UK Tops List for Getting Shitfaced on Booze and High on Cocaine More Than Any Other Country

In a surprise to no one, the British are out-drinking their fellow nations by getting rat-arsed on an average of at least once a week, because I guess no one else is trying hard enough. Read More >>

‘Dry January’ Helps People Lay Off Alcohol Even Months Later, Study Finds

There’s at least one healthy New Year’s resolution that you may actually maintain through the year, suggests a new study: cutting down on your drinking. The study found that UK residents who tried to abstain from alcohol for the month of January in 2018 – as part of a public health campaign called “Dry January” – continued to drink less eight months later. Read More >>

Scientists Got Fruit Flies Drunk and Maybe Figured Out Why We Get Buzzed

Anyone who’s been part of a rowdy New Year’s celebration knows that a little alcohol can make us euphoric, energetic, and affectionate. But the more we drink, the more we descend into a (sometimes life-threatening) stupor. The scientists behind a recent study claim to have worked out how that initial buzzed feeling happens, all thanks to some drunk-as-hell fruit flies. Read More >>

NHS Invests in Modern Drunk Tanks to Unclog the Nation’s A&Es

The NHS is putting around £300,000 into funding the UK's varied network of "drunk tanks" and their like, hoping that the charitable emergency crash pads might stop so many drunks being thrown from taxis outside hospitals and left for the nation's emergency staff to wipe down, pump out, and send home again to repeat it all the next day. Read More >>

Raccoon Suspected of Having Rabies Was Actually Just Drunk as Hell

Following recent reports that masked perpetrators were raising alarm in a town in the US state of West Virginia, police say they have reason to believe the troublemakers had just gotten wrecked. Read More >>

Government Plans Licensing Laws for Airports to Hinder the Lads’ Boozy Breakfasts

The government's about to start to (try to) do something about the occasional drunken furore that kicks off on the bucket-and-spade-and-a-condom flights to abroad-land, and has launched a consultation over the long-awaited introduction of licensing laws to international airport pubs. Read More >>

Bottoms Up! 8,000 Gallons of Bubbly Bursts From Foamy Wine Tank

An Italian winery, L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano in Conegliano, Veneto, lost approximately 8,000 gallons of bubbly on 25 September, due to an overserved silo. Read More >>

Brit Women Match Men Pint-for-Pint in Boozing

The women of the UK have really been raising their game when it comes to knocking back the pints of prosecco of late, with stats on global drinking rates showing that we're one of the few countries where women routinely consume as many units of alcohol as men. Read More >>

More Young Adults Are Dying From Alcohol-Caused Liver Disease

Over the past few years, there’s been a steady rise in the rate of Americans who die by suicide and drugs each year. But while much of the attention surrounding these deaths has focused on the opioid crisis, a new study out Wednesday in the BMJ highlights a different aspect of that increase: More people, especially young adults, are dying of alcohol-related diseases such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. Read More >>

The Beer is Running Out as CO2 Crisis Continues

After decades of there being too much Co2 everywhere you look, now all of a sudden there's not enough of one particular type -- and the beer producers are running out of the little bubbles to put in their refreshing beverages. Read More >>

Aldi’s Bargain Whiskies Scoop Taste Test Awards

Some bottles of the brown stuff from the cheaper end of the spectrum have stuck it to the posho varieties, with discount supermarket Aldi managing to win two gold medals from the red-noses of the Scotch Whisky Masters board. Read More >>

Stolen Golf Buggy Apprehended at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A drunk man in a golf cart was arrested in a McDonald's in Catterick, North Yorkshire. It's the damn hot weather and thunderstorms, it's turning everyone mad. Read More >>

Cancer Warnings on Beer Bottles Might Calm the Lads Down

Researchers looking into ways to stop people hitting the bottles and cans so hard have found that generic health advice isn't particularly useful, but what does work is threatening drinkers with the c-word. Read More >>

One Reason Alcohol May Give You Bad Breath 

The perils of drinking too much alcohol run deep—even if there’s still an ongoing debate as to how much is too much. A new study published Monday in Microbiome suggests one of those perils is a mouth filled with potentially harmful bacteria. Read More >>

Booze Not So Great for the Heart After All, Study Says

It might take less alcohol than we think to damage the heart and shorten our lifespans, suggests a new study published today in The BMJ. For many, the threshold might be fewer than one drink a day. Read More >>