

A panel of the America's top public health experts is pushing for a sweeping set of policy changes and laws aimed at accomplishing an audacious goal — an end to deaths caused by drunk driving. But the recommendation touted as having the largest potential impact on deaths might also be the hardest to sell: lowering the amount of alcohol you need to drink before you legally shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Read More >>

Pint Beer Can’t be Sold in 500ml Cans

A small scale brewery has been told to either rename a beer it sells under the name of Pint or somehow make slightly bigger cans, with Trading Standards saying that selling an alcoholic drink called "Pint" in a 500ml can may lead to ever so slight levels of confusion among the sorts of people who insist on being sold to the imperial way. Read More >>

Police Force Starts Naming Drunk-Driving Accused Online

Lincolnshire Police thinks that perhaps the drink-drivers it catches aren't feeling shamed enough by their crimes, so it's taking its shaming to the next level by outing them on the internet as soon as they've been charged. Read More >>

Welsh Boozers Face Breath Tests Before Being Allowed to Buy More

People trying to buy more booze in Cardiff might find themselves being asked to blow into something unusual before they're served, with a handful of shops in the worst alcohol-apocalypse-hit parts of the town centre using breathalysers to check their shoppers' drunkenness levels first. Read More >>

Cork Experts Debunk £7,000-a-Shot Whisky

Rich man Zhang Wei decided that, seeing as he's loaded but only lives once, it might be a good idea to taste one of the most exclusive whiskies in the world, something from the century before last that costs more than £7,000 for a shot. And he was very happy on social media, until the cork police turned up and spoiled the fun. Read More >>

Dude Gets Drunk, Proceeds to Drive Stolen Golf Buggy to McDonald’s. Because of Course he Does.

Everyone goes on a little bender now and then — I 'may' have lost a sock during a drunken stupor on a plane last week — but I can honestly say even my most inebriated self has never stolen a golf cart... let alone driven said pilfered buggy miles down the road to get a late night Big Mac. Read More >>

Alcohol-Free Budweiser Coming to the UK for Today’s Millennial Lightweights

Do you turn into a monster after three pints? Are you too scared to get drunk because your mobile phone cost £700 and you really don't want to leave it in a taxi or a urinal? Is everyone realising that beer doesn't actually taste... nice? Whatever the reason, drinking alcohol seems to be falling out of favour among the youth, hence this -- Budweiser Prohibition. Read More >>