Aldi’s Own-Brand Rum Wins Gold Medal at Blind Tasting Competition

Aldi's product team must be feeling pretty smug today, after the company's own-brand rum beat brands almost three times the price at the Spirits Business Rum Masters awards. Read More >>

Aldi is Launching Some Really Fancy Hot Cross Buns

It seems every national holiday is an excuse for bonkers new foods now, and while we're used to chocolate everything for Easter, Aldi has come up with something a bit different this year. (Are we really prepping for Easter already? We haven't even had Pancake Day yet. Grumble grumble.) Read More >>

Aldi Trials Giving Extra Food to Charity

Good-guy Aldi has chosen 24 stores in the UK to donate extra food directly to charities in the North East, London and Yorkshire. Read More >>

Aldi Puts the 5p Plastic Bags in the Bin

There's good news and bad news in dispatches from German front of the War on Plastic, with Aldi announcing it's to stop selling the basic 5p carriers in all branches. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're to be replaced by the sturdier but more expensive 9p options, made from in-house recycled plastic waste. So there will still be plastic bags, but they will be different. Read More >>

Aldi’s Launching Realistic-Looking Vegan Burgers

Being vegan is in now. While there are still those insufferable vegan snobs in the world (like a certain animal rights organisation), ditching animal-based food for vegetables is a cool thing to do. It's to the point where every company around has realised they can cash in on that market with vegan-friendly food. Now Aldi is joining them all, with new burgers that are meant to look like actual beef. Read More >>

Aldi’s Launching Romantic Meals for Two Ready for Valentine’s Day

Christmas has been and gone, Blue Monday isn't real, so that means there's only one holiday for all the marketing firms to start salivating over: Valentine's Day. It's less than a month away now, so the first stories of headline-grabbing deals and offers have already started hitting the net. Case in point: Aldi's new 'romantic' meal deals for two. Read More >>

Two-Thirds of Households Had a Sneaky Whizz Around Aldi and Lidl This Christmas

Stats monitoring supermarket visits over the 12 weeks up to December 30 show the continuing booming of the sexy young German discounter twins, with both Lidl and Aldi growing by around 10 per cent compared with 2017's numbers. Read More >>

Of All the Places to Buy Caviar, I Never Thought Aldi Would Make the List

Caviar is one of those fancy foods enjoyed by rich people, or so they lead us common types to believe. I've never seen the appeal to be honest, because they're just fish eggs that don't taste very good. But if you want to add a bit of class to your dining room, you can now buy caviar from a very unlikely source: Aldi. Read More >>

German Discount Supermarkets Continue to be the Future of Food Shopping

Aldi and Lidl are the places to be seen this year with a trolley full of bafflingly cheap chocolate and booze that's probably totally fine at getting the job done, as year-on-year market shares for the pair are up more than ten per cent – and the traditional "big four" supermarkets have failed to grow despite their various Christmas adverts. Read More >>

3d printing
Aldi’s Popular 3D Printer is Back

This time last year, discount grocery chain Aldi launched a £300 3D printer. It was immensely popular, selling out entirely and causing enough demand that the company is bringing in reinforcements this year. Read More >>

Forget Giant Pigs in Blankets, Aldi’s Onto Something With a Triple-Sausage Variety

Pigs in blankets were never a thing in my house, but they're very Christmassy. To the point where damn near everyone has developed some sort of comfortable pig product for the Christmas season. Aldi already has the giant pigs in blankets making a return, and now it's announced a triple-sausage variety is on the way. Read More >>

Alidi’s Specialbuys Get Weirder With an £899 Thermal Camera

Aldi has a tendency to stock some pretty bizarre stuff. Stuff that you can't help but pick up and take home with you, just in case it comes in handy one day. In the past it pushed that to more of an extreme with a 3D Printer, but now the discount supermarket has pushed it even further with a thermal imaging camera that costs £899. Read More >>

Aldi Has Your Dad’s Post-Divorce Christmas Dinner Sorted

The trend of putting things in massive Yorkshire puddings continues in 2018, with budget supermarket Aldi revealing a new all-in-one sadmeal you can eat out of the packaging while pretending everything is going to be OK. Read More >>

Aldi’s Back to Selling Wagyu Steaks for £8

You may have heard of Wagyu beef, the horrendously priced steak from Japan from cattle that have been fed special diets. The stuff is highly sought after for the marbling effect, with flecks of fat spread throughout the meat giving it a unique taste. That tends to make it very expensive, and hard to come by, especially if you're buying the genuine article.  Unless, of course, you're buying something similar from Aldi. Read More >>

Now Aldi’s Champagne Has Been Named One of the World’s Best

Last week it was announced that Aldi's whiskies had won a bunch of prestigious awards, despite the fact they cost a lot less than other, more expensive brands. Turns out the discount supermarket's quality booze isn't restricted to spirits, because its champagne has just been named one of the best in the world. Read More >>