CES 2020: You Can Now Add Alexa to Your Shower Head for Some Fucking Reason

If there's one thing I've learned about tech shows in my short years of covering and attending them, it's that the stuff on show is quite mind-blogging. Either because of how mind-numbingly dull it is (five hundred near-identical low-brand smartphones, anyone?) or that it's so spectacularly weird nobody would ever want it. This latest announcement from Kohler is definitely the latter. Read More >>

Alexa: Would U?

From the dawn of time to the release of Her and beyond, man has dreamed of the day they could bone a sex machine. Friends, that day is now upon us... if you’re fine with Amazon recording it. Read More >>

amazon echo
Amazon Unveils Its New, Battery-Powered Echo Input for Ultimate Alexa Portability

The Echo Input Portable is making its debut in India later this month. Read More >>

Alexa Will Pretend it Understands When You Are Sad About a Major Sporting Event

The developers in charge of Amazon's Alexa speaker thing or whatever it is are about to unleash new speaking options, with which the virtual assistant will attempt to do a better job of reacting to requests and issuing news in the right tone of voice. Perhaps it will sound apologetic when it says it can't do something unless you pay Amazon more money. Read More >>

Amazon Quietly Reveals Plan to Put Alexa in Almost Everything

Just when you thought Alexa wasn’t integrated into enough stuff, Amazon has casually announced a new way to add the artificially intelligent voice assistant to even the cheapest, dumbest things. The new technology is capable of running Alexa with the most basic processors and less than 1MB of memory. That means you might soon mean your light switches, your toaster, and even your toothbrush might start listening to you. Read More >>

Amazon’s Fire TV Blaster Lets You Hook Up Your Fire TV and Echo for Better Voice Control

Amazon's current range of Fire TV devices has had Alexa built in for a while, though only the Fire TV Cube will function as a proper Echo-like device with hands-free control over your TV. The other Fire TV device still require pressing a button on the Alexa Voice Remote. Well soon there will be a device that changes that, letting you connect your existing Echo devices to a Fire TV for better hands-free control over what you watch. Read More >>

This Parody of Blade Runner Is Prepared to Hunt Down 2019’s Real Machine Menace

Okay, yeah, the replicants aren’t bad, that’s the whole point of Blade Runner. But, throwing that little subtextual wrinkle out the window, let’s consider the fact that Blade Runner is now set in the present. It’s November 2019, the same timeframe as the original film. It’s happening, out there, in the streets. And if it’s happening, maybe it’s happening like this. Read More >>

Alexa Gets a Voice-Activated Crossword Puzzle for Her Birthday

It was Alexa's birthday this week, so if you didn't get her anything, she's probably livid. She got something for you - a new skill. Read More >>

digital assistants
How to Find and Delete Everything You’ve Ever Said to Your Digital Assistants

Most of us are comfortable using digital assistants to ask about the weather, or the traffic on the way to work, or just how many years it’s been since our favourite sports team actually won anything – but what’s happening to all of our voice commands and queries? And just how many human beings are listening in to them? Here’s how to see what’s on file, and how to delete it. Read More >>

Alexa Gets Spoopy Halloween Features You Can Try out With These Commands

It's Halloween, and even if no one you know is getting into the spooky spirit, you can at least force your voice assistant to participate. Read More >>

The BBC is Launching an Interactive News Service for Smart Speakers

There's a lot of news out there in the world, and getting through it all can be a bit of a pain - especially if you end up being drowned in stuff you don't like hearing about. Like Brexit, or how some reality TV star did a thing that annoyed another one, and they're now bitter rivals until the producers decide they should make up on camera. Read More >>

Your Google Home and Alexa Can Be Used to Eavesdrop and Phish For Your Passwords

It’s no secret that smart speakers are listening in on you despite the excuses that manufacturers make. But while you may have thought it was just Google and Amazon listening in, security researchers have found Alexa and Google Assistant speakers can be manipulated by hackers to eavesdrop and phish for your passwords. Read More >>

All the Ways That Amazon Is Fixing Alexa

Amazon announced a bunch of new stuff at a big event in Seattle today. Chief among them are a volley of new features and improved functionalities for Alexa. Some of them are pretty neat. One of them involves Samuel L. Jackson. Read More >>

Alexa Can Now Help You Get a Job at McDonald’s With the New Apply Thru Skill

If you're looking for work and are wondering what you'd look like as part of the team under those iconic golden arches, why not get Alexa or Google Assistant to get the ball rolling with that job application? Read More >>

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Warns of ‘Pink-Eyed Terminators’ and ‘Limbless Chickens’ in Absolutely Bonkers UN Speech

Boris Johnson delivered a bizarre late night speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, warning that technology could make our world a dystopian hellscape if it’s not properly constrained – a place where mattresses monitor our nightmares, heartless algorithms deny us medical care, and... robots travel from the future to slaughter humanity. Read More >>