Aldi is Supersizing Christmas With an Absolutely Huge Pig in a Blanket

The two-metre long sausage is apparently the longest pig in a blanket on supermarket shelves in the UK. And you can get your hands on it for just a fiver. Read More >>

Aldi Braces for Spider Season With a ‘Humane’ Spider Catching Doohicky

This time of year is every arachnophobic's worst nightmare, because we're getting close to the start of spider mating season. For those of you who don't know, spider season is when all the male spiders end up getting absurdly horny and start roaming around your house looking for lady spiders to bang. So instead of hiding away out of sight, they're just wandering around on the floor and scaring the shit out of anyone who comes across them. Thankfully Aldi's upcoming special buy has a tool for dealing with that. Read More >>

Aldi is Rolling out Cheese-Stuffed Sausages Next Week Honouring the Great Red Leicester

Meat and cheese - the most sacred of food combos - is coming to your barbecue this summer, and my mouth is already watering. Read More >>

Aldi’s 3D Printer is Back in Stock

Aldi is a weird and wonderful shop where impulse buying a chainsaw when you were looking for some bread is a very real possibility. Lidl is the same, but Lidl also never stocked a 3D printer as far as I can recall. Aldi did just over 18 months ago, and now it seems they're back in stock for slightly less money. Read More >>

Aldi Piles Up the 4K HDR TVs for £359

Aldi is to help upgrade the TV and gaming setups of the country tomorrow, when it starts taking orders for a 4K HDR TV on a vast 55-inch scale for just £359. Plus delivery, as it's an online-only deal and you couldn't get it home on the bus without scuffing it or having it stolen off you anyway. Read More >>

Party While the World Burns with Aldi’s Outdoor Heater/Speaker

Contribute to the hyperlocal global warming of your feet and arms with Aldi's new outdoor heater, which outdoes all other current outdoor heaters by including a light and a speaker. If your neighbours don't already hate you because of the rumblings of video game weaponry and unsocial-hour food deliveries, this will definitely get them on to the council. Read More >>

“England’s Equivalent to Tutankhamun’s Tomb” Found Next to an Aldi in Essex

An Anglo-Saxon tomb, described as the UK answer to King Tutankhamun’s, has been found on a roadside in Prittlewell, Essex close to a local pub and an Aldi supermarket. That's the most British equivalent of anything imaginable, so bravo, archaeologists. Read More >>

Aldi’s Selling Savoury Hot Cross Bun Balls Made of Stuffing

Most people might associate weird food products with Christmas, but that's not always the case. It's a great way to drum up some publicity for the brand if a supermarket can come up with some weird seasonal food, and Aldi is probably one of the most accomplished of them all. Now, with Easter on the way, it's just started selling savoury stuffing balls that are supposed to taste like a hot cross bun. Read More >>

Aldi’s Own-Brand Rum Wins Gold Medal at Blind Tasting Competition

Aldi's product team must be feeling pretty smug today, after the company's own-brand rum beat brands almost three times the price at the Spirits Business Rum Masters awards. Read More >>

Aldi is Launching Some Really Fancy Hot Cross Buns

It seems every national holiday is an excuse for bonkers new foods now, and while we're used to chocolate everything for Easter, Aldi has come up with something a bit different this year. (Are we really prepping for Easter already? We haven't even had Pancake Day yet. Grumble grumble.) Read More >>

Aldi Trials Giving Extra Food to Charity

Good-guy Aldi has chosen 24 stores in the UK to donate extra food directly to charities in the North East, London and Yorkshire. Read More >>

Aldi Puts the 5p Plastic Bags in the Bin

There's good news and bad news in dispatches from German front of the War on Plastic, with Aldi announcing it's to stop selling the basic 5p carriers in all branches. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're to be replaced by the sturdier but more expensive 9p options, made from in-house recycled plastic waste. So there will still be plastic bags, but they will be different. Read More >>

Aldi’s Launching Realistic-Looking Vegan Burgers

Being vegan is in now. While there are still those insufferable vegan snobs in the world (like a certain animal rights organisation), ditching animal-based food for vegetables is a cool thing to do. It's to the point where every company around has realised they can cash in on that market with vegan-friendly food. Now Aldi is joining them all, with new burgers that are meant to look like actual beef. Read More >>

Aldi’s Launching Romantic Meals for Two Ready for Valentine’s Day

Christmas has been and gone, Blue Monday isn't real, so that means there's only one holiday for all the marketing firms to start salivating over: Valentine's Day. It's less than a month away now, so the first stories of headline-grabbing deals and offers have already started hitting the net. Case in point: Aldi's new 'romantic' meal deals for two. Read More >>

Two-Thirds of Households Had a Sneaky Whizz Around Aldi and Lidl This Christmas

Stats monitoring supermarket visits over the 12 weeks up to December 30 show the continuing booming of the sexy young German discounter twins, with both Lidl and Aldi growing by around 10 per cent compared with 2017's numbers. Read More >>