Dude Gets Drunk, Proceeds to Drive Stolen Golf Buggy to McDonald’s. Because of Course he Does.

Everyone goes on a little bender now and then — I 'may' have lost a sock during a drunken stupor on a plane last week — but I can honestly say even my most inebriated self has never stolen a golf cart... let alone driven said pilfered buggy miles down the road to get a late night Big Mac. Read More >>

Alcohol-Free Budweiser Coming to the UK for Today’s Millennial Lightweights

Do you turn into a monster after three pints? Are you too scared to get drunk because your mobile phone cost £700 and you really don't want to leave it in a taxi or a urinal? Is everyone realising that beer doesn't actually taste... nice? Whatever the reason, drinking alcohol seems to be falling out of favour among the youth, hence this -- Budweiser Prohibition. Read More >>

Police Forces Trial Sobriety Tags to Keep Tabs on Offenders’ Boozing

People who turn bad after a few drinks might soon be made to wear alcohol-detecting sobriety tags, as three UK police forces test the idea of enforcing no-booze rehab schemes on offenders. Read More >>

This Synthetic ‘Tongue’ Is an Insufferable Whiskey Snob

Whiskey tastes like warm poison. To be fair, if you add an ice cube to the mix, it tastes like chilly poison. Even my very nice mum, in her infinite wisdom, once described whiskey as “horrible shit.” Nevertheless, those who insist there is a difference between good and bad whiskey will be happy to know that a team of scientists has invented a clever way to determine the various qualities of whiskey, which is still, for all intents and purposes, a poison drink. Read More >>

US TV Creator Apologises for Trump With Free Pints

David Simon, a name you might remember popping up during the credits of cult US TV show The Wire, has tried in his own little way to ensure the "Special Relationship" between the UK and his home country survives the current political quagmire. He bought random British people pints to apologise for his people inflicting Trump on the world. Read More >>

Women Have it Larger Than Men Now

Stats showing the level of binge drinking across the UK show that women are now more likely to be found sobbing into a burger on the wrong bus home at 3:00am than men nowadays, as more women than men admit to regularly abusing alcohol to a massive extent. Read More >>

Scientists Find Fun Thing That is Good

Scientists have found a thing that does us good by consuming it and the news that will shock you? It's only bloody old beer. They say, in a salted nutshell, that one pint a day reduces the risk of developing several serious heart conditions. Read More >>

An Alarming Number of Kids Are Getting Sick From Drinking Hand Sanitisers

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are practically everywhere these days, but a new government report suggests an increasing number of children are ingesting these products and getting quite sick. Troublingly, many of these kids are drinking sanitisers to get a quick buzz from the alcohol. Read More >>

Tourists Kill Bahamas’ Swimming Pigs Because We Can’t Have Anything Nice

Some days, humans just generally suck. And then there are days when you realise why this planet is trying so hard to just wipe us out. Read More >>

Booze and Alcohol on the Way Out as National Hobbies

Statistics looking at how UK families spend their money shows that alcohol and cigarettes are consuming less of our cash than ever before, with the average spend on booze and fags down to nearly half what it was back in the hard-partying days of the year 2000. Read More >>

Lloyd’s of London Bans the Boozy Pub Lunch

Insurance giant Lloyd's of London has gone a bit nanny state on its workers, demanding that the age-old hobby of having a pint or two at lunch time in the name of team bonding and making the afternoon whizz past quicker comes to an end. Read More >>

At Least 48 Dead in Russia After Drinking Bath Lotion Laced With Methanol 

At least 48 people have died in Russia after drinking bath lotion containing methanol, officials said on Monday. Read More >>

Buckfast Booze Bagged its Monks £8.8m Last Year

The charitable trust that handles the production of the Buckfast "tonic wine" by the monks of Buckfast Abbey is doing quite well for itself, with financial data revealing that the miracle of wine production is still a cornerstone of religion -- and banked the abbey around £8.8m last year. Read More >>

Global Warming Might Make the UK Better at Producing Wine

The UK's wine makers might be about to enjoy a few decades of global dominance, thanks to research that suggests climate change and the warmer, wetter weather we can expect to see, could turn parts of the UK into mini-Frances perfect for growing the classic old types of grapes. Read More >>

Synthetic Alcohol Promises Mild Drunkenness and Zero Hangovers

An entirely new kind of legal high could be on the way to the pubs of the high street, if drug researchers manage to get past EU regulations and get their "Alcosynth" onto the market. Read More >>