Alidi’s Specialbuys Get Weirder With an £899 Thermal Camera

Aldi has a tendency to stock some pretty bizarre stuff. Stuff that you can't help but pick up and take home with you, just in case it comes in handy one day. In the past it pushed that to more of an extreme with a 3D Printer, but now the discount supermarket has pushed it even further with a thermal imaging camera that costs £899. Read More >>

Aldi Has Your Dad’s Post-Divorce Christmas Dinner Sorted

The trend of putting things in massive Yorkshire puddings continues in 2018, with budget supermarket Aldi revealing a new all-in-one sadmeal you can eat out of the packaging while pretending everything is going to be OK. Read More >>

Aldi’s Back to Selling Wagyu Steaks for £8

You may have heard of Wagyu beef, the horrendously priced steak from Japan from cattle that have been fed special diets. The stuff is highly sought after for the marbling effect, with flecks of fat spread throughout the meat giving it a unique taste. That tends to make it very expensive, and hard to come by, especially if you're buying the genuine article.  Unless, of course, you're buying something similar from Aldi. Read More >>

Now Aldi’s Champagne Has Been Named One of the World’s Best

Last week it was announced that Aldi's whiskies had won a bunch of prestigious awards, despite the fact they cost a lot less than other, more expensive brands. Turns out the discount supermarket's quality booze isn't restricted to spirits, because its champagne has just been named one of the best in the world. Read More >>

Live Rat Found in Packet of Aldi Plums

Imagine finding a live rat scurrying among your fruit and veg. Eugh. Well, one Aldi-shopping couple didn't have to imagine it as they experienced it first-hand: they found a live rat crawling around in a seal packet of plums. Read More >>

Aldi Experiments With Interviewing People in the Dark

German supermarket incomer Aldi has had an idea on how to put aside potential age and appearance prejudices that may influence job interviews -- chat to candidates in the dark. Read More >>

One of Aldi’s Latest Special Buys is a £300 3D Printer

Don't ever let anyone tell you that buying stuff from Aldi (or Lidl, for that matter) is a bad idea. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's bad, and their giant £2 rolls of duct tape prove that beyond a doubt. So it's always well worth checking out what they have to offer, and one of the next additions is a 3D printer. Read More >>

Aldi Puts a Roast Dinner in a Sausage Roll

Aldi has invented a new weird type of food it thinks the British might like, and to be fair, we probably will eat them cold in the chilled aisle them sheepishly hand over the wrapper to be scanned in at the till, they look that nice. Read More >>

Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Will Have You Fat and Lazy Before Christmas Even Starts

Forget the Lego one this year, as adults who like the idea of having a small glass of wine for breakfast have an amazing new advent calendar option -- one that comes with a glass of wine every day. Read More >>

Eh? Wonga, Ryanair and Tesco Are Some of the UK’s Most Improved Brands

We shit you not. Despite Tesco’s long, long list of problems and the fact that everyone hates Wonga and Ryanair, the companies appear to have gone up in our estimations. According to the YouGov BrandIndex, the British public have heard a lot more positive things about the three firms of late, so they're being rewarded with a bit more positive press. Read More >>

Aldi Turns to Napster to Power EU Music Streamer

German supermarket chain Aldi is turning its discounting guns on the music streaming industry, launching an in-house streaming subscription service powered by the entirely legitimate modern Napster engine. Read More >>

Drug Traffickers Post 140kg of Cocaine to Aldi Branch in Banana Shipment Error

Staff working in a Berlin branch of Aldi had a bit of a shock upon opening a crate of bananas, and this time it wasn't a comically enormous meat-eating spider. It was 140kg of cocaine that somehow went to the wrong place. Read More >>

Cheapo 28p Aldi Mince Pies Smash the Posh Competition in Ultimate Christmas Taste Test

Self-appointed consumer watchdog Which? had a whale of a time recently, buying mince pies from all the major retailers on work expenses and comparing them against each other in a taste test. And the cheapest option, from budget supermarket chain Aldi, beat them all. Even the poshos from Fortnum's. Read More >>

Findus lasagneigh
FSA: Findus “Beef” Lasagne Was Up to 100 Per Cent Horse

The horsemeat scandal trots on thanks to our French friends. After Tesco's burger blunder, the Food Standards Agency has been looking into supposedly "beef" meals. Turns out, Findus Beef Lasagne was in fact horse lasagne, or between 60 to 100 per cent horse, to be exact. Read More >>