Google Researchers Trained an Algorithm to Detect Lung Cancer Better Than Radiologists

Algorithms have screwed up in horrifying, hilarious, and unfortunate ways, so it’s nice when one with the potential to save lives nearly nails it. On Monday, Google AI researchers along with healthcare researchers published research showing that they’ve successfully trained a deep learning algorithm to detect lung cancer with a 94.4 per cent success rate. Read More >>

Instagram Says It’s Fixing the Worst Thing About Its Algorithm

Instagram apparently no longer wants you to see Christmas Day photos on New Year’s Eve. On Thursday, the Facebook-owed service announced that it’s implementing new changes to its algorithm. The changes will prioritize newer posts in your feed, hopefully reducing the number of old posts that appear when you open up the app. Read More >>

Just in Time, Amazon Patents Method to Prevent In-Store Comparison Shopping

Amazon is perfecting a different kind of business model than we’ve traditionally known. First, crush an industry by focusing on growth instead of profit. Then, swoop in to “fix” the industry that was destroyed. Now that the online retailer is moving into the brick and mortar world, it’s trying to prevent the in-store price comparisons that have served it so well against competitors. Read More >>

MIT Researchers Have Created Drones as Nimble as Pesky Flies

Amazon’s Paul Misener this week compared the company’s upcoming delivery drones to horses, saying they’d be able to automatically detect and avoid obstacles. It’s an impressive-sounding claim, but means sod-all without some sort of demonstration to back things up. Fortunately, the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has released footage of drones doing exactly the kinds of things Misener appears to have been describing. Read More >>

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This is What an Image Recognition Algorithm Thinks a Bikini Looks Like

Image recognition algorithms are nothing like our eyes, and here is blobby static proof. These images fooled an algorithm into seeing a gorilla, bikini, stopwatch and more—yet they obviously resemble nothing of the sort to human eyes. Read More >>

This Website Makes Building Lego Mosaics as Easy as Uploading a Photo

Lego gives you unrestricted artistic and architectural expression. That is what's so great about those tiny blocks of awesome, but not everyone has the time or patience to create a brick-filled masterpiece. One website hopes to change that. Read More >>

Algorithm Improves Airline Arrival Predictions, Erodes Favourite Work Excuse

When you're flying anywhere you can pretty much turn the whole day into a black hole. The airport/in-flight Wi-Fi wasn't working. We sat at the gate for an hour. We were in a holding pattern. It's great. But sometimes, sometimes you actually want to get where you're going. Read More >>

The Secret Algorithm That Controls Everything About Orange Juice

If you ever wondered how orange juice can always taste so damn perfect every time you have it, it's because of an algorithm. Coca Cola, which makes Simply Orange and Minute Maid, has an algorithm called the "Black Book" which allows it to standardize Mother Nature. It's crazy. Read More >>

The Computer That Can Learn a Board Game in Two Minutes and Beat You

If you think you're good at board games, you just met your match. Because a computer scientist has developed machine learning software that can watch your playing for just two minutes—then comprehensively thrash you. Read More >>

How Chemistry Is Predicting the Flavour Pairings of the Future

Some tastes just go together beautifully: lamb and rosemary; tomato and basil; cheddar and digestive biscuits. But despite a new wave of molecular gastronomy, human imagination can only go so far—which is why scientists are developing computational chemistry techniques to predict the flavor combinations of the future. Read More >>

Spam Rank: The Google-Backed Research Fighting Fake Reviews

Fake online reviews are a pain in the ass: they make interent shopping harder than it already is. But thankfully there are people out there who are developing ways of spotting and blocking rogue five-star reviews, and a new algorithm backed by Google seems to be the most effective yet. Read More >>

How Google’s Algorithms Are Solving Chemistry’s Trickiest Calculations

Google knows a thing or two about complex calculations performed across very big data sets. Which is why chemists are borrowing ideas from the search company to help them predict how substances react with each other. Read More >>