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Alexa Combined With an Animatronic Skull Is a Very Creepy Hack

What’s even more unnerving than an artificially intelligent Big Mouth Billy Bass telling you about the weather? That’s easy. It’s an artificially intelligent animatronic skull telling you about the weather through a set of clacking teeth. The roving eyeballs are the creepiest part. Read More >>

Amazon Wants Alexa to be Able to Tell Voices Apart

While voice recognition has made serious leaps and bounds over the past few years, it's still got a long way to go before it's fully secure. After all, what good is having unlocked virtual assistant if just about anyone can use it? It's a serious problem companies are starting to have to face. But now Amazon is actively working to ensure that Alexa (and thus, the Echo) can tell people apart just by listening to them speak. Read More >>

Don’t Worry, Alexa Will Be Your Valentine

It's almost Valentine's Day, but if you're feeling anxious that you won't find love by the 14th, fear not: Alexa will be your Valentine. Read More >>

Alexa Won’t Tell You A Trump Joke Anymore

Since what we need in these dark times is apparently less humour, Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant has stopped telling jokes about Donald Trump. Read More >>

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You Can Get a Weed Leaf Decal for Literally Any Gadget, So I Did

I love my Amazon Echo. She is the perfect Bluetooth speaker, kitchen timer, and personal shopper—for better or worse—but also a friend, keeping me company on those brutally cold and lonely nights. So when I learned that MightySkins—a company that makes decals for literally every gadget under the sun, from hoverboards to drones to seven-year-old iPhones to electric unicycles to a wide variety of vapes—I had to elevate my precious Echo from boring black tube to party monster. Read More >>

Huawei Builds Alexa into Android

Phone maker Huawei used its presence at CES to announce a plan to launch the Huawei Mate 9 in the US, and there's one key difference between the version we got and the one they're getting -- the US model will have Amazon's Alexa assistant thing built in from day one. Read More >>

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Amazon Dot Teaches Kid a Slew of Very Dirty Words

Truthfully, I have no idea what the song “Digger Digger” is and have had no success finding it. But this was not the response I was expecting from Alexa when this young boy asked her to play it. Everything goes horribly wrong. Read More >>

Virtual Assistant Lets You Imprison Your Anime Girlfriend and Feel Loved

Like a mix between Her and the Black Mirror Christmas Special, the Gatebox is a creepy personal assistant that puts the emphasis on personal and doesn’t seem to do much assisting. Read More >>

Amazon’s Alexa Voice-Assistant Is Now in a Weirdo Lamp Because Why Not

If you’ve ever wanted to talk to your lamp, GE’s new C by GE lamp has Alexa baked right in. Amazon has licensed its Alexa assistant to a slew of different gadgets, but this is the first lighting product to feature the voice-controlled service. Read More >>

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Will Siri Ever Learn Scottish?

Ask any Scottish person who lives in England, or has been to England, or has ever met an English person, and they’ll tell you about ‘the look’: people smiling at you with a knitted brow, nodding but baffled. It’s the look people get when they have no idea what you’re saying, no matter how often you repeat it. Sometimes they pat you on the arm, conciliatory, in case you’re trying to start a fight. Read More >>

Alexa Combined With Big Mouth Billy Bass is the Most Unnerving Hack

Christmas shopping will begin sooner than anyone wants it to and there is no better gift to get your DIY dad than a Big Mouth Billy Bass hooked up to Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa — especially if you hate him. Read More >>

Don’t Expect Amazon’s Alexa to Help You in a Life or Death Emergency

If you need the weather forecast, sports scores, or just want to hear your favourite playlist, the Alexa virtual assistant on Amazon’s Echo can help you out. Where Alexa doesn’t have your back, however, is when someone is breaking into your home, and you need to call the police for help, as Steve Hogarty discovered. Read More >>

You Can Now Shop With the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo has finally arrived in the UK, opening up all those voice-activated features for everyone on this side of the Atlantic. To celebrate the availability of the new Echo Dot, Amazon is letting Prime members use the gadget to do their shopping. Read More >>