Yet More Research Links Even Light Drinking to a Higher Cancer Risk

In a new study this week, researchers in Japan have found a link between lifetime drinking to an increased risk of cancer – only the latest bit of research to suggest that even light drinking over a lifetime can be bad for us. Read More >>

Black Friday
American Whiskey Brand Forgets Brits Are a Nation of Binge Drinkers With Its 2-for-1 Black Friday Deal

This weekend you can get two for Old Fashioned cocktails to celebrate Thanksgiving,but this sounds an awful lot like a Black Friday deal. Read More >>

Vagina Museum’s Alcohol License Will Lead to Rowdy Parties, Say Locals

The opening of the Vagina Museum is due in a few weeks, but the alcohol license it just got has residents worried that it'll become party central. Read More >>

Lidl Hosts Sensory Deprivation Wine Tasting Evening

Lidl wants to prove something about how affordable wines aren't all that bad any more, and has decided the best way of doing this is through a series of wine-tasting events that take place in the dark. As if the colour of the wine is any sort of clue. Read More >>

The Internet Reacts to Glenlivet Whisky Tide Pods

When brands start churning out weird shit like this, you know someone in the marketing department has got too much time on their hands. Read More >>

Prospective Fathers Should Avoid Binge Drinking, Study Finds

Prospective parents – but especially dads – might be wise to avoid too much alcohol, according to a new study out this week. It suggests that women and men who binge drink in the months before conception are more likely to have children with congenital heart defects, with the father’s alcohol consumption surprisingly having a greater impact on the future child’s heart health. Read More >>

Scots Go Off the Booze After Unit-Pricing Introduction

Scotland's introduction of minimum unit pricing for alcohol has had the anticipated effect on overall consumption, with the average Scots drinker consuming 1.2 units less per week. That's about half a pint of beer, or one sneaky swig out of the hip flask at the back of the parent council meeting. Yes Jim, I noticed. That's about you. Read More >>

A Rat Study Finds that Acupuncture Can Treat Alcohol Addiction… in Rats

Lab animals are used in all sorts of bizarre experiments, but a new study this week is definitely one for the scrapbook. A team of researchers in Korea and the US got rats addicted to alcohol, then attempted to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms using acupuncture. And according to their data, the treatment was fairly successful. But there’s more than a few reasons to be sceptical of acupuncture’s healing power when it comes to addiction. Read More >>

Amazon Plans to Open an Off-Licence Because Hey, Why Not

Amazon is trying to set up a physical off-licence in San Francisco, Business Insider reported Saturday, which means soon you may get to act out your drunk Amazon purchases in real-time. Read More >>

UK Tops List for Getting Shitfaced on Booze and High on Cocaine More Than Any Other Country

In a surprise to no one, the British are out-drinking their fellow nations by getting rat-arsed on an average of at least once a week, because I guess no one else is trying hard enough. Read More >>

‘Dry January’ Helps People Lay Off Alcohol Even Months Later, Study Finds

There’s at least one healthy New Year’s resolution that you may actually maintain through the year, suggests a new study: cutting down on your drinking. The study found that UK residents who tried to abstain from alcohol for the month of January in 2018 – as part of a public health campaign called “Dry January” – continued to drink less eight months later. Read More >>

Scientists Got Fruit Flies Drunk and Maybe Figured Out Why We Get Buzzed

Anyone who’s been part of a rowdy New Year’s celebration knows that a little alcohol can make us euphoric, energetic, and affectionate. But the more we drink, the more we descend into a (sometimes life-threatening) stupor. The scientists behind a recent study claim to have worked out how that initial buzzed feeling happens, all thanks to some drunk-as-hell fruit flies. Read More >>

NHS Invests in Modern Drunk Tanks to Unclog the Nation’s A&Es

The NHS is putting around £300,000 into funding the UK's varied network of "drunk tanks" and their like, hoping that the charitable emergency crash pads might stop so many drunks being thrown from taxis outside hospitals and left for the nation's emergency staff to wipe down, pump out, and send home again to repeat it all the next day. Read More >>

Raccoon Suspected of Having Rabies Was Actually Just Drunk as Hell

Following recent reports that masked perpetrators were raising alarm in a town in the US state of West Virginia, police say they have reason to believe the troublemakers had just gotten wrecked. Read More >>

Government Plans Licensing Laws for Airports to Hinder the Lads’ Boozy Breakfasts

The government's about to start to (try to) do something about the occasional drunken furore that kicks off on the bucket-and-spade-and-a-condom flights to abroad-land, and has launched a consultation over the long-awaited introduction of licensing laws to international airport pubs. Read More >>