A Dangerous Algae is Killing Our Dogs – and Climate Change is Going to Make it Worse

A pair of tragic stories reported this past weekend are raising awareness of a threat to both people and animals in the water: algae. At least four dogs in two states along the Southeast U.S. have reportedly died from swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds filled with toxic blue-green algae. And as the climate warms, these sad cases could become more common in the U.S. and elsewhere. Read More >>

Stunning but Deadly, China’s Bioluminescent Algal Blooms Are Getting Bigger

Satellite imagery taken over the past two decades shows that the toxic bioluminescent microorganisms responsible for China’s sparkling blue seas are becoming increasingly abundant. Read More >>

How an Earthquake in Japan Triggered an Algae Invasion in the Pacific Northwest

In 2011, a colossal tsunami set off by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake slammed into the eastern shores of Japan. Not long afterwards, some of the 1.5 million tonnes of floating debris created by the waves, from buoys and boats to entire fishing docks, began washing up along America’s northwest Pacific coast. Read More >>

Water Park Closed as Water Turns Toxic

Water-based fun has been cancelled in the Ipswich area, thanks to dangerous levels of potentially toxic blue green algae triggered by the warm weather -- leaving the operators of Aqua Park Suffolk no alternative than to close up for the summer lest the punters go home exhausted and infected. Read More >>

Life As We Know Could Have Come From Algae on Steroids

What was life really like here on planet Earth before animals were big enough to leave fossils behind? How did living things turn from dinky capsules of genetic material into the intelligent, complex organisms that do things like fart and type curse words into posts on the internet? Scientists think they’ve found the answer... in algae steroids. Read More >>

Scientists Just Found a Completely New Kind of Symbiotic Relationship

In a scientific first, researchers have discovered a bizarre inter-species relationship in which salamanders and algae cosy up together to share cells. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why these two very different organisms have adopted such an intimate arrangement, but the discovery could represent a completely new form of symbiotic relationship. Read More >>

Freakishly Resilient Plants Managed to Survive a 450-Day Ordeal in Outer Space

In an experiment conducted on the International Space Station, two different types of naturally-occurring algae were exposed to the extreme conditions of space. Incredibly, both strains survived. It’s a finding that could further our understanding of how life originated on Earth, and how colonists might be able to sustain themselves on Mars. Read More >>

How to Make an Edible TRON Pie That Actually Glows

If there’s one takeaway from either the original 1982 TRON film or the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, it’s that glowing stuff is always kind of cool to look at. To build off this, the talented and creative bakers at Pies Are Awesome managed to make a delicious-looking TRON-themed pie that glows in the dark, but is still safe to eat. Read More >>

Oh God, Another Olympic Pool Turned Green

Less than 24 hours after Olympic onlookers watched the Rio diving pool turn a murky shade of green, it now looks like the water polo pool is slowly growing something, too. Read More >>

Officials Don’t Know Why the Olympic Diving Pool Turned Green (Also: Gross)

As the women’s synchronised diving teams took to the pool in Rio de Janeiro yesterday, they were greeted by a strange sight. The diving pool had turned green overnight, while the neighbouring water polo pool remained a crystal clear blue. This confused the Olympic organisers, media, and the internet profusely. Long story short: it’s most likely an algae bloom. Read More >>

Why Did This Lake Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

Three months ago, Iran’s Lake Urmia was green. Today, it’s blood red. But it’s not something that’s been added to the lake that caused the change: it’s something that’s been taken out. Read More >>

Gross Algae Bloom Engulfs a Lake Full of Human Shit

We’re in the dog days of summer, which means disgusting algae blooms are cropping up across polluted and poorly managed waterways all over the United States. The latest slime-covered coastline to grab national headlines? Utah Lake, and it seems that actual human shit is to blame. Read More >>

Florida’s Slime Coast Is a State-Sponsored Disaster

The smell hit me as soon as I opened my car door—like rancid milk mixed with dog shit. I gasped for breath as humid air descended, filling my pores with the putrid odour. Read More >>

Florida’s Disgusting Algae Bloom is Now Visible From Space

An enormous algae bloom turned Florida’s Treasure Coast a gnarly shade of green last week, and now we know just what that goopy nightmare looks like from space. On July 2nd, NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite snapped some weirdly impressionistic images of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee, in which you can see billions of green microbes spawning like mad. Read More >>