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The Practical Effects In ‘Alien: Covenant’ Are Incredible

Adam Savage explores the techniques used to create the creatures - and the sets - on the latest film in the Alien franchise. This stuff is amazing, take a look. Read More >>

From Alien: Covenant to Prometheus, Why Does Ridley Scott Let Trailers Spoil His Movies?

Spoilers: This post explicitly discusses the plot details of Alien: Covenant, Prometheus, and even the original Alien. If you don’t want these three movies to be spoiled for you, then look away now. You have been warned. Read More >>

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Alcoholism Saves Rick and Morty From a Face Hugger in Alien: Covenant Crossover

You know what they say, kids: Don’t use drugs. That is, unless it would save you from getting killed by an alien. Read More >>

This Alien: Covenant VR Experience Lets You Claw Your Way Out of Your Human Host

Unsurprisingly, witnessing a xenomorph emerge from its host from the xenomorph’s perspective is really, really gross. Read More >>

Will Intelligent Aliens Actually Give a Shit About Us?

With Ridley Scott’s latest instalment in his classic Alien franchise, now’s the perfect time to wildly speculate about extraterrestrials. In Alien: Covenant and so many other movies like it, our cosmic neighbours turn out to be real arseholes. They’re always trying to conquer Earth, or eat humans, or do other weird shit, like hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungle. If you’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger, this usually ends pretty badly. Read More >>

Alien: Covenant May Be the Biggest Disappointment of the Summer

Here’s a sentence I’m just incredibly sad to type: Alien: Covenant is bad. Read More >>

Watch Elizabeth Shaw Return in a Short Film Linking Prometheus and Alien: Covenant

What happened after Prometheus? How does that lead into Alien: Covenant? We won’t know for sure until the new film opens on May 19th but a new short film gives us a pretty good idea. Read More >>

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New Alien: Covenant Footage Teases the Grim Fate of Noomi Rapace’s Prometheus Character

We’ve known for a while that Noomi Rapace would be reprising her role as Prometheus’ Liz Shaw in Covenant—but now a rather oblique piece of viral marketing seems to have dropped a big hint about her appearance in the film. Read More >>

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Learn All About Alien: Covenant’s Walter the Android From This Very Unsettling ‘Advert’

One of the things we know about Alien: Covenant is that Michael Fassbender is pulling double-duty in it. He’ll be playing David, the android from the last film, and Walter, another android from the same assembly line... or so we thought. The latest, utterly bizarre Alien: Covenant promo just ruined a bit of that theory. Read More >>

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The Bitch is Back in the New Alien: Covenant Trailer

The latest Alien: Covenant trailer wasn’t supposed to drop until later tonight, but lookie here: a deeper exploration of the Covenant’s crew and the nature of their mission, a good look at the (weirdly quiet) planet they land on, lots of running and shrieking, and an ominous tag line straight outta Dante’s Inferno. Read More >>

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You’ve Got to Watch This Four Minute Prologue to Alien: Covenant

Well, this is a nice surprise. On Wednesday night, a four-plus minute prologue to Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant came online. Read More >>

All These People Are Probably Going to Die in Alien Covenant

The first photo of the full Alien Covenant crew was revealed on Tuesday, with the news that a teaser will be seen during this week's episode of Legion. Which is great, but we wanted to break down this photo a bit more. Read More >>

The First Alien: Covenant Poster Is Simple and Scary

Though 2017's Alien: Covenant is technically a sequel to 2012's Prometheus, the first poster doesn’t show it. The poster very, very specifically points to the later films in the timeline. The originals that featured a bad ass Sigourney Weaver and an unforgettable villain. Read More >>

Noomi Rapace Is in Alien: Covenant After All

Ridley Scott’s last Alien film, Prometheus, ended with Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the head of cyborg David (Michael Fassbender) flying off to continue the story. So it was a surprise when the sequel, Alien: Covenant, was announced and Fassbender, but not Rapace, was in the cast. Now it turns out she is. Read More >>

Alien Covenant Rumours, Leaks, Release Date and All the News So Far (Updated)

After many years of waiting, we now know that Alien: Covenant will be coming out next year. The follow up to Ridley Scott's Prometheus is expected to be the direct filmic link between that prequel and the Alien series proper. With production just starting to rip through the chests of the cast and crew, we've pulled together all the important Alien Covenant rumours from across the interwebz so that you know what to expect from the return of the xenomorph. Read More >>