The Best Bluetooth Speaker Now Works With Alexa and It’s Amazing

When you’re a tech journalist, your friends typically have a classic, back-pocket question around the holiday season: What should I get So-and-So as a gift? My most-used answer used to be the Boom, a Bluetooth speaker made by Ultimate Ears. This year is different. This year it’s the Blast, an Alexa-powered speaker made by angels from heaven. Read More >>

Amazon’s Alexa Now Has an Alcohol Tracker Thanks to Cancer Research UK

To mark cancer awareness week (aka this week), Cancer Research UK has released a new skill for Amazon's Alexa. It's designed to let people track how much alcohol they've been drinking, as well as raise awareness of the links between alcohol consumption and cancer. Read More >>

You Can Now Control Smart TVs With Amazon’s Alexa

Back at IFA Toshiba were raving about their new smart TVs that had Amazon's Alexa built in, meaning you could control them without having to retrieve the remote from its home down the back of the sofa. Today Amazon has announced that its adding TVs to the Smart Home API, to make this more widely available. Read More >>

Sonos Finally Squished Alexa Into a Speaker, But Maybe Just Buy a Dot

Sonos wouldn’t like it, but you could call its new smart speaker an “Echo.” A high-end, very nice-sounding, but flawed Amazon Echo—the kind someone who just got a promotion might buy themselves, because unlike the £50 Dot or new £100 Echo, this speaker will set you back £200. Read More >>

Nissan’s Adding Limited Alexa Controls to Some Cars

Virtual assistants are everywhere these days, but I didn't really expect to see them arrive in cars. Well they are, and Nissan is adding some limited Alexa integration to some of its cars. Read More >>

Amazon’s Next Alexa Device Is… a Pair of Smart Glasses?

When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon’s Alexa is already out to a big lead. But with refreshed Home speakers coming from Google not to mention Apple, Sonos, and others soon to be joining the fray with their own sound systems featuring built-in digital assistants, Amazon has no time to rest on its laurels. To help bring the power of Alexa to places where a regular Echo might not be able to go, Amazon is reportedly getting ready to make an Alexa-powered pair of smart glasses. Read More >>

The BBC’s Making an Interactive Radio Play for Alexa and Google Home

Those smart speakers and virtual assistants have a lot of useful and not so useful features, but the whole voice control thing means there's still a lot of untapped potential. Hoping to unlock another slice of said potential is the BBC, which has announced a new interactive radio play for both Amazon's Alexa and Google Home. Read More >>

Amazon’s Echoes Can Finally Sync Together to Play Music Like a Sonos

It seems the smart speakers war is heating up, and Amazon is looking to stay out ahead of the pack. Starting today, Amazon is finally adding a feature for Alexa-enabled devices that will let you group multiple speakers together so you can synchronise your music across various rooms. Read More >>

Alexa and Cortana are Going to Start Working Together

Virtual assistants are everywhere these days, and every company seems to have one of their own - each with a different set of skills and features. But they remain closed off, so if something is exclusive to one VA you can't use it with another. But not for long! Because Amazon and Microsoft have announced a partnership that will see Alexa and Cortana working together. Read More >>

Ocado App About to Arrive on Alexa

The bizarre trend for voice controlled home assistants — which hasn't died off at time of writing — is about to receive a boost for adopters in the UK, as posh shopping coordinator Ocado has launched an app for Amazon Alexa. Read More >>

Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote Review: Good Enough, But Not Worth the Upgrade

For many years the Fire TV Stick has been front and centre of Amazon's streaming ambitions. It's not as powerful as the Fire TV box, but it offers a no-frills experience that lets people smarten up their TVs for a reasonable price - all while offering enough apps and services to keep the majority of people happy. Read More >>

EE TV’s Set Top Box Now Has (Some) Alexa Voice Controls

"Voice controls are the future!" declares science fiction, as it stands on a table in triumph. "You'll be able to control all your devices with your voice, without the inconvenience of a remote control!" That's the dream anyway. Read More >>

Alexa, You Are a Goddamn Prude

Look, you give me a robot—even one that exists merely as a screen, speaker, camera, and microphone—and my first order of business is going to be screwing with it: trying to elicit the most explicit response I can. But Alexa, as found in the Echo and new Echo Show, is not prone to being explicit. Read More >>

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How to Use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant From a Computer

Digital assistant apps of all kinds are on the rise, but you don’t necessarily need to invest in a smart speaker to start chatting to one: with a little know-how you can get Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant up and running on your computer. Here’s what you need to do. Read More >>

The Amazon Echo Just Got a Bunch of Features for Eurovision

Tomorrow is the Eurovision final, better known as the annual festival where the rest of Europe tells the UK to shove it, regardless of how good our entry was. Then all four countries get to pretend that they don't actually care - despite eagerly watching the whole thing from start to finish. To commemorate the date, Amazon has revealed a bunch of new skills for Alexa and the Echo. Read More >>